Lucky Lizard: the astonishing powers of reptiles

Lizards are amazing beings that have intrigued human beings for a long time now.

Associated with ideas of luck, regeneration and tenacity, their story is enough to amaze more than one person.

After all, if so many people describe our reptile friends as their protector or their totem animal, it is probably not without reason.

So let's try to learn more and take an interest in the subject of the lucky lizard without further delay.

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But actually, why do lizards bring luck?

A very ancient lucky animal

Some superstitions about the lizard

Green lizard with a proud look and resting on a rock.

But actually, why do lizards bring luck?

The reasons why lizards are seen as lucky charms are actually quite numerous, and all very interesting.

Already, most species live at night. The lizard has thus been linked to the mysterious things that take place once the moon is high in the sky, but also to a certain ability to discern things (if it is a nocturnal animal, the lizard necessarily also has the power to see in black).

Lizards often live hidden under rocks and, if they spot a human being, run away at full speed. There is therefore again nothing surprising that they were surrounded by a veil of mystery.

If, however, we had to describe what makes the lucky lizard, it would very clearly be its capacity for regeneration, particularly that of its tail.

Although not all of them are capable of doing so, some lizards do have the power to regrow cut or damaged parts of their body.

Obviously, ideas of regeneration, restorative energy and even resurrection were given to him.

If this unique skill intrigues you, here is an article explaining scientifically how a lizard's tail grows back.

In short, our dear lizard had almost everything he needed to become a great lucky charm...

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Occult powers?

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A very ancient lucky animal

Reptiles are intriguing. Between snakes, geckos, turtles and other monitor lizards, cold-blooded fauna inhabit all the biotopes of the Earth. Some species have been domesticated and live today in captivity... But how many others are wild and dangerous. There are even some, unfortunately, that are on the verge of extinction.

In short, reptiles have something to unleash passions. In ancient Greece and Rome, lizards were always used to symbolize great things.

Archaeologists have, for example, found numerous representations of these animals on tombstones, undoubtedly because the image of the lucky lizard was already associated with the possibility of a second life (here or elsewhere).

Already before the Romans, with the ancient Egyptian civilization to be exact, our reptiles represented abundance, wealth and social success.

All along the Nile, statues and bas-reliefs were carved showing lizards, and some specimens were even mummified in the same way as kings and pharaohs.

Let's go to the other side of the world, to the Australian aborigines, and there too the lucky lizard was used as a decoration on magical protection amulets.

In short, it's clear: the idea of ​​the lucky lizard is not new and is shared by many people, although they are very different.

Giant lizard touching the hand of a little girl in a fantasy world.

Some superstitions about the lizard

The symbol of the lucky lizard definitely has something special!

To end this article in style, we will now look at some legends and anecdotes about him.

Here is a list (not exhaustive of course):

  • Cover a tree in lizard bile and you will be sure that it will never grow rotten fruit on it.
  • If you find a lizard tail, it's your lucky day! In particular, place it in your shoe to attract luck and wealth.
  • Reptile-shaped lucky charms are said to strengthen the eyesight of those who wear them. Whether this is true or not, we can only invite you to take a look at this type of lucky necklace. ..
  • If, while you are walking in the forest, you come across a lizard on your left, you will have a good day. If, on the other hand, it is on your right, it will be quite the opposite.
  • A lizard touching you is a sign of great luck to come... unless it touches your knees.
  • Having a few lizard scales in your pocket is the guarantee of a pleasant day.

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Necklace wearing a salamander

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