Study on the Tiger symbol in Feng Shui

In the animal world, there are few species that are as linked to emotions and feelings in their rawest aspects as the tiger.

In fact, the tiger symbol represents the primary instincts that inhabit every living being, and therefore a certain unpredictability.

It is therefore not surprising that the Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui has paid particular attention to this animal!

As we will see, there is in reality a great complexity imbued with duality and particular nuances behind it.

In short, without further ado, let's try to understand together the meaning of the tiger symbol in Feng Shui.

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Tiger and Feng Shui: an ancestral relationship

A great symbol of strength and vitality

The tiger as a sign of the Chinese zodiac

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Tiger and Feng Shui: an ancestral relationship

Feng Shui often uses representations of the tiger when it comes to decorating an interior.

To put it simply, decorations showing it are used to protect the places where they are located.

The tiger symbol is in fact a great good luck charm appreciated by Feng Shui practitioners.

Whether we're talking about thieves, demons, ghosts or witches, he will know how to protect us (and our loved ones) from a whole host of disasters.

A powerful and frightening animal when it gets angry, the tiger, by bringing its imposing presence, will ward off negative energies and thus create a serene atmosphere conducive to concentration

With its almost royal qualities, ancestral Feng Shui also associates the symbol of the tiger with success, leadership and success in business.

It's not just homes that will benefit from its presence: offices and businesses will only flourish if they give space to our feline.

In any case, it is clear: Feng Shui has a more than interesting vision when it comes to explaining the elements that make up our world. Its connection with the concept of yin-yang is clear and the tiger can be a gateway to more power.

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Fierce tiger in a forest roaring at the photographer.

A great symbol of strength and vitality

Tigers are among the largest predators and best hunters in nature.

They therefore consist in Feng Shui a symbol of strength and vitality without equal measure. Followers of this tradition also say its positive energy "provides discipline and endless motivation." Traditional medicine therefore uses some of its parts to bring abundance and remove blockages from the soul.

From a purely Taoist point of view (Feng Shui actually stems from Taoism, although the two philosophies are very close), the tiger is associated with Yang and therefore with masculine energy. Given the qualities of courage, bravery and even severity that we can see in him, this is not surprising.

We mentioned it previously but, yes, all of these traits even allow the tiger symbol to drive away demons. For a lucky charm, we must admit that this is a pretty good point. In this sense, it will help to harmonize your living space and circulate more positive vital energy.

In any case, wearing a piece of jewelry representing it will certainly help you to remember the power you have within you, and thus to better face the challenges of everyday life. The Chinese also like to draw on ideograms, a bit like a glyph of power, a great symbol of ferocity. To benefit from its energetic powers, discover how to trace the character of the tiger in Chinese.

Although Feng Shui sees the symbol of the tiger as something (very) positive, it must also be noted that some associate it with violence, aggressiveness and an overly impetuous temperament. If you choose to connect your living space to this animal, you would probably do well to include some more Zen elements.

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The tiger as a sign of the Chinese zodiac

It is complicated to talk about the symbol of the tiger in Feng Shui without mentioning the zodiac of Chinese tradition.

A bit like in Europe, the Chinese have actually described twelve signs of the zodiac, each having its own characteristics.

The tiger is the third on the list and, to put it simply, he is seen as the king, the undisputed master of the animals that live on earth (as opposed to the dragon who rules the sky).

Strongly linked to the element of wood, this sign does not mix well with anything related to metal. In terms of minerals, the famous tiger's eye (obviously), but also lapis lazuli and agate are linked to our feline.

Once again, describing the Chinese zodiac in detail would be long and tedious. We have therefore put together for you a list of the main characteristics of the Tiger sign.

Here they are :

  • They are trustworthy people
  • The tiger symbol rhymes with strength and determination
  • Few animals are so stubborn
  • When not appeased, a tiger can be aggressive, even dangerous.
  • If, on the other hand, he lives a balanced life, he will be charitable and generous.
  • In their relationships, Tigers are passionate and sentimental people
  • Never upset someone who wears this sign: they are very capricious
  • Curiosity and alertness are two other qualities of tigers
  • A tiger must always think carefully before making a rash decision.

If you're curious to learn more, here's a slightly longer description of the tiger symbol in the zodiac.

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