Moon Water: making it, using it and storing it

Charged with the energy of the Moon, Moon water has inherited the positive properties of the eponymous star. It has a great influence on our emotions, our life cycle, etc. Given its benefits, it is attracting more and more fans today.

If you also want to use Moon water on a daily basis, know that you can make it yourself. Before you start, learn more about its virtues, its use and its conservation. Then discover and master the different manufacturing stages.

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What are the virtues of Moon water?

How to make your own Moon Water?

Use of Moon Water

How to store moon water?

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What are the virtues of Moon water?

The Moon is considered the Goddess of femininity and nature since it has important energetic powers capable of influencing various aspects of our lives.

Many esoteric feminine traditions make it a central entity in their spirituality. This lucky necklace or this ring from Wicca are two examples of jewelry that modern witches could wear.

As it is exposed to this star, the Moon water is imbued with lunar power. It therefore has innumerable properties. It is protective, regenerating, soothing, purifying and energizing. Its use brings multiple benefits on a physical or psychological level.

In the form of a drink, Moon water is capable of acting on the body and the mind, thus being able to alleviate various ailments. It harmonizes energies and dissolves cellular memory. Using it relieves certain diseases and improves health. To do this, you must drink it to boost the immune system or apply it during a massage session to reach certain organs.

For psychological problems, Moon water brings interesting virtues. She is able to soothe negative emotions. It can then intervene in the event of emotional disorders such as stress, depression or anxiety. It also helps calm fears and anxieties.

As Moon water has a purifying property, its use is very well known in the field of lithotherapy. In fact, it can be used to clean gems and recharge them with energy.

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How to make your own Moon Water?

For the preparation of Moon water, the objective is to capture the waves emitted by the lunar rays. Water molecules trap these waves, without altering their energetic properties. The full moon period is the best time to prepare this potion. It must be emphasized that the energies and power of the star are increased tenfold during this lunar phase.

Making Moon Water is quite simple. For this process, you will need a glass container or clay pot and a sticker to date the potion.

  • You must therefore fill the bottle with distilled water or drinking water from a natural source.
  • Place the preparation on the windowsill to expose it to the light of the Moon. This task must be carried out at night and only for a few hours to avoid the sun's rays. This can alter the new properties of the water.
  • Before exposing the preparation, you must charge it with positive intentions. To do this, one must recite aloud an incantation inviting the strength of the full Moon
  • If you want to amplify the energy of Moon water, you can add mineral crystals such as rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst to your preparation. This also helps expand its healing power.

More broadly, if you wish to initiate yourself into certain mystical and mysterious practices (yes, the making of Moon water is a good example), this collection of jewelry, lucky charms, symbols and ingredients from witchcraft should tickle your curiosity.

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Use of Moon Water

Thanks to its energetic properties, Moon water can be associated with different areas of life. You just need to know and master its use.

Drink Moon Water

Moon water is a fortifying drink since it brings freshness and vitality. The beverages obtained from this potion are capable of acting on the nervous system and then eliminating negative energies that stagnate in the body. You can therefore drink Moon water directly. It is also possible to infuse fruits or herbs.

Using moon water in cosmetics

Moon water is a fabulous natural ingredient for homemade beauty products. Its use on the physical body is also the best way to benefit directly from its benefits. You can apply it to the face as a lotion, use it to clean hair or dilute it in the bath.

Clean natural stones with Moon water

The metaphysical properties of lithotherapy stones are said to benefit a wide range of conditions, from anxiety and stress to chronic pain and insomnia. Although there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, many people swear by the healing power of stones and minerals.

If you want to try lithotherapy, you should know that it is important to purify and clean your stones and crystals before using them, but also after each use. This helps eliminate any negative energy they may have absorbed and sets the stage for a new positive experience.

To recharge a natural stone or a protective stone, Moon water is an ideal support since it contains the energies of lunar waves. During the purification or recharging session, you must put the Moon water in a saucepan and immerse the gems in it. Bring everything to a boil, adding a few drops of lavender essential oil. You must then leave the preparation to rest overnight before removing the stones.

Cleansing and recharging restores the stones' powers. To maintain the properties of protective stones, you cannot neglect these operations.

Moon water is effective for cleaning almost all lithotherapy stones: obsidian stone, chalcedony, tiger's eye, sodalite, agate, lapis lazuli, citrine, carnelian, onyx, tourmaline, labradorite, amethyst stone, quartz crystal, azurite malachite, etc.

Using Moon water in witchcraft

The spiritual use of Moon water is better known in the field of witchcraft. Indeed, sorcerers call upon the forces of lunar wave energy during the performance of sacred rituals. They also use it as an offering for their altar or as a support to recharge their stones with negative waves.

Purify and clean a room

To create an environment conducive to calming, you can use Moon water to purify or cleanse your home. In this case, you must mix the potion with sage, lavender or amethyst, then put it in a spray. You can then spray the parts or even the interior of your car.

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How to store moon water?

Moonwater is a potion charged with lunar energies. It then remains very sensitive to the sun's rays. To keep its faculties and protective virtues intact, it is advisable to keep it in a suitable place. There are special kits intended for this task. If you can't buy them, you can always keep Moon Water in a blue or dark colored glass bottle and store it away from sunlight.

If necessary, you can cover it with a thick fabric. To make the energies of Moon water always powerful, you can add Himalayan sea salt to the preparation or expose it to lunar light each full Moon.

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