Message from the Angels: what are our Celestial Guardians hiding?

They have been part of the world for ages: angels are mysterious beings.

Many people have questions regarding these celestial beings, but here is the most commonly asked question... Do angels communicate with humans? If so, how do they do this?

Before we begin, we want to answer the question by saying that angels communicate well with humans. Regarding the way of communicating, it is not the way, but THE ways of communicating that must be considered. Indeed, angels use a number of means to transmit their precious information to us.

In this article, we will explore the subject at length, breadth and depth. Together, we will take a closer look at these celestial and radiant beings.

Contents :

The universe of these celestial beings

Dream of an angel: understand the meaning

The angel tarot

How to call your guardian angel?

Some tips for knowing the name of your guardian angel

Cherubim of gold blowing trumpets.

The universe of these celestial beings

The celestial universe is full of mysteries and among them, the physical appearance of an angel as well as the difference between archangels, guardian angels and "simple" angels are particularly intriguing. We will now look at this a little more closely.

Angels: what do they look like?

The first question when it comes to angels is of course their appearance.

Do they look like humans? Many people still think that angels and even demons are just celestial lights that have no physical form. Others believe that angels are like ordinary humans, but with divine powers.

The truth is that the appearance of an angel is a difficult question to answer, and on which everyone has their theories. If you look at art, angels have human form with wings. Besides, even the wings of angels change depending on the person. Indeed, some think that they are like the wings of a dove (sparkling white). Others think they are made of silver or even gold. For still others, the wings of angels are made of steel and are weapons of defense.

In short, the appearance of an angel changes depending on the person and their beliefs, but what is certain is that its power is very real.

Is there a difference between angels, guardian angels and archangels?

After the question of what an angel looks like, another question arises about our guardian angels.

Is a guardian angel an ordinary angel who has a mission? A being of light? Or another type of entity? What is the difference between angel and archangel?

First of all, know that the term “angel” designates beings of light who are in the service of the Almighty, of God. As for the term "Archangel", it is a rank. Indeed, an Archangel is an angel of a very specific rank in the celestial hierarchy. Like all things, there is a hierarchy within heaven and God is above All, followed by Archangels, Guardian Angels, Cherubim, Glories, Thrones and a whole bunch of other groups.

The best known Archangels are of course Raphael, Gabriel and Michael. For information, if you wish to fight against the forces of evil or demons, it is the Archangel Gabriel who you must call. It is for this reason that this amulet of the angel Gabriel is particularly appreciated by exorcists and those who fight against evil. More broadly, our collection of Christian lucky charms should help you get closer to grace.

As for guardian angels, they are simply angels to whom God has entrusted a mission, which is to protect, lead and guide a person on earth.

Several Christian jewelry and lucky charms.

Live a righteous life

thanks to the messages of these Christian symbols

Dream of an angel: understand the meaning

Dreaming of an angel is much more common than most of us think. Indeed, according to studies carried out by various experts in spiritualism, occultism and even esotericism, around 51 people out of 100 dream of an angel at least twice a week (whatever its form). Conversely, only 20 people dream of a demon or dream of hell.

Having a dream in which there are angels is therefore special, yes, but not that much. The question of the interpretation and meaning of this dream, on the other hand, is much more personal!

Let's discover some answer keys together.

Interpretation according to psychoanalysis

You probably know Doctor Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. Well he did a study regarding dreams where angels are present.

According to Freud, dreaming of angels is like having a dream in which there are ghosts. According to him, angels in dreams are just the somewhat vague representation of the parents you saw when you were a child and fell asleep on your bed.

However, angels would be a positive image (much more positive than the image of a ghost), because they give the image of a caring mother or father who protects and reassures. The angel, like the parents, fights monsters and demons and is a spiritual guide.

Interpretation according to psychology

For the great psychologist Jung, an angel seen in a dream is the representation of oneself, or of the unconscious. According to Jung, seeing an angel in a dream is a sign that your being is transforming into a more perfect being.

However, you should keep in mind that the angel is also a sign that you have to go through a long journey in life before reaching this perfect form. Indeed, you need wings. These wings can be studies, employment, etc. Simply put, the things that make you become a better person over time.

To go further, here is an analysis of the angel dream according to the site

Interpretation according to esotericism

For esotericism, the angel is purity and goodness in its purest form. So, having a dream in which there are angels reflects a need for spiritual protection. Furthermore, the angel in a dream, according to esotericism, also reflects the fact that the dreamer is on the right path in his life... even if the obstacles are numerous and sometimes dangerously occult.

In short, according to esoteric thought, the angel is a sign that a person needs to regain self-confidence. The angel is there to reassure and confirm to the dreamer that the path he is taking is the right one.

Interpretation according to Muslim thought

In Islam, an angel seen in a dream is a sign that the dreamer needs a change in his life. For Islam, an angel is an inner guide, protector and messenger of the Divine.

If you dream of a white angel (positive), you should listen to the message he tells you and if it is a black angel (negative), you should be wary and not follow his advice.

Stone statue of an angel looking towards the sky, with his wings outstretched.

The angel tarot

In the world of spiritualism, you can use the cards to know messages from angels. We offer these cards here on our site through the famous angel tarot.

In short, these divination cards will give you the message of the angels for your future and your life goal.

What is the angel tarot?

Just like the tarot of Marseille or the oracle of Belline, the tarot of the angels is a card game that allows you to see the future.

The only difference with other tarot cards is that the angel tarot has no negative cards. That is to say, everything you see after making a draw is always positive. It is said that this allows you to have more confidence in your choices and your abilities.

