Receiving Bird Dropping: What is the Meaning?

You're outside, minding your own business and suddenly a bird decides to drop a nice big dropping on you.

Yet you don't look like a toilet. In any case, that’s what your mother has been saying since you were little!

No, there is undoubtedly another message to look for behind it... But which one?

Well, we will see together, receiving droppings carries a very specific meaning, that of great luck to come.

As it turns out, it is sometimes in terrible misfortunes that the most beautiful opportunities are hidden, in the middle of this stinking darkness that a sweet light is hidden.

Contents :

The sign of a chance to come through a phenomenon of “rebalancing”

The low probability of receiving bird droppings

The transformation of the negative (bird droppings in this case) into positive

Several pebbles balanced in a zen atmosphere.

The sign of a chance to come through a phenomenon of “rebalancing”

Birds have always been a subject of fascination for humans.

Hovering above our heads, whispering to the clouds, these sky beings were the source of many legends that we still tell ourselves today.

Most cultures around the world considered this ability to fly to make them special, as if they had something divine within them.

However, this gift that all humans envy comes with a major flaw: in the sky, there are no toilets.

So, when the need arises, this noble animal that is the bird has no other choice than to release droppings which unfortunately cannot fly.

It's inevitable: it must crash somewhere.

Then it falls on you. It's bad luck, but that's how it is.

However, do not be afraid: the universe is just and there is no doubt that it will seek to restore balance following this harm that has been imposed on you.

Thus, the meaning to be sought behind this unfortunate event could well be that of a counterpart, a happier one, which will soon arrive in your life.

In this sense, some see it as a gift from the birds, a real good luck charm.

Several dice representing the probabilities and chance of life.

The low probability of receiving bird droppings

The Earth is big, the Earth is vast.

Imagine hitting an ant several meters away by throwing a simple needle...

Receiving bird droppings cannot be a coincidence.

In reality, this is a great misfortune, a sign that destiny is angry with you.

Some, more spiritual than others, will seek to see the positive side of the situation.

When we think about it, receiving bird droppings has the same meaning as a perfect alignment of the planets.

Sometimes in life, disturbing coincidences cause events that, statistically, should not happen.

Today you received droppings, very clearly, it is not good for your apple.

But next time, what will fate have in store for you?

Who knows, if you can be unlucky enough to get bird droppings, maybe you can be lucky enough to... win the lottery?

In short, if I were you, I would go get a scratch ticket without further delay. (Please note, this is in no way an invitation to play, of course.)

Three smiling smileys (one neutral, one negative and one positive).

The transformation of the negative (bird droppings in this case) into positive

In the end, receiving droppings teaches us something essential: in life, we must learn to transform the negative into a positive.

Unpleasant things happen to us all. It's our duty to cope and try to keep smiling despite everything.

It is completely normal that we do not appreciate receiving droppings. It's something dirty, smelly and requires us to go change our clothes.

It’s true that it can be quite “complicated” to find the positive in all of this. However, it is possible!

As human beings, we are smart enough to think beyond our first impressions.

So, telling ourselves that we're going to have a lucky day is probably satisfying, especially after experiencing such a shitty situation.

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