Introduction to Vibrational Medicine

Alternative sciences are a rich and exciting field. They offer a new perspective on how humans function and interact with their environment.

Vibrational medicine is a branch of this field of study that focuses on the holistic treatment of the physical, psychological and spiritual body through the subtle energetic vibrations present throughout.

Contents :

1. Definition of vibrational medicine

2. The main principles of vibrational medicine

3. History of vibrational medicine

4. Main benefits of vibrational medicine

5. How does a vibrational medicine session work?


Definition of vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine is an ancestral practice that falls within the framework of parallel sciences. It aims to balance and harmonize the subtle bodies of the human being to regain a state of physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

This technique is based on the theory that each living being is composed of a specific vibration which can directly influence its general state. Vibrational medicine combines different techniques such as acupuncture, yoga and massage with tools such as muffled sounds, colors and essential oils in order to restore this intimate balance between physical body and mind.

This ancestral practice therefore tends to create a balance between mind and body thanks to various holistic tools.

Thus, everyone will be able to find a state of lasting physical, psychological and spiritual well-being thanks to their unique specific vibration.


The main principles of vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine is a parallel science that focuses on subtle energies and their influence on health. It is based on the idea that each human being has a unique energy field, called an aura. This aura can be influenced positively or negatively.

The main principles of this practice are therefore essentially based on the identification of emotional and spiritual blockages in order to restore harmony between the physical body and the different vibrational planes. The implementation of techniques for this fact allows the patient to find a more calming state of mind as well as an overall well-being reduced by the tensions accumulated during their daily life.

Through vibrational medicine, it is possible to increase one's mental and physical well-being by identifying emotional and spiritual blockages that affect one's personal aura. The techniques used then allow the patient to find harmony between the physical body and the different vibrational planes, which leads to a better state of mind as well as increased general well-being despite the tensions accumulated during daily life.


History of vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine dates back several millennia, particularly in oriental traditions such as Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine.

The original principle is that, by modifying our vibrational frequency, we can modify our emotions and find lasting well-being.

This therapy can take different forms: sound therapy, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, etc. The results obtained are intense and long-lasting if this type of holistic treatment is applied correctly.

Thus, vibrational medicine makes it possible to increase physical and mental well-being sustainably thanks to varied techniques from ancestral oriental traditions.


Main benefits of vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine is an alternative form of therapy that offers a wide range of benefits:

  • It can restore a state of physical, mental and spiritual harmony
  • It also makes it easier to rediscover our own intuitive powers.
  • It helps us understand how our body works so we can become aware of the role it plays in our overall health

There are several specific benefits that we can derive from it:

  • physical, mental and spiritual harmonization
  • development of intuitive abilities
  • understanding the role the body plays in overall health.

Yes: all thanks to the universal vibrations that influence every part of the human system.

How does a vibration medicine session go?

How does a vibrational medicine session work?

A vibrational medicine session begins with a complete energy assessment to identify blockages or dysfunctions. This step allows us to understand the root causes of the imbalance, and thus find suitable solutions.

Then, we proceed to purify the energy field using different techniques such as Reiki or visualization. These practices help cleanse the system so that it can receive the care tailored to its specific need.

Finally, specific exercises are carried out to stimulate the vital centers and restore intimate harmony.

Thus, thanks to this global approach based on a deep understanding of the complex human system that is our physical-mental-spiritual being, it is possible to rediscover our natural harmony.

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