Magic Symbol: a meaning finally revealed

To understand the magical symbols we are going to talk about, their real meaning and the secrets they hide, you must first of all know that they are universal.

Indeed, practitioners of magic and esoteric arts of all kinds, without necessarily consulting each other and all over the world, have found the same characteristics in the same symbols. Whether we're talking about Druidry, Wicca, or any other pagan practice, the message of what we're talking about will not change.

Strange, isn't it?

Yes, even if the currents chosen by the adepts (white, red or black magic for example) will lead to different uses of the magical symbols presented in this article, their deep meaning will therefore always remain the same.

Some of the elements that follow may challenge you, or even downright shock you, if you are not used to witchcraft and everything that surrounds it. So also remain aware that only the practitioner can make his practice bad. Nothing and no one will ever force you to adopt a certain attitude or practice.

By being confronted with a symbol of magic more than at any other time, it will be up to you to make your own choices.

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The moon (in its different phases)


The Ankh

Elementary symbols

The Vegvisir

The circle

The magic wand

Crescent moon in the dark night sky.

The moon (in its different phases): an ambivalent symbol of the passing of time

Meaning of this magical symbol:

  • Security in the face of time
  • Increased magical abilities
  • Wicca Goddess Symbol

As a symbol of magic, the moon has always occupied a special place in the human imagination.

Sometimes associated with the night, and therefore with magic and the bizarre forces that move in the dark, sometimes seen as the complementary pole to the Sun, and therefore as part of a great harmonious and balanced whole, the moon is a magical symbol to which we can give several meanings.

The moon can also be associated with things like the succession of days, the passage of time, etc.

Sailors, for example, have always paid particular attention to the shape of the moon, which in fact indicated to them the coming tide. For them, the meaning of the magical symbol we see here is that of security and a serene future.

In the tales and legends of the interior, on the other hand, the moon (and therefore by extension the magical symbol of the triple moon that you see here) has been linked to werewolves and to all the creatures which come out in the evenings of full moon...

It is true that we all feel a special atmosphere when the moon is round and full in the sky.

Practitioners of magic and witchcraft know that this sensation is not just imaginary…

In short, we are here faced with a clearly ambivalent symbol of magic. .. for some anyway!

The triple moon seems to be associated with an ancient goddess worshiped in particular by practitioners of Wicca.

We don't have time to elaborate further here, but know for example that this magical and mysterious necklace that we are offering is part of this tradition.

A crystal ball, elements of magic and palmistry as well as a witches' owl pendant

Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft


Salt: an ingredient of protection and purification

Meaning of this magical symbol:

  • Protection of places and people
  • Banishment of negative energies
  • Purification

Around the world, salt is one of the main ingredients of remedies, potions and spells related to magic.

It actually works as an “energy absorber” that will pick up certain subtle things that we don’t have direct access to.

Concretely, this allows wizards and other occult practitioners to “concentrate” the magical essence that surrounds them into an element that they can then use.

Salt is also recognized for its great powers of protection of places and people.

The idea of ​​drawing circles of salt to ensure the safety of a room in the house is actually not that far from certain very old traditions.

Generally mixed with sand or earth, salt forms real magical barriers that will prevent certain malicious entities from entering your home.

Some people also choose to draw a line of salt in front of the entrance to their house, thus showing symbolically (but in a very concrete way) that it is a place where negative energies are banished.

More than a simple magical symbol of protection, we are also faced here with a leading purifying element.

A whole host of healing rituals use salt crystals to heal and help men recover.

There are grimoires which describe how salt baths purify our aura while others speak of strange recipes to ingest.

In short, there is no shortage of uses for salt.

If, moreover, in time, salt was used to disinfect wounds, perhaps it was for something deeper than a simple effect on microbes and bacteria...

In any case, one thing is certain: we are dealing here with a great symbol of magic capable of ensuring protection and purification!

Mask on which the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh is drawn.

The Ankh: strange magical symbol from Egypt

Meaning of this magical symbol:

  • Represents life and the sacred
  • Associated with healing, and even resurrection
  • Used by many secret societies for “unknown” reasons

The Ankh is a particularly ancient esoteric symbol.

Associated with the greatest secrets of Egyptian priests, we find it in the tombs of the pharaohs, on sarcophagi, in the most indecipherable hieroglyphs and on the bas-reliefs of temples.

In short, the Ankh is absolutely everywhere where the ancient Egyptians set foot.

We could therefore say to ourselves that understanding the meaning of this magical symbol should be an easy thing.

It's true, after all, with so many traces, experts on the subject must be able to understand this strange symbol, right?

Well no.

We know that the Egyptians wore the Ankh as a protective good luck charm. It was even the first lucky charm of Antiquity, all cultures combined!

So look at this Egyptian Ankh ring and what is linked to it, and you will better understand why this type of jewelry was so popular.

We also know that the Ankh is associated with life, healing and resurrection. We even found scenes where he seems to “give” life to the pharaohs or even certain gods.

However, a precise understanding of the meaning of this symbol is not something really possible... at least with the elements to which the general public has access.

It is indeed said that certain occult societies know more about the symbol of the Ankh than we might think, much more.

Magician summoning elemental forces in each of her hands.

Elementary symbols: expression of the forces of nature

Meaning of these magical symbols:

  • The balance of the world
  • The personal character of the essence of each man
  • The power of natural principles

Most of the world's occult traditions recognize the existence of four primary elements: earth, fire, air and water.

