Offer a Lucky Charm: our best Gift Ideas

Giving a lucky charm is a wonderful idea.

For a friend, a member of our family or simply for ourselves, this is a special attention, proof that we want to take care of this person. This type of gift shows that we are committed to taking care of each other.

While makeup or a pair of shoes may be nice, a lucky charm will necessarily have an additional meaning, and will carry much deeper messages.

Some of the gift ideas you will find here will also benefit from ancient and mysterious powers.

We are all entitled to believe in the powers of this type of object. The fact remains that, like us, millions of people are convinced of their effectiveness. There is also no shortage of testimonies on this subject.

In short, offering a lucky charm amounts to:

  • Make a nice gift
  • Pass certain related messages
  • Offer a powerful object which, working with certain energies, has concrete impacts on our lives

So we are not killing two birds with one stone… but rather three birds!

Thanks to some examples of gift ideas, we will now together answer this question: “But actually, which lucky charm to give? ".

Contents :

A necklace decorated with the four-leaf clover

Ancient Chinese coins

Gift idea: a horseshoe

A (fake) rabbit’s foot

A Maneki Neko, the Japanese's favorite animal

Your loved one's birthstone

A bamboo chime

Something made of jade

The medal of a saint

Other lucky charms to offer

Close-up of a four-leaf clover with green and brown petals.

1st gift idea: a necklace decorated with a four-leaf clover

According to Irish tradition, anyone who finds a four-leaf clover is bound to experience joy and happiness in the near future.

It sounds pretty good, that’s for sure!

However, finding a real lucky clover is something very, very rare. Some sources speak of a probability of finding them of around 1/10,000.

We might as well tell you that you have to get up early if you want to come across this type of clover while taking a walk...

Thanks to this type of necklace bearing the clover, you will no longer have this type of problem.

It will indeed have the same powers as a four-leaf clover that you might find in the forest.

In addition to a close link with luck, this symbol also carries a message within it.

Each of its leaves actually represents a very specific virtue.

So we have in order faith, love, hope and faithfulness.

If these concepts seem to you to describe the relationship you have with this or that person, perhaps the four-leaf clover is the right lucky charm to offer.

Pile of ancient Chinese coins from the Qing dynasty

2nd gift idea: old Chinese coins

With a little instinct, we quickly understand that Chinese coins are linked to prosperity and financial success. .. and this is indeed the case.

In fact, it's arguably one of the most powerful things in the world when it comes to money.

Originating from the Qing dynasty, the power of these Chinese coins is intriguing.

No one knows why but they seem very clearly to act on the level of wealth.

Merchants who once placed them in their purses experienced resounding success, merchants who kept them in their cash registers saw customers parade...

However, it was at the level of China itself that their effect was most notable.

When they were issued during the Qing dynasty, these coins brought the country into a period of unprecedented prosperity.

No one wanted to believe it at first, but they had to admit that these pieces really seemed to be at the origin of the abundance observed by everyone.

Some say that their particular shape connects them to energies that we poorly understand. Others think their design could come from an ancient Chinese mage.

Even though we don't know exactly how the coins work, we can't go too far wrong if we decide to give this lucky charm to a loved one.

A horseshoe, a necklace and a bracelet with the emblem of this lucky charm

The best lucky charm

The horseshoe, a powerful symbol of luck


3rd gift idea: a horseshoe

We've been hanging horseshoes above the doors of our homes for centuries... but do we know exactly why?

In fact, it seems that he knows how to protect the places where he is from the forces of evil, and more particularly those of the devil.

According to legend, an unassuming blacksmith was once visited by a hooded man.

Once he arrived at the counter, he caught a glimpse of two horns hidden under the fabric. No doubt: it was the devil.

The “traveler” then asked the blacksmith to create two horseshoes for him and, if he refused, promised him that terrible curses would fall on his family.

Cunning and courageous, the man accepted the request with an idea in mind.

When the devil showed up again a few days later, he took him by surprise and nailed the irons with a sharp blow to his hooves.

Taken by pain, the evil one had no other choice but to accept the blacksmith's demands: from that day on, he would no longer be allowed to enter a house protected by a horseshoe.

This legend is amusing and at least has the merit of making us understand the power of this lucky charm that even the king of demons fears.

Besides, when you offer a horseshoe, why not tell this story yourself?

Rabbit placed under a fairy light in the middle of a forest

4th gift idea: a (fake) rabbit’s foot

The rabbit's foot is an emblematic lucky charm from an ancient magical tradition: voodoo.

A product of African culture brought to America and European customs, voodoo is an art that is relatively little known outside of a few regions of the Caribbean. (To learn more, here is the Wikipedia page talking about voodoo. )

Like most esoteric beliefs, Voodoo has symbols believed to possess powerful powers.

The rabbit's foot is a wonderful example.

Wearing one has in fact always been considered a protective gesture, keeping negative energies away from us.

However, to obtain this type of effect, tradition wanted the paw to be taken from a rabbit living in very specific conditions... but without taking into account the animal's well-being.

For us, offering a lucky charm in these cruel conditions is unacceptable.

We therefore decided to recommend artificial rabbit feet.

Perhaps the powers there will be less strong, but at least they will not arise from any form of suffering.

Small statue of Maneki Neko painted white on a Japanese beach

6th gift idea: a Maneki Neko, the Japanese favorite animal

Associated with luck and prosperity, the Maneki Neko is THE star cat in Japan.

Supposed to help anyone who crosses its path, it is common to see traders place a representation of it in their window, its moving paw inviting people to come inside.

The story of Maneki Neko is disturbing.

