Rose of Jericho: magic of the Plant of Resurrection

There are many plants and flowers that have unique characteristics or at least some form of beauty.

However, there are only a few who have been able to enter into the esoteric traditions of the people and into the practice of magic.

The rose of Jericho is one of them.

A surprising number of popular legends surround this mysterious plant. So, during our research, we found an equally impressive number of different uses.

We will share some of them with you in this article.

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The rose of Jericho from a botanical point of view

In fact, why this nickname resurrection plant?

Use of the rose of Jericho

Plant awakening technique and precautions for use

Magic of the rose of Jericho: what can it be used for?



Despite its name, this plant species is actually nothing like a rose. It is actually more of a green plant, generally sold dried in the form of small compact balls.

It is when it is humidified that all the magic happens. Its leaves become feathery and unfold to resemble those of ferns. If your plant dries again, it will return to its original shape.

This apparent ability to die and be reborn allowed it to receive the nickname “resurrection plant”. Obviously, this also offered him a central place in many magical rituals, whether religious or linked to witchcraft.

Movements like voodoo, Santeria and Espirismo give pride of place to it. In the traditions of the Yoruba people, it is also considered the sacred plant of Orisha Shango, the god of lightning and thunder.

Greenhouse of a botanical garden with rays of sunlight penetrating through the roof.

The rose of Jericho from a botanical point of view

In fact, they are two different plants that are known by the same name in common parlance!

The first is called Anastatica hierochuntica in the scientific corpus. This is the real rose, the one that contains real powers.

It is she who possesses the energies that we seek when we are interested in the magic of the rose of Jericho. The second is called Selaginella lepidophylla.

These two species are often confused by apothecaries and herbalists. You can meet them under different names:

  • Mary's rose
  • Maryam's rose
  • Palestinian amaranth
  • The dinosaur plant
  • The stone flower

This profusion of names can sometimes confuse us. For convenience, we will not use all of these different names in this article, but please note that they exist and are completely valid.

If you want to be sure not to make a mistake, here we have a real Jericho rose that we found for you.

Additionally, it is essential that you sharpen your expert eye and learn to differentiate the two species.

Here are some common points that may mislead you:

  • Both can grow around the ancient city of Jericho.
  • Both are extremely popular and in demand around the world. So wherever you are, you can find both types.
  • Both are incredibly tenacious plants that can survive terrible droughts.
  • Once dried, they are very difficult to differentiate.

And the main differences that will help you discern the true from the false:

  • Outside of their natural biotope, the true Jericho rose is much harder to cultivate.
  • The price of Anastatica hierochuntica is often slightly higher.
  • To the touch, the plant should appear really dry, almost dead.

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In fact, why this nickname resurrection plant?

As we have already clarified earlier, the rose of Jericho has the ability to be “reborn” where other plants would be permanently dried up.

Concretely, it knows how to roll its branches inwards when the weather conditions become too dry and unwind them as soon as the humidity level rises. This is a true rebirth reaction.

You should know that this flower can survive for years curled up on itself. As soon as you immerse it in water, green stems will appear and it will only take a few days for small white flowers to start growing.

Some say this hibernation time could last for millions of years. Although this has not been proven, scientists still admit that periods of several decades are entirely possible... which is already exceptional in itself!

With appropriate care and regular “revivals”, a plant of this species could therefore survive for several centuries at least.

This suggests the power of some of them. Imagine the power possessed by a specimen that was used by different mages and sorcerers throughout human history, passed from hand to hand like a sacred torch.

If this kind of esoteric tradition interests you, you should take a look at our collection of witchcraft-related lucky charms, you will not be disappointed.

Several roses of Jericho just before being used for magical rituals.

Use of the rose of Jericho

If so many people are looking to acquire a resurrection plant, it is undoubtedly because of all the legends that surround it.

Many of those who own them therefore actually have no idea of ​​the benefits they could get from them.

However, the magic of the rose of Jericho is very real. It would take too long to list them all, but you should know that there are in total hundreds of traditions, sometimes very old, which include it in their practice.

Its power to resurrect and move from apparent death to undeniable life make it a privileged symbol of transformation, renewal and second spiritual life.

Such an interesting plant has therefore logically unleashed passions. Since the dawn of time, many wise men have been interested in it and sought to understand what powers could be linked to it.

