Learn to use the Dowsing Pendulum

Whether you use these techniques to access a higher power or simply to refocus in your inner being, what we are going to describe to you here will be useful to you in your daily life.

Tools like the dowsing pendulum can, for example, help you disentangle your feelings and emotions from external interference.

The use of pendulums is also considered to be one of the simplest methods of clairvoyance to learn and a privileged entry point into esotericism.

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What can the dowsing pendulum be used for?

What is a dowsing pendulum?

What type of dowsing pendulum do I need?

How to prepare to use your dowsing pendulum?

How to get started with using a dowsing pendulum?

What type of questions can I ask my dowsing pendulum?

Where do the answers come from?

Lots of pendulums of different sizes and shapes

What can the dowsing pendulum be used for?

To be blunt, I'm a big fan of divinatory arts.

Tarots, oracles, runes... I even tested Ouija boards (although I cannot, in all honesty, recommend that you approach one unless you take all the necessary precautions).

One of my best friends used a dowsing pendulum to find out the sex of your baby during pregnancy.

Another acquaintance, a herbalist, has already used it to choose between several plants (and his teachers do it too).

Really, this clairvoyance tool is everywhere... and rightly so!

But in fact, what makes the dowsing pendulum so powerful and how exactly does it work ?

To answer these questions, I will offer you here an introduction to the use of the pendulum, its operation, its prerequisites and its getting started...

The pendulum's abilities can be used in different ways. Intuitively, we imagine ourselves using it to answer questions or to help us make decisions.

However, pendulums can also be used to:

  • Cure and identify allergies.
  • Cleanse and dispel negativity in a room.
  • To help you find lost items or pets.
  • To find water or ley lines
  • A whole bunch of other areas of daily life

Several dowsing and reiki pendulums, made of different materials

An effective clairvoyance tool

the pendulum will help you find and see


What is a dowsing pendulum?

A dowsing pendulum is a very simple object made up of a chain weighted with a crystal (like those you can find here ), a stone or a metal alloy at its end.

The string is then used as a channel of energy (this could be yours, someone else's, or divine energy).

The dowsing pendulum has been known for centuries and was traditionally used to help people find underground water sources, minerals (like gold) or other hidden resources, without having to use scientific tools.

Quite interesting, isn't it?

It was only around the 18th century that mediums began to use dowsing pendulums for more metaphysical purposes.

It has also been reported that Leonardo da Vinci used such divination tools in his research.

Even Albert Einstein is said to have said:

The dowsing pendulum is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us to date.

It is therefore not only mystics who integrate these tools into their practice. They have indeed been used successfully by many types of people for a very long time.

Pendulum dowsing is one of the most popular divinatory arts today and is also considered one of the simplest.

The dowsing pendulum serves as a receiver and transmitter of information and reacts differently depending on the questions asked. In its simplest form, you can use it to answer questions or to help you make decisions.

There are several ways to use a dowsing pendulum, but all involve asking a question and allowing energy to flow freely through the pendulum to let it indicate its answer.

The dowsing pendulum actually acts as a conduit for this energy.

What type of dowsing pendulum do I need?

There are a range of different pendulums available for dowsing. All will have the same type of chain, but the object at the end varies enormously.

Although many dowsing pendulums are constructed with crystals, this is not necessarily a requirement.

However, as I told you earlier, many people choose to use a crystal pendulum (rock crystal, obsidian, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, etc.). Clear quartz, for example, is a popular choice because it is associated with clarity and connection to a higher purpose. Amethyst, which has a strong connection to the spiritual, is also often used, as is another crystal with calming properties: rose quartz.

Some also like to use organic materials, including ebony, oak or mango wood. It is especially the practitioners of Feng Shui (and other oriental energy arts) who will make this choice, arguing that living things make better transmitters.

In the end, any symmetrical, weighted, non-magnetized object can do the trick once suspended from a chain.

The real criterion of choice will be the comfort of use and the confidence that the practitioner will be ready to place in their dowsing pendulum. The magic of a pendulum lies in the energy it channels, and not in the object itself.

If you want to try this method of clairvoyance without breaking the bank, you can get a cheap dowsing pendulum, this will normally work just as well.

How to prepare to use your dowsing pendulum?

First of all, get a pendulum that you feel comfortable with.

Renee Watt, a famous American esotericist, advises:

As with any tool, be sure to work with a dowsing pendulum that you have become attached to and remember to calibrate and test it before using it for divination.

This means that if you provide yourself with such a tool, you must feel good when holding it in your hand (the energetic connection felt is very important).

Since you are using the dowsing pendulum for energetic work, it will also be advisable to purify it, for example using sage smoke, a bowl of salt or even a moonlit night.

The simplest way to clean your clock, however, is to place it on a windowsill directly in the sun for a day, so as to capture the light rays.

Then you can charge it with your intentions by meditating on it to form a connection. To do this, hold your dowsing pendulum in your closed hands. Then spend 5 to 15 minutes sitting quietly with your eyes closed, focusing your energy on it.