One day, while the sky of Japan was spewing thunder, a rich traveling merchant took refuge under a tree.

It was then that a cat passed by him.

Stunned, the man had to face the facts: the cat was beckoning him with its paw to follow him.

Skeptical but curious, he followed suit with our feline.

Moments later, lightning struck the tree he was under.

For him, this sign of destiny was too strong. It was obvious that this cat had saved him.

To thank his new friend, the merchant had a giant statue erected in his honor. The first Maneki Neko was born.

Amusing with its colors and very “manga” appearance, this cat will appeal to children.

Useful for its ability to attract luck and success, it will also appeal to adults who would like to see their projects develop.

In short, the Maneki Neko is a lucky charm to give to young and old alike.

If you liked his story, you can find a statue of Maneki Neko right here.

Various stones, crystals and minerals of lithotherapy

heal yourself with stones

thanks to the powers of lithotherapy


5th gift idea: the birthstone of your loved one

Every person has a birthstone.

A bit like the astrological sign, the month in which we were born corresponds to a stone.

It is widely accepted that the conditions of our birth influence our entire life and, in particular, our behavior and our affinities.

When we are looking for what lucky charm to give to those we love, the birthstone appears to be a wonderful idea.

In addition to showing that we have really asked ourselves the question of the right gift, the right stone will really be “designed by nature” to suit this person.

The only flaw we see here, however, is the high price of some stones. (Cross your fingers not to be surrounded by people born in April!)

In short, here is a list of stones corresponding to each month:

  • January: garnet
  • February: amethyst
  • Mars: bloodstone
  • April: diamond
  • May: emerald
  • June: pearl
  • July: ruby
  • August: peridot
  • September: sapphire
  • October: opal
  • November: topaz
  • December: turquoise

To learn more about each of these precious stones, here is an article which will give you a description.

Bamboo chime whose wood has aged hangs among plants in a garden

7th gift idea: a bamboo chime

Many people who are looking for a good luck charm to give end up choosing a chime.

This is actually not surprising.

When we install one next to a window, a door or on our balcony, we already give the place a less bland atmosphere.

A bamboo chime is indeed a lovely decoration that directly adds an Asian touch wherever it is placed.

This simple decorative aspect is already enough to convince many people.

We want more.

Hearing the sound of the hollow sticks clashing is also a treat for the ears. Some even compare it to melodious music.

It is precisely the deep sounds that this type of chime produces that has pushed the Taoist tradition to consider it as an expression of Yin, the pole of feminine energy in the world.

In short, nowadays anyone who would like to give a lucky charm should at least find out about bamboo chimes.

They come in all shapes and sizes (the largest often providing the deepest sounds).

Here you will find a model that particularly appeals to our community.

Jade stone cut into a heart shape

8th gift idea: something made of jade

Jade is an ornamental stone considered the imperial jewel of ancient China.

Used for centuries to make weapons, tools, jewelry and other decorative pieces, objects made of jade almost always possess unsettling powers.

Feng Shui tells us that this material can channel certain healing energies.

When we hold jade in the palm of our hand, we can feel all the vibrations of this stone, the resonance that settles between our body and it.

In fact, we feel it quivering deep in our soul.

While its beautiful color with various shades of green undoubtedly explains part of its popularity, its powers and the energies that this stone channels ultimately make it a powerful tool.

The aura surrounding jade is protective. When we carry it with us, we feel reassured and soothed.

With all of this, we now easily understand why so many bracelets, necklaces and pendants are made of jade... and why these objects are excellent good luck charms to give as a gift!

Three medals of Christian saints, all with different patronages

follow the path of the saints

by wearing these Christian religious medals


9th gift idea: the medal of a saint

The Christian religion recommends wearing saint medals as a good luck charm. The reasons for this are numerous.

Already, it is a good way to pay tribute to men and women who, through their exemplary lives, or marked history.

Wearing a religious medal is also a particularly effective way to help ourselves lead a more righteous life.

By wearing one of these medallions around your neck or wrist, you will be constantly reminded of the importance of leading a virtuous life.

Then, and this is still important, certain lucky medals may have been the source of great miracles, blessings and a whole lot of graces.

Did you know, for example, that many exorcists offer this type of lucky jewelry to the sick and other possessed people to protect them from evil and demons?

Imagine the effect that these representations can have on your life if you carry them with you every day...

In short, if you know a friend, colleague or family member for whom religion and their faith are important values, giving them a saint's medal as a gift could be an excellent idea!

Several gift packages to offer in boxes surrounded by pretty bows

Other lucky charms to offer

Here we have presented eight ideas for lucky charms to offer.

This should have given you a more complete picture of the subject. Maybe you have already found the one you were looking for.

If this is not the case, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of other lucky charms that are often given as gifts. Pendant, bracelet, talisman or medallion: there is something for everyone.

In any case, you will undoubtedly be able to find something to make you happy by visiting our site. We wanted to organize it as best as possible to make it easy for you to find the lucky charm you need.

Anyway, here are some additional gift ideas:

  • Statues of Buddha
  • A handful of acorns
  • A dream catcher
  • A jewel in the shape of a beetle
  • A poem
  • Motivating phrases and thoughts
  • A lucky plant (bamboo for example)
  • Tibetan flags
  • A Nazar Boncuk (This is the blue eye repelling the evil eye)
  • A cross of life
  • Meditation or relaxation equipment
  • Various animal statuettes (turtles, elephants, dragons, pigs, etc.)
  • Various Chinese creatures (e.g. pi xiu or jin chan)

If you are still not convinced after visiting our site, here is another site which will give you gift ideas on the theme of lucky charms.

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