Learn the Secrets of Sei He Ki, the Balancing Symbol of Reiki

The Sei He Ki is one of the Reiki symbols that most deserves our attention, mainly because of the benefits it has to bring us.

It is often said that Sei He Ki is the second most important symbol in Reiki, and also one of the most powerful. Its very appearance evokes great mysteries. For some, it represents a dragon. For others, it is similar to certain traditional Japanese ships.

Acting on the emotional body and the unconscious, Sei He Ki is linked to purification, protection, harmony and balance between the opposing forces in our world. In fact, its uses are virtually limitless. Only the practitioner's mind will be a barrier to his powers.

And that’s good, Sei He Ki has the power to recharge you and break down certain barriers…

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Meaning of Sei He Ki, the second symbol of Reiki

Let's start with its name: in Japanese, "Sei He Ki" means is an expression which designates this moment when heaven and earth meet, when God and man become one, when distinct spheres merge. Many esotericists like to connect this symbol to the famous phrase “Whatever is above is below, and everything below is above”.

The human brain, as we know, is divided into two hemispheres. The right, responsible for controlling the left side of the body, is the one that governs intuition, imagination, dreams and feelings. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and is known to be the rational and logical hemisphere.

The Sei He Ki will be responsible in particular for harmonizing the two hemispheres, so that the individual does not live only in a world of dreams or, on the contrary, in a purely rational manner. All existence is based on a play of oppositions. Balance and harmony in life depend on the equalization of the two forces found there and, as you will have understood, this is one of the main assets of Sei He Ki.

From an energetic point of view, this symbol acts mainly on the third and fourth chakras, creating in us a kind of alignment filled with high vibration energy, a benevolent energy which potentiates our innate skills. The symbol of Sei He Ki helps more broadly to regulate all the chakras in our body, promoting more harmony and light in all of our lives.

In this sense, it can be associated with great mental and emotional strength, and with ideas of purification, harmonization and balance.

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Uses of Sei He Ki

As said in the very first lines of this article, Sei He Ki is one of the most versatile symbols of Reiki, and acts on many domain fields. From emotional (and therefore energetic) problems to others linked to our physical health, there is more than one reason to refer to this symbol and its powers.

To achieve these results, the Reikian (name given to the practitioner of Reiki) will need to visualize or draw the symbol around the patient, thus eliminating negativity and any environmental influence that could hinder the improvement of the individual. In general, it is also possible to wear certain accessories, such as jewelry, bearing a symbol in order to receive its effects almost everywhere throughout the day.

On our site, for example, we offer these few natural stones marked with the main symbols of Reiki (such as the famous Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen), very appreciated by meditators, mystics and energy healers of all kinds. By combining the power of lithotherapy with the vibration rate of Sei He Ki, the results can be very interesting.

In short, let’s now discover some of these famous powers together!

Free yourself from your negative emotions

If you are a person who constantly lets out your emotions or if, on the contrary, you are the type to repress them and pretend not to feel anything, know that the symbol of Sei He Ki will bring you greater emotional balance.

Due to its compassionate qualities, it can be used to calm minds agitated by issues such as anger, fear, nervousness, anxiety and even depression.

This symbol helps humans to discover the cause of their illness, to understand why they feel certain things, and therefore to find the keys to their healing. In other words , Sei He Ki functions as a kind of key to access the unconscious, making it easier to process what needs to be processed.

Reduce headaches

Headaches are usually caused by mental or emotional instability, which results in muscles and nerves being under constant tension. In this case, the Sei He Ki symbol will be used to dispel emotional issues that may be causing physical pain. Some also speak of a direct action on the nervous system.

In this context, the use of certain crystals can be a good support. We can quote here:

  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Obsidian
  • Tourmaline
  • Jasper

Of course, in the event of serious and recurring migraines, you should first consult your doctor.

Give up bad habits more easily

The fight against any type of addiction or excess can easily find an ally in Sei He Ki.

Whether it is a fight against tobacco, alcohol, junk food, drugs or even against certain toxic relationships, the inner emotional balance that this Reiki symbol offers us will be precious. It will allow the individual to move towards a less dependent psychology, thus promoting a real healing process, an in-depth restoration of their being.

Dispels relationship problems

Sei He Ki can help in the process of fighting addictions through the inner balance it brings us. In the same way, this balance will give us the strength necessary to establish healthier relationships.

Associated with a calm and serene strength, it helps men to find the right solutions to toxic relationships and to create others that are much more beneficial. In the case of relationships of domination, the oppressed person will be able to find in Sei He Ki the strength and courage necessary to face the situation without fear and, ultimately, extricate themselves from it.

If this is your case, spiritual meditation on this symbol will relieve you of negative energies that prevent you from moving in the right direction.

A little personal advice: combine this with work on the crown or crown chakra and you will quickly see wonderful effects. Sometimes relationship problems arise from blocked energy and a kundalini that does not know how to rise.

Receive personal protection

Symbol of harmony and protection par excellence, the Sei He Ki also acts as a form of shield around the Reikian.

When drawn around you, it helps protect you from negative vibrations, allowing only good energies to reach you. During Reiki purification ceremonies, this symbol is used as a protective shield, helping to eliminate any negative energy present in the patient's aura or physical body.

In traditional medicine, doctors who choose to adopt certain alternative techniques can use this symbol before, during or after their treatments in order to facilitate their healings, by distancing themselves from anything that could hinder them.

Increase memory capacities

If emotional balance is conducive to stopping certain ailments, making better decisions and simply living a more pleasant life, it also offers improved concentration and memory skills.

In itself, if its universal energy can heal our chakras, why couldn't it act on our mind?

Those who are very distracted can of course benefit from this power of Sei He Ki, but also students who will be happy to find an ally there on the eve of exams.

Many Japanese students also like to trace this symbol on the pages of their notebooks, believing that its presence will make it easier to memorize their content.

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Natural Stones with Reiki Symbols

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