Pregnancy Bola: Discovery of a Lucky Charm for Pregnant Women

Nausea, vomiting, fatigue..., the list is long when it comes to the inconveniences suffered by pregnant women. This is why they are often spoiled throughout the pregnancy and benefit from special attention.

Looking for a pregnant woman gift ? The pregnancy bola is a suitable choice.

Still little known to future mothers, it is not a simple piece of jewelry. Indeed, this ball-shaped women's necklace has many beneficial virtues for mother and child.

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What is the pregnancy bola?

The pregnancy bola according to traditions

Developments in the pregnancy bola

The usefulness of the pregnancy bola

Tips for choosing the right pregnancy ball

Pregnancy bola with a pendant, held by a smiling woman.

What is the pregnancy bola?

Known as “bulan bola” in Indonesia and “Llamador de Angeles” in Mexico, the pregnancy bola (which you can find here) is a piece of jewelry intended for pregnant women.

But what is it really about?

Originally from Indonesia, it is a long necklace with a round pendant, which explains its name. Inside the ball of the pendant necklace there are copper or brass balls. With each movement of the pregnant woman, they will collide and produce a specific sound. Taking this into account, the pregnancy bola is a sonic jewel.

In general, this little pregnancy ball is worn around the neck like a large necklace. It is indeed necessary to ensure that the bola is at stomach level. The length of the cord or chain must therefore be chosen carefully.

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The pregnancy bola according to traditions

In Indonesia, pregnancy bolas are passed down from generation to generation. Handcrafted, these necklaces and necklaces are generally made of sterling silver, gold or brass and have a timeless look. It must be said that these women's jewelry are made to last for years.

In Indonesian culture, the pregnancy bola is used to announce the happy event. In Mexico, this pendant necklace is called the angel's bell and it is a piece of real silver jewelry designed to call the angels to protect the future mother and her child. In any case, it is still a real lucky charm for pregnant women.

The manufacture of this type of jewelry item continues in Indonesia and Mexico. Artisans generally use 925 silver to create solid necklace jewelry that can last for years.

A pregnant woman with a red dress, in a wheat field.

Developments in the pregnancy bola

Over time, bolas for pregnant women arrived in the West. Original and rich in charm, pregnancy necklaces immediately won over professionals in the jewelry field. Thus, they have become a fashion accessory that fascinates women.

Very trendy, the pregnancy ball can be discovered in different models. It is possible to find models of choker necklace and long necklace. The shape of the pendants is also very varied. The necklaces are always round, but they have various ornaments.

Certain models of pregnancy necklaces are, for example, decorated with fine stones or precious stones. The most common are rose quartz, amethyst, sodalite fluorite, aventurine, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, moonstone, jasper... Other models are fitted with cultured pearls, glass pearls or Swarovski crystals.. Other jewelry features alluring designs like images of flowers. There are also necklace models with a round pendant decorated with a cuddly toy or other fun designs.

Like any women's necklace, it is also possible to personalize this pregnancy jewelry. For example, you can engrave the mother's name or the image of a baby on the pendant of your long necklace. It then becomes an ideal gift for pregnant women.

The materials used to make these women's jewelry are also increasingly varied. It is now possible to find a fancy necklace in silver-colored or silver-plated stainless steel. Some pregnancy jewelry is made of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or gold-plated.

Image of the belly of a woman expecting a baby, with a dog at her feet.

The usefulness of the pregnancy bola

What is the pregnancy bola used for and why is it considered the jewelry for pregnant women par excellence ? In reality, the pregnancy ball is an original ornament with soothing properties. This women's necklace pendant produces a soft sound that will rock baby in his mother's tummy. This provides the child with a state of serenity.

In the same vein, making the child listen to music in his mother's womb or simply talking to him calmly allows him to build neural connections and develop his communication and empathic skills.

It also happens that the pregnancy bola is perceived by the baby, like the heartbeat or the rhythm of his mother's breathing. This very pretty silver jewel therefore has the power to establish a link between the future mother and her child. We must not forget that according to Mexican beliefs, the pregnancy ball has the power to protect the mother and child since it attracts the benevolence and protection of angels.

The other major advantage of this jewelry for pregnant women is that it can still be used after the birth of your baby. In fact, it is possible to hang it on the newborn's cradle when you have to return to the office after maternity leave. Hearing the soft sound of the pregnancy bola will soothe and reassure the little one and fill the feeling of lack.

According to traditions, bolas are worn from the beginning of pregnancy until the last week of pregnancy. But the ideal is to wear your bola from the 15th week. It is from this period that the baby's inner ear is formed. So he will be able to hear the ringing.

When the baby has grown up, the jewelry can be worn differently. Simply remove the beads inside the pregnancy ball. Obviously, this is only possible if you have opted for a bola that can open. Either way, this pregnancy jewelry will always have its place in every woman's jewelry collection.

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Tips for choosing the right pregnancy ball

Now knowing the usefulness of pregnancy jewelry, you must learn to make the right choice. As mentioned previously, bolas for the nine months of pregnancy are now available in all shapes and colors. This original gift therefore exists for all tastes and desires.

Attention ! It is also essential to check the quality of the sound emitted by the collar. It should be similar to the ringing of a bell or a very soothing chime.

If the idea is to allow the pregnant woman and her baby to benefit from the benefits of the pregnancy ball and its sweet sound, it is strongly recommended to opt for an authentic bola. This is good, we offer just such a necklace here on our store.

Note that a shorter chain will be closer to the neck and may cause discomfort as the belly grows, while costume jewelry with a longer chain will hang lower on the stomach and may become tangled in clothing. Ultimately, it's important to try different chain lengths. This will allow you to find the one that is most comfortable for you and that will enhance your stomach and neckline for 9 months. With a little patience and trial and error, you will find the perfect necklace chain. Here again, the model that we offer on our site is available to you in different sizes.

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