Spiritual Jewelry: Which Ones to Be More Serene?

Since ancient times, jewelry has been an important adornment for people around the world...and it's not just about vanity. It carries deep spiritual meanings.

Many people believed and still believe in the spiritual effects of jewelry. If you want to know a little more on the subject, continue reading today's article.

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The spiritual effects of jewelry

Ancient people believed that certain jewelry emanated from a higher power, which had influence over the spiritual realm and personality of people. They also believed that spiritual jewelry had beneficial properties such as protection against negative energies, absorption of divine energies, and spiritual healing.

The use of jewelry and accessories by great ancient civilizations has played a fundamental role throughout history. Studies show that our ancestors did not only adorn themselves out of a desire to appear, out of a taste for luxury or to create a simple appearance.

Many of them believed that spiritual jewelry emanated from a higher power, therefore, directly influencing the spiritual field and personality. Beneficial properties such as absorption of divine consciousness, protection against negative energies, reduction of dark energy and even spiritual healing were often cited.

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The spiritual properties of each accessory

Each type of spiritual jewelry is said to have its own mystical and spiritual attributes.

Here is a list of the main ones, and their respective characteristics.

The spirit ring

Wearing a ring on the ring finger is explained by tradition and religion. The purpose of the acupressure caused by the accessory was to reduce dark energies and assist in the capture of divine power.

Using a ring on the ring finger, combined with another ring on the index finger, has been shown to have the best healing properties. And to make the effect even more powerful, women wore a ring on their left hand and men on their right hand.

In short, it was believed that wearing a spirit ring allowed you to harness divine power.

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Spiritual earrings

Spiritual earrings were not only associated with beauty, they also had properties linked to acupuncture. (In fact, they know how to press on very specific points of our body: the ears).

In ancient China, earrings were made for reasons related to health and well-being.

The jewel was believed to have the power to attract the divine principle, giving the person things as varied as happiness, patience, contentment, spiritual desire, the ability to forgive and perseverance.

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The spiritual necklace

The necklace, in particular, is a piece of jewelry known to protect against evil spirits, demons, witches and negative entities that could do harm or transmit bad energy.

Always present in various cultures, for decoration purposes and demonstration of social status, placed around the neck, this accessory is still used today to protect against negative energies and the entities that could be at their source.

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The spiritual bracelet

One of the oldest types of spiritual jewelry, the bracelet is still considered a fairly sophisticated ornament today.

Its history dates back to 5000 BC, when it was believed that wearing it, especially with certain stones, on the wrist of the left hand would help control external stress and, if worn on the right wrist, would help to productivity and energy control.

It was also believed that the use of accessories on the left wrist brought good luck and protection, and on the right wrist brought confidence and prosperity.

This is once again clearly seen through the history of spiritual bracelets: jewelry and accessories carry within them something much more complex than a simple decorative purpose.

Truly, the psychic, emotional, and spiritual powers they offered their wearer were real and awe-inspiring.

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Treasure composed of jewelry made of gold and precious stones.

Materials that are also very spiritual!

It's not just her type that is notable when it comes to choosing your spiritual jewelry. The material used can also be very important.

There are crystals, pearls, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli and even diamonds. In short, the possibilities are almost endless. However, here we will limit ourselves to the two most famous: gold and silver.

Gold: metal of kings and youth

Gold has always been considered a symbol of wealth, durability, longevity and nobility. However, in addition to its material value, it also had medicinal properties.

The oldest traces of its use in medicine come from Alexandria, Egypt, where 5,000 years ago people were already ingesting gold to purify the mind, body and soul, to such an extent that Alexandrian alchemists developed an “elixir” based on liquid gold.

They considered gold to be a mystical metal that represented the perfection of matter, and that its presence in the body could stimulate, rejuvenate, cure a number of illnesses, as well as restore youth and perfect health.

The spiritual effects of gold jewelry were thus used to purify the mind, body and soul. Such a metal represented the perfection of matter and its use in the body could cure various diseases, stimulate and even restore health and youth.

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Silver: metal of well-being and health

Although it is classified among the noble metals and has been associated with wealth and success since Antiquity, silver is especially interesting for its particular healing and harmonizing properties, whether we are talking about physical, mental or spiritual.

The Phoenicians, for example, used silver containers to store water, wine, and vinegar to prevent molecular alteration and deterioration of these liquids. In the 18th century, people put silver coins in milk bottles to keep them fresh. Before the existence of antibiotics, silver compounds were used to prevent infections, for example during the First World War where this material helped save many lives.

Even today, silver is used in medicine and dentistry, in surgical implants, due to its malleability and conductivity characteristics.

Choosing a spiritual jewel made of silver is therefore a decision full of meaning and one which could well assure you a number of benefits...

Sacred pendant with an ethnic pattern and made of blue stone.


As we have seen in this article, in addition to being an element of beauty, spiritual jewelry can bring a whole host of benefits to the wearer.

Whether it is because of your personal beliefs, your religion or simply because certain testimonies from loved ones have convinced you, there are only good reasons to be interested in the spiritual side of jewelry.

So choose which one suits best, decorate yourself with it and enjoy all its properties!

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