Short Guide to Better Choose your Esoteric Jewelry

We designate by the term “esoteric jewelry” particular accessories intended to attract certain energies or, on the contrary, to repel others.

Because, yes, the subtle energies that religions describe are a reality and our world is full of them. If you didn't know, we'll tell you this way.

In any case, protecting ourselves from the most harmful has been a concern for humans since the dawn of time. Made of stones, crystals or more contemporary materials, representing spiritual symbols or here nature: lucky jewelry is absolutely everywhere, and has been for a long time.

Some of these accessories contain surprising powers… very surprising even. However, too many of us still choose our jewelry out of simple taste, out of attraction to a particular color, material or symbol.

Choosing the wrong esoteric jewelry can have disastrous consequences on your life and that of those around you.

Nothing beats real expertise and advice from qualified professionals.

This is precisely what we are going to offer you now.

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First of all… What is esotericism?

Choose your esoteric jewelry according to your beliefs…

…and your personal roots

Some examples of esoteric jewelry

Two statues on the edges of a forest path symbolizing the spiritual evolution of men.

First of all… What is esotericism?

To put it simply, esotericism is the study of hidden things.

In fact, this refers to any religion, doctrine or spiritual movement which seeks to unravel the secrets of our world or which transmit their knowledge away from the general public.

According to its definition (which you will find here quite precisely), esotericism is something shared by a limited number of individuals, as opposed to exotericism which is intended to be public.

All this implies the need for a learning process and initiatory rites that the apprentice must follow before the truths he seeks are revealed to him.

Esotericism is therefore not a single tradition, but rather a vast range of movements with no (at least apparent) connection between them.

From alchemical hermeticism to Kabbalah, including dozens of schools and branches from Eastern philosophies, esoteric movements are truly numerous.

All having created different symbols and representations, the number of esoteric jewelry which can be inspired by them is counted in the thousands.

To push the subject further, here is an article in which we have gathered all our knowledge on esotericism.

Three lucky pendants: one of Celtic origin, one Egyptian and one Italian

carry power around your neck

by these mysterious lucky pendants


Choose your esoteric jewelry according to your beliefs…

Crystal, pearls, precious stones or simple metal: the materials of our jewelry are counted in the dozens.

As we have just said, there are just as many different paths in the world of esotericism.

Here are a few that we think are important to address:

  • Gnosis : Based on the Bible and Christian dogmas in general, Gnosis is a heretical movement (in the literal sense) which aims to study the material mysteries of the world leading, ultimately, to that of the ultimate mystery: that of God. As such, here is a quite interesting podcast dealing with gnosis and the transmission of traditions.
  • Tantra : Mystical doctrine best known for its sexual rituals and its famous Kamasutra, tantra is in fact a complete spiritual whole which aims at harmonization with the universe through a transmutation of its energies.
  • Ayurveda : Also originating from India, this esoteric movement sees the human being as a clever assembly of energies, forces and moods that simply need to be regulated to ensure good health.
  • Sufism : In the modern world, the Muslim religion is often reduced by its practitioners to the level of simple moralism. Some of the greatest esoteric movements have nevertheless been inspired by it, the Sufi tradition and its followers being there to bear witness to this.
  • Tibetan Buddhism : Among the ideas that were thought of in Tibet, there is one in particular which influenced local Buddhism. According to her, all living beings would be linked together in their material suffering, and true liberation could therefore only be achieved by the elimination of each individual suffering. One thing is certain: this can only push us towards kindness! To go further, here is the Wikipedia page dealing with Tibetan esoteric Buddhism.

All these traditions have therefore emerged in cultures, we dare to speak of worlds, very different from each other.

Even if they sometimes seek to answer the same questions, the paths taken will indeed be different.

It’s clear: choosing your esoteric jewelry cannot be done without taking into account your beliefs and your personal convictions!

Large library containing old books allowing you to trace your roots.

…and your personal roots

In the same way that it is important to consider your beliefs when choosing your esoteric jewelry, your roots and your history will also be two very important factors.

Some people like to wear rings and bracelets. Others will prefer pendants and signet rings. In terms of crystals, there are some who like quartz, lapis lazuli or onyx. Others will rather like tiger's eye, aventurine or labradorite. The same considerations can precisely be applied to esotericism.

In Europe, for example, alchemy plays an important role for centuries.

An important philosophical tradition whose origins can be traced back to Antiquity, and even well beyond, the practitioners of alchemy want to be the holders of great secrets.

Relatively confidential, these practitioners have formed veritable underground networks, hiding their rites, their symbols and their ceremonies from the eyes of laymen.

