Reading the Future in a Crystal Ball (complete guide)

The crystal ball is a basic tool of modern clairvoyance and divination… but where does it come from?

Looking into the ball gives the practitioner a vision of the future, which he will then share with his client, free of charge or for a fee.

Don't worry: this guide is completely free!

If you're not sure what we're talking about, here's what a crystal ball is.

To learn a little more about these tools and understand the many secrets that surround them, we will take the same path as all serious practitioners of the divinatory arts.

We are going to go back to the sources: this clairvoyance tool actually finds its origins in the practices of the ancient Druids of Celtic culture.

Although its roots are still mysterious (yes, still today), it is in Europe that the crystal ball appeared.

Contents :

Very mysterious druids

Divination, crystal ball and Celtic world

The crystal ball in Christianity

Renaissance and rehabilitation of the crystal ball

The crystal ball: a gypsy tool above all

Use in the highest spheres of power

Know how to recognize a qualified clairvoyant

The basics of using it correctly

How to choose the right crystal ball

A special atmosphere is absolutely essential for clairvoyance

How to use a crystal ball to read the future

Interpret the result of your reading

Some additional tips for reading the future well in your crystal ball

An important point: ethics in clairvoyance

One last thought

Sandstone statue of a Celtic druid in the middle of a forest

Very mysterious druids

From the 3rd century BC, Druids formed a superior class in Europe occupying the functions of healers, spiritual leaders, storytellers, advisors and even teachers.

The word “ druid ” is a Celtic term meaning “who knows the oak”.

This is probably explained by the rituals that the druids actually practiced in the oak forests.

Among their many beliefs, they also believed that looking at a reflective surface, such as a pool of water, a mirror, or a crystal ball allowed them to see the future.

This is actually one of their many (because yes, they had many) clairvoyance techniques.

There is no doubt: this is the origin of the use of the crystal ball.

Some objects of Celtic culture, clairvoyance cards and lucky jewelry

The power of a civilization

with Celtic symbols of strength and power


Divination, crystal ball and Celtic world

The ancient Druids therefore used a particular divination technique to predict future events which involves standing in front of a reflective surface and practicing some rituals in order to be able to glimpse the future.

The Druids were great proponents of this technique and used it to help them make important decisions and to advise their greatest leaders.

At first, they used puddles of water or shiny stones to do their analyses. Only later did they begin to make balls made of crystal and precious stones.

Looking into a reflective surface and interpreting the signs seen there is not exclusive to Druids, however. It should be noted that other cultures have adopted this method of clairvoyance, and have used it for centuries.

Christian cross carved from a block of stone and placed under a beautiful blue sky

The crystal ball in Christianity

When the Romans took control of the British Isles, the Druids were virtually all wiped out, as were their mystical practices.

In his “Natural History,” Pliny the Elder included an entire chapter on the Druids and referred to the forms of magic they used.

He notably cited clairvoyance using “glass balls”. This is one of the first written mentions of the crystal ball!

Later, for the Church of the Middle Ages, divination was seen as relating to the teachings of Christianity. The practice was therefore condemned.

St. Augustine wrote in his “City of God,” a 5th century book, that using this type of clairvoyance technique was a way to “entangle oneself in the deceptive rites of demons who masquerade as angels.” ".

Crystal ball in front of a bridge, the sea and a sunset

Renaissance and rehabilitation of the crystal ball

During the Renaissance, European scholars began to draw on the written knowledge of the Arab people, which notably helped them deepen their understanding of the natural world.

An Arabic treatise on hermeticism, the translation of which is called "The Picatrix", considered mysticism as a true science and advocated that it become a full-fledged branch of science.

His writings described divination as a practice based on logic and scientifically verifiable. The mysteries of the esoteric world seemed much more accessible with him.

European scholars began to take a fresh look at this tool and its use saw a meteoric rise, particularly among the more educated elite classes.