If you wish, you can pray or ask your spirit guides or guardian angels to help you charge your dowsing pendulum.

Here's a very effective tip for me : whenever I get a new divination tool, I leave it under my pillow for a few nights to help me communicate with it.

So this should also be a good idea for a dowsing pendulum, don't you think?

In any case, once all this is done, you will then naturally want to test it. Magnetism and geobiology teach us comparable things, and initiates know the importance of the link maintained with their tools.

A map of astrology constellations, divinatory tarot cards and a clairvoyance compass

Predict, announce, see

with these clairvoyance and divination tools


How to get started with using a dowsing pendulum?

If you still want to try your dowsing pendulum, then let's go, and above all, let's have fun.

Start by making sure you have eliminated all outside sources that could affect the pendulum's movement.

Make sure you're not sitting in a position that makes it difficult to hold your arm still, and that there are no open windows or other heavy vibrations in your space.

Ideally, the pendulum chain should not be too long, especially for a beginner. If you have a chain that seems too large, you can wrap it lightly around your index finger.

When you are ready to begin, sit with your dowsing pendulum held firmly between the thumb and index finger of one hand.

Then run your other hand along the chain. At the end of the movement, you should barely support the end of the dowsing pendulum, with your hand completely open and your palm facing upwards.

Once the pendulum is completely stationary, you can remove your hand. As you move it away, the pendulum will likely start to swing. This is perfectly normal.

It is then time to determine as precisely as possible how you are going to communicate with the dowsing pendulum.

Some people know this intuitively, if this is the case for you, great! Trust your intuition.

If you need guidance, start by thinking of simple questions that you already know the answer to, and that you could ask the dowsing pendulum.

Then ask one out loud, or in your mind.

Take time to look at the response – movement may be minimal at first. This is normal, it takes time to understand how to use your pendulum.

Please note, however, that as a general rule, if the dowsing pendulum begins to move clockwise, this is equivalent to a yes.

Pause for a moment, then try again, this time asking the dowsing pendulum a question to which the answer is no. Obviously, the pendulum should rotate counterclockwise.

Don't worry if you have difficulty distinguishing between positive and negative responses, this is completely normal at first. The oscillations are slight and the radiation emitted by your pendulum is difficult to channel.

After more practice, you should be able to easily tell the difference. Sometimes the ways a dowsing pendulum responds can change over time.

For example, if someone else uses or inspects your pendulum, you may have to do this entire process again after recharging it with your energy.

You can then start using it to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

Experiment with different methods, such as incorporating other objects. You can then correct your practice as you go.

The main thing is that the user is aware of how their dowsing pendulum can respond to them.

end of pendulum forming energetic waves in the sand

What type of questions can I ask my dowsing pendulum?

The divining pendulum best answers questions for which there are binary “yes” or “no” answers. We have just seen it: this is done by a simple analysis of the direction of rotation followed by our rotating pendulum.

Practicing this for a while will help you better understand your dowsing pendulum and gain more confidence in your abilities. Our unconscious is exercised with practice and, sometimes, all it takes is a drop of water to break the camel's back of understanding.

As you become more competent, you will be able to ask questions about decisions in your personal life. We can imagine things like buying a certain type of car, trusting someone, or eating the right food.

Your dowsing pendulum will also allow you to try several fun exercises, such as locating a castle, a ruin or water on a map.

The dowser then holds the pendulum above photographs, maps, or even tables that are related to the question asked.

In this case, divination requires significantly more skills, because you have to know how to interpret the messages (often more subtle) sent back by the dowsing pendulum. The same goes for spiritualism, which also involves confrontation with potentially malevolent entities (ghosts, demons and others).

As you gain experience, understanding the oscillation and gyration of your tool will allow you to locate missing animals or people.

Where do the answers come from?

Using a pendulum implies a certain degree of faith, conviction and a resolutely open mind, as in any spiritualist practice.

Of course, as with most divinatory arts, there are skeptics who believe that the answers provided by a dowsing pendulum are merely illusions of the mind.

" The scientific community often refers to dowsing rods and pendulums in an attempt to discredit psychic aptitude, using the 'ideomotor' argument, whereby a person unconsciously moves the muscles of their hand to elicit a response based on suggestions or information she already has, ” explains Renee Watt.

As someone who works with subtle energies on a daily basis, my answer is that when using a dowsing pendulum, there are undoubtedly small hand movements that can influence the response.

However, I also feel my psychic abilities being tested, leading me to believe that the pendulum's movement is the result of direct communication with my guides....

Ultimately, whether or not you believe in spirits, guides, angels, or anything else, a dowsing pendulum may prove useful to you.

It may simply be that this tool allows us to connect to our own wisdom and intuition.

We're only human, and sometimes a little guidance is a good thing.

Whatever the form, dowsing pendulum or other, divination techniques can help us make the right decisions in our lives.

If you want to learn more, we advise you to consult the various works cited as sources on the Wikipedia page dedicated to the dowsing pendulum.

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