The reality is a little more complex than that. Some of these elements can, for example, fuse to form others, such as metal or wood. Look at the Chinese tradition of the five elements (which is described to you here) : it adds new principles, but its functioning remains basically quite similar.

However, understanding the meaning of each of these magical symbols allows us to understand a good part of what makes up the world.

It is therefore not surprising that most traditions are interested in it.

That said by the way, if you are interested in the occult arts in general, you should love this collection of lucky charms and symbols entirely dedicated to witchcraft.

In short, here is what witchcraft says about these four elementary principles:


This element is recognized as the main symbol of magic and esoteric arts, at least more than the other three.

In its essence, the earth is associated with stability, decisiveness and anchoring in the present moment. We are indeed talking here about an absolutely immutable element!


The passionate and very “burning” image that we connect to fire is completely correct.

This elementary principle is the one that dictates desire, courage, love and the most intense feelings that can animate us. When it comes to magic, its meaning will be that of creation.

The water

Water represents quiet strength, that which advances without worrying about the agitations which surround it and which always ends up triumphing.

We can therefore also find a message of perseverance, patience and even relentlessness through this magical element.

Water only very rarely erupts spectacularly and, when it does (for example through waterfalls and geysers), it is always after many years of energy accumulation in aquifers and lakes..

In short, the meaning of water as a symbol of magic is the opposite of that of fire!

The air

The element of air which is the lightest of all, the least perceptible, and therefore the one most linked to the worlds of gods and spirits.

Often, the very versatile side of air makes it symbolize the concepts of soul and wisdom, or even that of the divine principle.

For some practitioners of magic, ai will also be seen as a vector, the element that carries energies and serves as a channel connecting everything in our world.

Jewelry and lucky charms bearing Viking symbols, with powers derived from Nordic magic

The strength of a Viking?

With these lucky symbols and jewelry


The Vegvisir: all the wisdom of the Vikings in a symbol

Meaning of this magical symbol:

  • Guide to staying on the right path
  • Offers very powerful physical protection
  • Bound ancient runic magic

Let's say it from the outset: Vegvisir is a magical symbol of protection that is among the most powerful.

Coming from runic magic (an art from Northern Europe that uses glyphs and esoteric symbols), Vegvisir ensures the safety of all those who carry it.

It’s no coincidence that this Vegvisir pendant is one of the best-selling on our site…

Also known as the “Viking compass,” it seems that this great symbol of magic was first created to keep Viking sailors on their path.

Engraved on the bow of the longships or in the wood of the oars, it made it possible not to get lost (both physically, during the journeys, and spiritually... but that's another question).

Originally, the meaning of this symbol was therefore linked to orientation.

Later, the priests of the North noticed that the Vegvisir possessed other astonishing powers.

When warriors used it, victory was generally assured and the wounded were particularly few.

Concretely, Vegvisir has been recognized for centuries as one of the most effective magical symbols of protection.

Unfortunately, the Viking civilization is now extinct and the secrets behind it are now forgotten.

However, this does not prevent us from continuing to benefit from its magical protection!

Large circle formed in the sky by fireworks.

The (magic) circle: infinity and protection

Meaning of this magical symbol:

  • Represents infinity and eternity
  • Used to create secure spaces
  • Allows you to contain the magic

The circle is a very particular figure.

Occult ritual, black magic and Kabbalah: numerous occult sciences grant it significant powers. The circle can thus be used for divination, as well as for the invocation of supernatural entities... and for our protection against their attacks.

In sacred geometry (a branch of magic that focuses on symbols through their form), it is associated with infinity and all that is eternal.

From the shape of the clock to that of the Ouroboros, the giant serpent that has bitten its tail since the dawn of time, the circle has been used by esoteric traditions around the world for a very long time.

More than just a symbolic meaning, the circle can also be used to protect us. An informed mage will know the importance of his security on a spiritual level... but also physical.

When it is traced on the ground for example (here we find what we were talking about with salt), a magic circle makes it possible to create a secure space in which the practitioner of witchcraft can carry out their rituals without risk of being disturbed.

Some specialists on the subject also say that the shape of the circle helps to “contain” the magic, thus preventing it from being dispersed and lost.

To learn more about these notions of magic and esotericism, here is a partner site which will describe some of the mysteries of Wicca:

In short, magic circles are very common elements that you will often hear about during your research on the subject.

Shadow of a young girl holding a magic wand in front of a sunset.

The magic wand: main tool and great symbol of magic

Meaning of this magical symbol:

  • Expression of the practitioner's personality
  • Channeler of energies
  • Transformation of the essence of certain magics

We all have the image in our minds of the witch using her wand to cast spells and curses, and it's not entirely wrong.

The idea that this tool, a true magical symbol that has become iconic, would “produce” something, however, is false. In fact, we should rather see the wand as a channeler of the powers of the person who holds it.

Thus, magic wands will above all be an expression of the abilities and personality of the magicians who hold them in their hands.

In other words, the meaning of this magical symbol is above all that of the expression of a personal sensitivity that is specific to us.

There are, however, a few exceptions to the rule…

If, for example, a magic wand is made during certain rituals, blessed by the right people or marked with particular glyphs and symbols, well it could well develop certain abilities.

Please note, this will not make your wand a “creator” of magic but rather a “transformer” which will potentiate, concentrate and modify the essence of the energy that you give it.

Thus, the wand is also a symbol of operative magic as we imagine it.

To learn more about magic wands, consult this Wikipedia article dedicated to the subject.

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Vegvisir Pendant

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