Quickly, pendulums began to be used among the bourgeoisie, turntables established themselves as a fun hobby... and the use of crystal balls returned to the forefront.

Tarot cards and a crystal ball of gypsy fortune tellers, next to a guitar pendant

Make the gypsy mysteries your own

thanks to the secret symbols of travelers


The crystal ball: a gypsy tool above all

Between the 9th and 14th centuries, groups of Roma migrated from India to Europe, bringing with them a nomadic lifestyle and very particular mystical beliefs.

These also put the gypsy people at odds with the Catholic Church which made the decision to sideline them.

The Catholic Church was particularly disturbed by fortune tellers, and the rather too pronounced taste of these people for adventure.

Predicting the future of people in desperate situations and in dire need of answers became a great source of income for them when finding regular employment became difficult.

In short, most fortune tellers decided to use a crystal ball mainly for two reasons.

On the one hand, as we saw previously, Europeans were already aware of the powers that this type of lucky charm can have. It was therefore easier to get them to adhere to a clairvoyance technique that would use one.

On the other hand, as they are a nomadic people, their work tools had to be transportable and easy to install in a few minutes.

For these reasons, the image of a gypsy fortune teller with a scarf, hoop earrings and a crystal ball is not necessarily false.

If you are interested in the history of this very special people, you can find an entire collection dedicated to gypsy lucky charms here.

Transparent crystal ball under rather dark blue light

Use in the highest spheres of power

Throughout human history, rulers have consulted clairvoyants. Astrologer, tarot reader or mage: the forms have varied but the substance has remained the same.

Queen Elizabeth I relied on the divination abilities of one of her advisors, John Dee, a famous English mystic, mathematician and alchemist.

He attempted to read the future in a crystal ball to provide the Queen with the best dates to plan important events and meetings.

John Dee was not the only one who used his divinatory art to try to help his country.

In the United States in the 1940s to late 1960s, Jeane Dixon used this same tool to make political predictions. Knowing in advance the life path of a statesman... Quite interesting, isn't it?

She is particularly known for having predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy several years before the tragedy occurred.

Clairvoyant disguised as a witch, with a large hat and crystal ball.

Know how to recognize a qualified clairvoyant

Whatever form a divination session takes (cartomancy, reading in a ball, discussion with the spirits, etc.), the essence remains the same: it is about seeking meaning in seemingly chaotic events and phenomena..

This is also one of the main problems with the predictions that a clairvoyant can make to you. Without the right reading keys and the right tools, it will be impossible for you to understand the process, it is so complex.

Good news for you: there are, however, certain elements that can help you recognize a truly qualified psychic.

As a general rule, be aware of the psychological mechanisms used by some charlatans.

One of the most widespread is undoubtedly that of “self-fulfilling prophecies”. What this means in practical terms is that if you believe in something enough, you might subconsciously put things in place to make it happen.

You don't have to look far to understand how a clairvoyant can use this psychological phenomenon...

There are some easy-to-notice cues that can tip the scales toward this type of practice. Here are two:

  • Fake psychics speak slowly because they are looking for signs from you that might allow them to adjust their false predictions.
  • Someone without power will only give you information about your future, which is bound to be much harder to verify than things about your present or past.

Crystal ball intended for clairvoyance held in the two hands of a gypsy woman

The basics of using it correctly

Are you interested in the divinatory arts? If so, you will find here many clairvoyance tools that we have unearthed for you.

Wondering how to use a crystal ball ?

Here is a summary of the different steps to follow to successfully use this wonderful clairvoyance tool:

  • Place your ball on a table in front of you.
  • Sit back and relax, focusing on your breathing.
  • For 2 minutes, place your hands on it and focus your energy.
  • Already have your question in your head. You can even repeat it out loud.
  • Now take your hands off your clairvoyance tool.
  • Observe it closely, until your eyes relax and your vision becomes blurry.
  • Once you see some sort of smoke forming inside the ball, wait a little more time. A clearer shape should start to form.

