Spiritual Guide: finding it, its role, communicating with

But in fact, what is the purpose of today's article?

Spirit guides can offer us profound insights into the unseen world, our past lives, and the larger universe.

They are there to guide us on our personal journey and provide unique insight into what life has to offer.

For people in need of direction or comfort, learning to better know their spiritual guides is therefore essential.

Contents :

1. What are spiritual guides (angels or spirit?)

2. The role of our spiritual guide

3. Know the name of your spiritual guide

4. Christianity: guardian angels and archangels

5. Shamanism: totem animals

6. Islam: the jinn

7. Hinduism: the devas and devī


What are spirit guides (angels or spirit?)

Spirit guides are divine beings who accompany us and help us through difficult times in life. These entities can take various forms, including those of angels or spirits.

In any case, they are there to guide us, watch over us and provide help in our daily decisions.

Since time immemorial, people have turned to these higher beings to find inner peace and a deeper meaning to their existence.

They have always been considered messengers of the Divine who come to offer protection and guidance to humans. They often represent divine benevolence and are known to protect those who seek spiritual assistance.

Often our spirit guides will be seen as invisible but powerful forces ready to communicate with humans to provide guidance and direction in daily life.

It is further believed that each person has their own unique spirit guide that they can call upon in times of need...if they know how to communicate with!

In any case, if you feel that a spiritual guide is ready to contact you, try opening your consciousness through meditation or other similar techniques so that you can better perceive his or her message.


The role of our spiritual guide

Our spiritual guide is an entity that accompanies us throughout our lives. It can be an angel, a spirit, a deceased loved one or even a mythological figure.

Whatever its form, this guide's main mission is to guide and protect us on the path to happiness and to help find inner peace.

Our spirit guides are there to offer us practical advice and encouragement so that we can make the best decisions possible based on our personal circumstances. They are also there to watch over our physical and psychological well-being, and provide us with comfort when necessary.

In addition, they can provide important information regarding our past or future lives, in order to bring to the surface certain darker parts of our soul that need special attention. This information, moreover, can be presented in different forms: visions, intuitions, dreams, messages received psychically, etc.

Our spiritual guide should not be confused with God. Thus, the latter is beyond time and space while our guides remain attached to the terrestrial temporal dimensions.


Know the name of your spiritual guide

Knowing the name of your spiritual guide can be a difficult question to answer. However, it is possible to achieve this by following a few simple steps and using specific tools like meditation and intuition.

The first thing you can do if you want to know the name of your spirit guide is to practice meditation to increase your inner awareness and open your mind to the subtle messages your guide may be sending.

Take a moment each day to connect with them, establish a silent dialogue with them, ask them how they would present themselves to you, and patiently wait for an intuitive response. Once this happens, take note of the message received, as this can be the beginning of the process towards fully understanding the name of the one who is watching over you.

Your intuition is also very important if you are searching for the name of your spirit guide: it potentially provides additional information that can point your path in the right direction.

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Christianity: guardian angels and archangels

Guardian angels and archangels are an integral part of Christian tradition. These spiritual beings are considered divine messengers, who help us find our path in life. They are there to guide, protect and encourage us on the path God has laid out for us.

According to biblical teachings, each person has a guardian angel dedicated to their protection and spiritual evolution. The Archangels represent a higher form of divine guidance: they can offer wise advice or even intervene directly if this is justified by the circumstances.

Their presence is often manifested by the feeling of great inner calm, a sensation of deep peace or even clear intuitions which seem to come from Heaven. It is possible to engage with our spirit guides through prayer or through techniques such as meditation or creative visualization to receive their inspiring and encouraging messages.


Shamanism: totem animals

Shamanism is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years and has developed in many cultures. Totem animals are an integral part of shamanism and can represent spiritual guides for human beings.

Animal totems can serve as advisors or even teachers to help people find their way on the path of life. They bring important messages related to our purposes and our existence on earth.

These animals can symbolize qualities like strength, endurance, and power that we need to achieve our personal and spiritual goals. Each totem animal thus carries its own meaning, which relates to the attributes it embodies.

There are several different ways you can use to get in touch with your personal totem animal so that it becomes your spirit guide; this includes guided meditation, lucid dreaming, or even just staying and observing this animal in its natural habitat.

In any case, if you are looking for additional help on your journey towards deeper spirituality, then totem animals can certainly be a great place to start!

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Islam: the jinn

Islam is a rich and complex religion that includes many aspects of creation. Among them, the jinn are particularly important spiritual guides for Muslims.

In Islamic culture, a jinn is considered an invisible being with a distinct personality and possessing certain characteristics unique to its divine nature. Jinn can help humans by offering help and advice on various subjects such as love, health and happiness.

In reality, beliefs around jinns date back to the origins of Islam. There are several biblical accounts regarding their existence and divine powers.

Note that, according to certain hadiths (teachings of the Prophet Muhammad), there are three main types of jinn:

those who are forgiven for their bad deeds

those who bring reward for showing piety

and those who do nothing in one direction or the other. There would also be malevolent spirits called “shakti” from whom we must protect ourselves by all possible means.


Hinduism: the devas and devī

Hinduism is a very ancient religion, dating back over 4,000 years. It is characterized in particular by the adoration of devas and devīs. These spirit guides are considered the protectors of the world and their influence can be felt in all aspects of human life.

Devas are generally associated with positive forces such as protection, prosperity and happiness. They also represent unconditional love and spiritual enlightenment.

The devī instead symbolize negative forces such as jealousy, anger and envy. They can also represent positive qualities such as courage and determination in the face of difficulties encountered.

In a broader sense, Hinduism believes that each individual has their own inner divine force which they must learn to recognize in order to reach their full spiritual potential.

This can also be made easier with the help of one's divine spiritual guides (the devas and devī).

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