This particular tarot can therefore help you daily in your decision-making and in defining your life goal. It can also give you a certain well-being through its very positive nature. The angel tarot will allow you to calm your anxieties and bring your emotions and thoughts into harmony.

Fun fact: all the cards in this divinatory tarot represent an angel or, more precisely, one of the guardian angels of humanity!

Choosing your angel tarot deck

Know above all that there are many angel tarot decks created by different authors. To choose the perfect game for you, you must listen to your intuition again and again.

Indeed, when you have decided to use the cards to know the messages of the angels for you, certain games will attract your attention and others will not.

Drawing angel tarot cards

To do the angel tarot reading, you do not need any special knowledge of tarot: you only need to focus on the positive in your life and have confidence in your intuition.

Before seeking to know the messages of the angels, you must concentrate very hard on your problem. Secondly, visualize the possible solutions available to you. Throughout, you must remain calm and relaxed. Your emotions must be controlled and you must have inner peace (since you will then transmit your positive energy to the cards).

Even if it seems a little strange to you, after taking out the deck of cards, you must put it close to your heart. As you do this, ask the angels to accompany you and show you what you need to know. We advise you to ask them for their blessing. Then start shuffling the divination cards.

When you have finished shuffling the cards, trust your intuition and choose one. Keep in mind that the angel tarot reading is based on intuition. It is through your instincts that the angels will be able to deliver their message to you.

As for the duration of the draw, you can either draw a single card, or draw several. You can also choose between directly asking for an answer to your question or just asking for the cards you need.

In any case, for each card you have in your hands, carefully study the possible messages and meanings.

Heavenly angel who prays kneeling.

How to call your guardian angel?

You want to call your guardian angel to ask him something... but you don't really want to use a tarot deck. Don't worry, there are solutions for you.

Know that you have the ability to call Him with prayer. Maybe you're not a believer and you and religion are two. Why not try anyway?

Considerations for communicating with your protective angel

In fact, you just need to speak to your guardian angel for him to answer you. However, keep in mind that it will not remove the obstacles on your life path. It will just help you become stronger and defeat them.

If you are a believer, then we repeat, prayer is one of the best ways you can use to communicate with your guardian angel. For this, you do not need to memorize a specific prayer (although prayers for invoking and contacting angels are numerous). You will just have to remain calm in a relaxing room without anyone who could disturb you... and to speak internally, addressing your protective celestial being.

For your prayer to be as effective as possible, we advise you to face the East and always pray in the same place at the same time. Although location doesn't matter, it's best to be alone and undisturbed. If you can, light some incense and a candle. The latter can be engraved with the name of your guardian angel.

For fans of meditation, this is also a good way to be connected to your guardian angel. Meditation has several benefits, not least of which is that it opens your heart and mind. Meditation is therefore an ideal way to bring your heart into communion with that of your guardian angel.

If you have chosen meditation rather than prayer, the procedure will be a little different. Rather than trying to talk, think about nothing and clear your mind. Breathe deeply, enjoy inner peace and let your guardian angel send you the information he deems useful.

Connect with your angel

In order to connect with your guardian angel, you must learn to meditate or pray, either.

But concretely, how do we establish a first connection with our protector? How do you know if a sign is not a coincidence? What if such an event is not just a coincidence?

To do this, we advise you to ask for a sign that stands out from the others in order to have confirmation of its presence at your side. It can be a feather, a ray of sunshine or whatever you want.

It is important that you remain calm and confident. If you have any doubts before starting, we advise you to walk around for a few minutes. Don't expect much, but be confident. Don't wait for it to suddenly snow while you're in summer.

Receive the message from the angels

Your guardian angel can give you the answer to your questions through various means. You just need to know how to interpret the signs. The answer can be given by a song, a program that happens to come at the right time, an advertisement, etc.

Remember: there is no such thing as chance and everything happens for a reason.

If you feel lost, here are also some tips for communicating with your guardian angel from another wellness site.

Why call on your guardian angel?

You may be wondering why you should call on a guardian angel?

The first reason is that your angel will enable you to be strong. For doubters, it's easy to assert that life's challenges are just happenstance, that you're simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The truth is that everyone is free to choose the best way out of a problem.

For those who wish to call a guardian angel, know that they will not solve the problem for you. On the other hand, he will do everything possible so that you can resolve it yourself.

Little cherub sitting on a sphere.

Some tips for knowing the name of your guardian angel

Now let's turn to ways to find out the name of your guardian angel. Here we will describe three of them.

By calculation

Some psychics say it's all math. This is also the opinion of physicists, alchemists and esotericists.

This idea perfectly illustrates the fact that you can know the name of your guardian angel by a simple calculation, said calculation being made from your date of birth.

You will need a sheet of paper and a pencil. Simply write down your date and time of birth as well as your astrological sign. Then consult such a list of guardian angels and their associated dates (there are others but this one will be quite helpful).

This calendar is special because it presents the name and characteristics of your guardian angel. It is important to know that in total, there are 72 angels in all (which correspond to the 72 angel tarot cards).


If you don't know your time of birth (few of us know it precisely), you can use online methods.

To do this, you must find out about the most reliable clairvoyance platforms, on these sites which will allow you to have authentic information.

Also, be aware that several reliable clairvoyance and esotericism sites offer you the opportunity to know the name of your guardian angel for free, without paying for any consultation.

A medium or clairvoyant

If you want to receive personalized advice, we recommend clairvoyants and mediums. So, you will be able to know the name of your guardian angel, yes, but also receive a whole lot of information about him.

An effective clairvoyant will be able to give you the name of your angel and, above all, will allow you to communicate with him quickly.

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