If you are new to the world of divination, the images probably won't make any sense to you at first. You might not even see them at all.

Don't let this frustrate you.

All clairvoyance techniques take time before they are mastered and become truly effective.

The more you practice, the better you will get.

Follow this more precise guide that we are preparing to give you and you will discover how to read the future in a crystal ball in no time.

A map of astrology constellations, divinatory tarot cards and a clairvoyance compass

Predict, announce, see

with these clairvoyance and divination tools


How to choose the right crystal ball

Here is an essential step before you can learn how to use a crystal ball, and effectively master your clairvoyance and divination abilities.

Most crystal balls are made of clear glass, but you may be surprised to know that they don't necessarily have to be clear.

You can also use crystal balls made of amethyst, smoky quartz or any other gemstone of your choice.

You may be wondering how this is possible. The moment you read into something, you're supposed to see images in it, right?

Well, not at all ! If this works, the images you see will actually be present only in your eye and in your mind, not in the ball itself.

This divination tool is just a way to concentrate your mind and “free your third eye” (a fairly common expression which will be better explained to you here ).

So first choose a ball that you like, but make sure that it is not too small.

Clearly, the bigger the better. It's actually harder to focus on a smaller ball.

When you receive your first ball straight to your home, it's a good idea to wash it with clean water, just to flush out any excess energy.

It should be stored away from dust when this tool is not in use.

In addition to energy reasons, this is also a mark of respect.

Furthermore, from this moment on, only you will have to handle it. Please note: this last rule is absolutely essential.

Red candles which create an atmosphere conducive to clairvoyance, divination and the divinatory arts

A special atmosphere is absolutely essential for clairvoyance

To find out how to use your crystal ball to read the future, you need a quiet space where you won't be interrupted.

Divination, clairvoyance and the divinatory arts in general always require to be practiced in a particular atmosphere.

If you already have a meditation space, this is probably an ideal place.

Some people like to set the scene by first cleaning the room, burning incense, or playing spiritual music.

For beginners, it is easier to read effectively if the light is dim.

Note, however, that experienced users will be able to use it in broad daylight, and even in direct sunlight.

To start, though, we recommend turning off the lights, drawing the curtains, and lighting just a candle or two.

Place the candles behind you to prevent their light from reflecting too much into your ball.

Clairvoyant ball, a gypsy lucky charm, placed on a pretty bad tablecloth

How to use a crystal ball to read the future

When you feel ready, hold it in your hands for a moment and relax.

If you have a specific question in mind, ask it now.

If not, just ask to be shown anything that might be useful to you at the moment.

Then place the ball on its support, and watch. Literally.

Yes, you will need a support of this type to use your crystal ball. (Clairvoyance and the divinatory arts in general are very codified sciences which have improved over time. You will not have the same results by simply placing it on a cushion for example.)

In short, you need to look at the ball carefully.

Try not to blink or look away. Hold on, no matter if your vision blurs. As we saw previously, this can even help you.

It may take a while, but eventually you should start to see some sort of haze appear.

At this point, don't break your concentration. The veil of mist should disappear quickly.

After that, you will start seeing images.

Remember: these images are in your mind, not in the ball itself.

You may feel like the shapes are moving inside, but what you are really seeing is the expression in your third eye, don't forget that.

Don't try to interpret the images you see as you go along, otherwise you will break your concentration.

Just let the images come and go.

After a few moments, they might start to fade.

The mist may return, or you may not even see anything at this point.

In short, you can finally relax your eyes.

Look away and let your pupils readjust to the ambient light.

Then, as quickly as you feel able, write down the images that came to mind. You will interpret them later.

So get up, stretch your legs and go and open your curtains.

If you wanted to know how to read the future in a crystal ball, that's it, you've read it!

But be careful, it's not over: you still have to interpret the signs you have seen.

This is undoubtedly the most interesting part of clairvoyance.

