Introduction to Animal Magnetism

Animal magnetism is an ancestral practice that has evolved over the centuries to help animals maintain their physical, mental and spiritual well-being and balance.

This form of natural healing can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and improve the overall quality of life for both animals and humans.

Animal magnetism offers a wide range of considerable benefits for animal owners: reduction of stress and pain in animals, strengthening of the immune system, harmonization of the chakras, reduction of anxiety, increase in self-confidence, improving relationships between humans and animals... and much more!

Contents :

1. Definition of animal magnetism

2. The main principles of animal magnetism

3. History of animal magnetism

4. Main benefits of animal magnetism

5. How does an animal magnetism session work?


Definition of animal magnetism

Animal magnetism is an esoteric practice of using the energy and power of magnetism to help animals. It is based on the belief that all living things are connected by an invisible energy field, or "ether."

The aim of this treatment is to restore the physical and mental well-being of animals by harmonizing their mind, body and soul. Hands-offs (impositions without contact) can be done to transmit energy to sick or injured animals. Specific breathing exercises aim to restore a harmonious flow between them and their human caregivers.

This ancestral practice offers considerable benefits to pet owners suffering from chronic physical or mental problems, such as chronic pain, anxiety or destructive behavior in some domestic dogs and cats. The techniques can also help calm aggressive behavior in certain wild animals such as those that have previously suffered human abuse.

Animal magnetism therefore not only brings more inner peace but also brings a better quality of life for your favorite animal thanks to safe and effective natural treatments adapted to the individual needs of each patient whatever they may be!


The main principles of animal magnetism

Animal magnetism is an ancestral practice that offers animals the opportunity to regain energy balance and well-being. It is based on in-depth work to harmonize their chakras, release blockages and stimulate all organic systems.

This technique involves creating a constant flow between the subtle body, soul and spirit of our faithful companions so that they can find inner peace and joy of living. It allows us to help them heal naturally without resorting to the chemical or invasive means usually used by traditional medicine.

Animal magnetism is therefore an ancestral practice which promotes in animals the restoration of physical and psychological harmony as well as general well-being thanks to the work of the chakras, the removal of internal blockages, as well as a skillful stimulation of organic systems. to regain health and vitality.


History of animal magnetism

Animal magnetism is a very old esoteric practice, which dates back to Antiquity. During this time, animals like dogs, horses and lions were considered to have magical powers.

Even today, specialized professionals are sought after to help their patients heal physically and spiritually through animal magnetism techniques.

The benefits of animal magnetism can be varied: relief of muscle and joint pain, reduction of physical and mental stress, general improvement of health, etc.

More and more people are turning to this type of ancestral holistic therapy to increase their overall well-being.

Some even use animal magnetism to treat various psychological or physiological disorders – chronic illnesses or traumatic injuries – without resorting to conventional treatments offered by modern medicine. In recent years, thanks to the work of scientists who seek to understand how this mystical area really works, it has experienced great development.


Main benefits of animal magnetism

Animal magnetism is an ancestral practice which allows animals to be treated using electromagnetic waves. The benefits it provides are numerous and varied:

  • Pain relief, improved mobility and reduced stress in animals
  • Treatment of physical and mental problems such as poor eating habits, aggressive behavior or anxiety
  • Promotes better sleep for your pet so they can be in good physical and psychological health, which directly impacts your own quality of life
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your pet thanks to the positive vibrations transmitted by the magnetizer.

Animal magnetism therefore offers a multitude of benefits for the physical and psychological health of our furry companions.

Indeed, it can relieve various ailments while strengthening our relationship with them. A simple technique that brings a lot!

How does an animal magnetism session go?

How does an animal magnetism session work?

An animal magnetism session consists of establishing a link between the practitioner and the animal. It is a connection of energies to identify blockages or dysfunctions which can affect the health of the companion.

The goal is then to carry out various harmonization work in order to relieve the patient. Manual techniques can be used to release the physical and psychological tensions accumulated over a year with your faithful friend.

Once this is done, all you have to do is observe the results on his physical and moral health! A good animal magnetism session often brings well-being, calm and relaxation to your companion while reducing certain disorders such as anxiety or chronic pain linked to joints for example.

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