If the subject speaks to you, you will undoubtedly appreciate our page dedicated to alchemy in all its forms.

In short, these esoteric cults gave birth to a whole bunch of secret societies which still persist today, such as the Freemasons or the Rosicrucians.

For some whose origins lie further East, more in the East than in the West, other traditions could prove just as relevant.

If you look at ancient Egypt for example, it is fascinating to note the extent to which certain groups of this society, which is several thousand years old, were able to make discoveries ahead of their time.

From philosophy to medicine, including astrology and mathematics: the occult groups of ancient Egypt were able to discover things that we still study today in our schools.

What we mean by these two examples is that there are really many gateways that will allow you to become interested in esotericism, and that it will therefore be up to you to find the one that will suit you best!

This consideration will also apply to the choice of your esoteric jewelry: try to find some that will really suit you.

In any case, believe us, you will never develop your spirituality as well as in a tradition literally created for people who are like you.

A Christian bracelet, a wooden one with Buddhist mantras and a friendship thread bracelet

Bring happiness to your fingers

by the mysterious power of our bracelets


Some examples of esoteric jewelry

We now know how to find the type of esoteric jewelry we need. Either.

This is all well and good, but sometimes we lack ideas or imagination. It is therefore always good to receive advice from specialists.

That’s good, we’re here to help you!

In addition to having divided our collections into clear categories, we will now present to you some models of esoteric jewelry which should please you if you are one of those who are interested in the mysteries of our world.

Amulet containing the twelve signs of the zodiac, a strong esoteric symbol.

1st esoteric jewel : an amulet in homage to the zodiac

Astrology is a science based on twelve signs, each possessing particular characteristics that influence the personality, character and life of those who wear it.

Basically, we could say that each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a very particular type of person.

Far from being just a simple folkloric custom, some people take absolute awareness of astrology... and rightly so given the results they get from it.

This immemorial tradition holds within it the profound idea that our inner being (personality, ego, soul... call it what you want) is influenced by the external world and the forces found there.

Traditional astrology helps us understand the personality/ego's relationship to these different areas of life, although most of these relationships are based on indoctrination.

In any case, wearing this amulet representing the twelve signs of the zodiac will help you remember them.

Signet ring bearing the symbol of the compass rose, and therefore great magical powers.

2nd esoteric jewel: a signet ring marked with the compass rose

The compass rose is this strange symbol that we find on compasses and other navigation instruments.

What few people know is that it is also a prominent esoteric symbol.

Apparently, the compass rose not only describes the cardinal directions, but also the spiritual directions that human life can take.

To the “traditional” four is then added a five, the sacred direction which runs perpendicular from the center of the compass rose.

Whatever your path, having such a pattern near you every day will remind you not to deviate from it.

Of all the esoteric jewelry that we are going to present to you here, this compass rose signet ring could well be the most effective...

Lucky pendant representing an eye of Horus.

3rd esoteric jewel: a pendant representing the eye of Horus

The ancients have long believed that the motif you see here, the Eye of Horus, contains immense powers.

Very concretely, the Ancient Egyptians (but also other peoples who may have encountered them) used it as a protective lucky charm.

Sometimes also, the eye of Horus was used during healing rituals and even, it seems, resurrection.

The particularly important use of this esoteric symbol during funeral ceremonies in any case leads us to believe that it would have had a link with death and the afterlife.

However, this does not explain why esoteric enthusiasts are interested in this type of pendant representing the eye of Horus.

In reality, this strange pattern closely resembles the pineal gland, a part of the brain that ancient traditions describe as the center of the soul and consciousness.

We won't elaborate further here, but all this is quite disturbing and leaves one wondering, to say the least, isn't it?

Necklace decorated with the moon and the sun, a very significant representation in modern esotericism.

4th esoteric jewel: a lunisolar necklace

The sun and the moon have always played a crucial role in the imagination of humanity.

Throughout the history of different cultures around the world, they have represented the balance that can exist between two contrary entities, and the life that arises from their fruitful union.

Often, when the sun and the moon are found together on the same esoteric jewel, it should be seen as a sign of the fruits that emerge from the meeting of opposites.

This idea of ​​creation is very present in modern and ancient esotericism, and it is also the one that this particular oh combiner necklace seeks to express.

The moon is in fact a feminine symbol which represents the succession of months and the passing of time, leaving magnificent creations in its wake.

The sun, for its part, symbolizes supreme and absolute power, the force that allows all things to prosper and grow.

Together, these two stars therefore express life in its purest essence.

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