Crystal ball in which the reversed image of a village is reflected

Interpret the result of your reading

Remember that most of the images you have seen are symbolic.

If you saw a boat, what could that mean, given your current situation?

If you've seen the color pink, how does this apply to you?

If you saw a name, do you know that person?

Sometimes you can even hear words associated with these images. If you have ever performed an augury or made a horoscope, you obviously understand what we want to tell you.

These are additional tips that your subconscious is offering you, and really, they should not be ignored. The best psychics know how to decipher these messages.

Interpreting the signs (covered in this other article ) can be as tricky as getting them in the first place, but trust us: it will get easier with practice.

Ball on a clairvoyant table with a luminous halo passing by

Some additional tips for reading the future well in your crystal ball

Now you know how to use this divination tool.

Bravo, your clairvoyance skills and your knowledge of the divinatory arts have increased, but be careful, the lesson is not over.

We still have some advice to give you.

  • Try, when interpreting, to create a story linking the past, present and future.
  • Consider confirming your predictions with other tools, like tarot cards.
  • It is important to take care of your ball, much like you would a piece of jewelry.
  • If this is the first time you are trying to read a crystal ball, you must charge it first. Place in moonlight. Ideally, you should do this for several nights in a row. On the other hand, do not place it directly in the sun, this will weaken its powers.
  • Always store your ball in a cloth and keep it in a dark place, where no one else can touch it.
  • You should also clean your ball before your first play. You can do this with mild soap and water. Some say that waving sage around their ball helps purify it. As such, here are some tips for the proper use of sage.
  • It is practice makes perfect. It is completely normal to not be able to see images during the first uses, the divinatory arts are complex and require some time to adapt.
  • If you see symbols forming right away, great! But if you don't, just keep practicing and be patient with yourself until you get there.

Pebbles in the sand which write the word honesty, simple of a necessary ethics

An important point: ethics in clairvoyance

The ethics of the practitioner of the divinatory arts will necessarily always depend from one person to another. There are, however, certain points on which everyone agrees.

In fact, respecting a certain moral code is a necessity when we possess powers which would allow us, if misused, to establish our control over others.

Here are some important points to follow :

  • You should not predict death. This includes dates of death, miscarriages, for both humans and animals.
  • Predicting lottery numbers or the trifecta takes money away from the people it was originally intended for. This disrupts the balance of the world and deviates the life paths of many people.
  • The work of the medium is done above all by interpretation. If you think that another specialist has made a mistake in their reading, you would do well to contact them because it is always good for a “colleague” to be able to improve.
  • If you believe that information you have received could negatively affect the life of another person, it is your duty to keep it to yourself.
  • You should never use your power to extract money from your fellow human beings. However, it is normal that, if you make clairvoyance your profession, you are fairly remunerated.
  • Even if no law requires you to do so, it is ethical to maintain a certain amount of “professional secrecy”. Any information or discussion must remain strictly private between you and your clients.
  • This may seem obvious, but you shouldn't lie. It may be nicer for someone to hear good news, but if your vision for your future is bleak (or even if you simply have no vision), maintaining your honesty and integrity is a necessity. absolute.

Lucky crystal ball on a blue table and placed outdoors

One last thought

Everyone would like to know how to read the future, but some are afraid.

Divination is a practice surrounded by mysteries and which therefore brings certain fears.

You may be concerned that the images you see may drive you “crazy.”

Our subconscious has a very complex functioning, and the signals it sends us can often be interpreted in different ways.

Don't be afraid of the images you see.

Think of using this lucky charm and the signs it gives you as an analysis of your dreams.

Just because you fought with a lion in your last dream doesn't mean you will do so the next morning.

In short, whether you are a novice or a professional, we are talking about an excellent clairvoyance tool that can help you develop your psychic abilities.

The more you practice, the better you will control yourself.

Understanding your subconscious is the key to overcoming your fears and working toward a more spiritual you.

Knowing how to use a crystal ball to read the future is one way to achieve this goal.

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