Lucky Swallow's Nest: where does the legend come from?

Seeing a swallow's nest on your windowsill has always been considered a happy omen, a sign that great happiness was going to befall us.

Additionally, moving such a nest was considered a very bad idea. Some speak of terrible curses, others of nature's vengeance...

From European traditions (particularly German) to those of China, the lucky swallow's nest is a strong cultural element shared by very distant peoples.

Sometimes seen as a feminine symbol of life and sometimes as a harbinger of assured fertility, the meaning of the swallow's nest varies but one thing remains constant: seeing one in your home is always a good thing.

Faced with all this folklore, we have the right to ask ourselves this simple question which we will try to answer together…

But in fact, why is a swallow's nest seen as a good luck charm?

Today we will answer this question together.

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Description of swallow nests

Swallows' nests are synonymous with life!

The swallow's nest: where they return every year

The general symbolism of the swallow

Dreaming of a lucky swallow's nest

Swallow's Nest Soup, a popular Chinese dish

Two swallows nesting outdoors

Description of swallow nests

Swallows are known for their rather… peculiar nesting habits.

In fact, they form their nests in natural cavities. Abandoned burrows, barn roofs, or window sills: all these places can see a pair of swallows making their home.

Once the place is found, the swallows reinforce the walls of their nest with mud that they find nearby.

Thus, seeing a lucky swallow's nest is synonymous with a climate sufficiently humid that the mud never completely dries (otherwise, the nest would crumble and collapse).

We will see a little later, this element is important for the meaning of the swallow's nest.

In addition, the swallows' nesting method has the particularity of involving both sexes.

While in certain species, only the female or the male participates in the construction, it is the couple in their duality which creates the nest in which the chicks will grow.

To learn more on the subject, here is an article talking in detail about nesting among swallows.

Pair of birds side by side in a swallow's nest

Swallows' nests are synonymous with life!

Several centuries ago, swallows already carried a message of life.

It is precisely from the “muddy” nature of their nest that we spoke to you about that this idea comes.

In fact, the reasoning is simple.

If a lucky swallow's nest requires the presence of mud, it necessarily requires the presence of fresh water.

However, if there is fresh water… there is life!

Thus, sailors who saw swallows flying at sea knew that they were near the mouth of a river.

Explorers who crossed the lands (sometimes dry and desolate) also saw it as a symbol of fresh water, and therefore of their survival.

In short, through its very particular nesting, the swallow has always inhabited areas conducive to the life of other living beings.

Swallow that flies and feeds its young directly in the beak

The swallow's nest: where they return every year

Another characteristic of swallows is the monogamous nature of the species.

Again, this is rare enough for a migratory species to be noted.

Concretely, a pair of swallows will build a nest in spring and then migrate once the cold arrives.

If their nest has not been destroyed (and both partners have survived until then), they then return together the following year.

This is a very romantic way of life!

According to some (the most jaded no doubt), it is only a legend.

For us, this idea that two beings can choose each other for life and, despite the distance, find each other again each time... is truly beautiful.

Simply beautiful.

So, even if it were not a good luck charm, a swallow's nest in your garden would be a place of love and joy for two little beings.

It is therefore common to offer this necklace bearing the swallow to your sweetheart.

There are even some who choose to wear this type of swallow brooch because of the message it can carry.

In any case, these are two gifts that many members of our community give to those they love!

Black and white image of a swallow resting on barbed wire.

The general symbolism of the swallow

The swallow is one of the most common bird species in the world. In the form of a pendant, bracelet or medallion: men and women like to wear it for its precious messages.

Concretely, we find it in many countries, and many different meanings have therefore been attributed to it throughout history. We will only talk about the most common ones here.

Almost everywhere they land, the symbolism of the swallow is associated with happiness and peace. When they make their nest near a particular house, it means that the family living there will be protected from misfortunes.

On the contrary, if a swallow that lived in your home decides to leave elsewhere, this could be the announcement of a terrible event to come, or even of a curse that has been thrown at you.

The symbolism of the lucky swallow does not stop there, however.

As these migratory birds arrive in our regions at the beginning of spring, swallows have naturally been linked to this beautiful time of year and the renewal of nature.

Given the romanticism of the swallow (which we told you about a little above) and its link with this season, synonymous with budding loves, this animal is also linked to the most intense feelings that can animate our heart.

It's clear: the deep meaning of the swallow goes far beyond that of most lucky animals.

Drawing of a woman sleeping and dreaming of birds in the sky

Dreaming of a lucky swallow's nest

Dreaming of a swallow's nest is not something to take lightly.

The interpretations of this type of sign are numerous and can vary from one person to another. However, here is a list of the main messages you could take away from it:

  • Generally, the swallow's nest is a symbol of luck. If happy events happen to you in the coming days, you will know the cause.
  • Like a swallow that flies away, you must free yourself from worries and pains that you have suffered in the past.
  • If someone has caused you unnecessary stress, perhaps you would do well to migrate away from that person for a while.
  • Have you asked for healing or better health? This could be a sign in that direction.
  • We said it in the introduction: the swallow is a symbol of femininity and especially of fertility. You know the rest…

In short, it's clear: the meanings that a lucky swallow's nest seen in a dream can have are multiple and complex!

However, there are a few cases where clearer messages are sent to us…

A nest full of swallows

If you see a nest full of swallows in a dream, it symbolizes the joy of a united family.

A bit like the birds you have seen, you know (or will know in the future) the happiness of feeling family and friends who love you.

For many, a home filled with life and hustle and bustle is a source of fulfillment. This is also what a well-filled swallow's nest can mean.

Thus, this type of dream also reminds you that it is your duty to offer your home good conditions (economic but also relational) in which everyone can develop.

The meaning of the presence of eggs

If you see a swallow's nest with eggs inside, it means that you will be disappointed by a reward that you will soon receive, despite significant efforts on your part.

Did you work overtime or have one of your best months?

If your boss calls you in to talk to you about a bonus or a raise, you should remain suspicious…

Your dream of a terribly empty lucky swallow's nest is more than clear: this bonus, this reward may well not live up to your expectations.

What if the nest is empty?

Dreaming of an empty swallow's nest once again sends a clear message: you need change in your life.

Whether it’s a move to another city or even another country, a change of job or partner…

It doesn't matter what form it takes, but change needs to take place in your life!

At first, you will probably have difficulty adapting to all the new things that this will involve.

However, with enough time and patience, you will quickly see that making this choice was a good thing.

Bowl of Chinese soup made according to the swallow's nest recipe

Swallow's Nest Soup, a popular Chinese dish

Yes, it is not only in Europe that the swallow's nest is seen as a powerful good luck charm!

In China, it is even customary to use it as the basis of a very popular dish: “swallow’s nest” soup.

For more than 1000 years, these Asian people have been collecting birds' nests to boil them, thus producing a kind of soup.

For many of us, this may not sound very appealing…

After all, not only mud but also bird droppings are found in the nests!

However, as strange as it may seem, this type of soup is considered in China to be a very refined dish.

Thus, the price of a bowl varies between €25 and €100.

If you don't want to pay such sums, here is an easy recipe for soup imitating swallow's nest to prepare at home.

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