By almost mechanical effect, from the moment when thousands of attempts to include this flower in magical rituals took place, dozens of different properties were discovered.

Plant awakening technique and precautions for use

Directly after receiving your dried flower, you can water it to “wake it up”. You can also try growing your own. Here is an article that should give you some useful information.

Whether you simply plan to use it as a decorative plant or enjoy its ability to open and close, there are no special considerations to make.

If, on the other hand, you plan to use it for spiritual purposes, there is a specific protocol to follow.

First, fill a large bowl with water that can hold the plant once it opens. The bowl should be washed with water that has sat overnight, dried in the sun, then refilled with fresh, clean water.

Next, hold the dried rose of Jericho in your hands. When you do this, try to feel the energy of the plant.

Meditate, say prayers, chant, imagine it filled with golden light. In short, do what seems right and necessary to you. When you feel the plant is ready, place it in water.

Once this is done, however, there will be a few other things to pay attention to:

  • Many magic and witchcraft rituals involve the presence of a candle next to your rose. Be careful not to burn the leaves!
  • Although, given its status as a resurrection plant, the Jericho rose is very tough, you still need to take care of it, especially given the risk of its leaves tearing.
  • Do not let it reside in the same water for too long as this can lead to mold development. Change the water immediately once you see it turning brown.
  • If pieces of your rose fall off, do not throw them away. You can always use them during other rites.

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Magic of the rose of Jericho: what can it be used for?

After what you have just read, you should have understood that we are talking here about a most special plant and whose sacred (or at least magical) character is beyond doubt.

The very water she soaks in is known to possess powerful spiritual energy. So always keep it as a record of your rituals. You might need it one day.

As a general rule, and this is exactly what we are going to talk about now, the magic of the rose of Jericho is best expressed during very specific ceremonies and rituals.

However, there are a whole host of benefits to keeping it in your home all year round. This magical plant is a real lucky charm that can fill your home with incredibly positive energy, protect you from certain spells and create a sort of “barrier” securing your home.

This use of the rose of Jericho sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it?

Anyway, we are now going to introduce you to others that you might also like.

Wealth and prosperity

The water used to revive it is often used to help us experience prosperity.

We can scatter them on counters, desks or even cash registers if you want to get a boost in your business. Mix it with the floor washing water for a more diffuse effect.

Many voodoo practitioners, for example, keep a bowl containing a rose and a few coins at the entrance to their house. To wash their door with it every time they come in or go out.

Physical and spiritual protection

Because it is a sacred plant, the rose of Jericho can also be used to protect us from the attacks that certain energies or entities can send us.

By putting it in contact with your lucky jewelry (amulets, pendants, medallions, etc.), you can increase some of their effects tenfold.

Some say that dipping our fingers in water and drawing a cross on the back of our front door would be an effective way to keep evil out.

Ward off bad luck

If you think that you are the victim of a spell cast against you, our flower could also help you.

Sit in a quiet room and light a simple candle in front of you.

Then place a dried resurrection plant in front of you and watch it open and be reborn.

As the plant unfolds, try to clear your mind and connect with it.

Luck and energy

Let us clarify it directly: this use of the rose of Jericho will only be valid during the waxing moon period (when it increases in size from day to day).

Here again take a candle and wash it using the water in which a rose has soaked overnight. Let it air dry and repeat the process as many times as possible.

The entire process can therefore last several days, weeks or even months... It will really only depend on your patience!

Once you feel it is ready, turn it on and simply meditate in front of it.

You can extinguish the candle whenever you want and then relight it and enjoy its powers with the same intensity.

Rose of Jericho half-opened and placed among orange flowers.


In our modern age, technology and science have distanced too many people from any form of spirituality. They no longer believe in magic or witchcraft, no longer have any connection with the sacred and very often find themselves without guidance.

However, if we look at the use of the rose of Jericho with a critical eye, we must admit that it has survived the test of time and cultures.

Why would so many people put their trust in something that wouldn't work?

In any case, this is a sign that could put us on certain paths, provided that we are open and receptive. Here is an article from the online encyclopedia wikisource which supports this point.

And you ? Do you believe that this strange flower can hide certain powers?

Do you see this as a potential help in your life?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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