Symbolism and Meaning of the Lucky Turtle

The turtle is undoubtedly an animal of great wisdom. She walks slowly on her life path, sticking to her goal with determination, calm and serenity.

Thus, she invites us to take breaks in the midst of our daily hustle and bustle and to calmly look at our situation to draw discerning conclusions.

This way of doing things often ensures that we find more effective (and above all more lasting) solutions to the problems we all have.

In addition, the lucky turtle is often synonymous with tranquility in movement but also in the mind. Like her, it could be good for us to develop a peaceful relationship with our environment.

Despite a reduced speed on land, the turtle is agile in water and on sand. In this sense, this creature is also incredibly versatile and knows how to adapt to all circumstances.

In this article, we are interested in what the symbolism of the turtle can represent and its meaning. Next, we will see what having this animal as a totem means. Finally, we will see some lessons that we can learn from all of this for our daily lives.

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Meaning of the turtle

The turtle as a totem animal

The Honu, Polynesian turtle

The story of Honu

Help the Polynesian turtle?

Discover the Hawaiian honu

Some Tips for a Good Turtle Watching in Hawaii

An important animal for the whole world

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Meaning of the turtle

When we observe a turtle, it quickly becomes clear to us that it has no cares, concerns or worries. She lives at her own pace, the one she herself has decided to impose on herself.

His behavior is a mystery to many. This blog article attempts to shed some light on the subject of their communication.

Never has the expression “one small step at a time” taken on so much meaning as with this animal, the lucky turtle moving serenely towards a destination that only it knows.

In fact, it is undoubtedly the animal most deeply anchored in the moment, the one which most accepts life as it presents itself and which knows best how to anchor itself in reality.

The symbolism of the turtle therefore carries messages of astonishing strength and power from which every human can benefit.

If we have to name the main meanings of the turtle, we could describe it as:

  • The mistress of calm and patience but also of determination
  • A representative of the earth element and its stability
  • A guide to our personal path
  • A symbol of health and longevity
  • A deeply rooted being
  • The best argument for those who like to take their time
  • A synonym for wisdom and emotional strength

This is all very interesting, isn't it?

If all these considerations are important to you, know that you should particularly appreciate the Chinese lucky charms that we have collected, or even those from Tibet.

In short, we will now delve deeper into some of the strongest elements associated with the meaning of the lucky turtle.

Signs giving directions to different paths.

A guide to our path

Among all the meanings of the turtle, if there is one to remember, it is this one.

With the long and peaceful walk on earth that the turtle lives, she shows us the importance of the path we take.

We could also say that the lucky turtle invites us to, like her, finally begin our journey of life.

As such, it teaches us a lesson of the utmost importance: sometimes, our spiritual and emotional development can only be achieved after a long journey, a long learning process which will require patience and perseverance.

While some people run and hustle (which might be just fine with them), emulating this type of behavior is a really bad idea if it doesn't fit with your personality.

There are in fact individuals who will only be able to show their qualities through calm and measured prudence. .. and the meaning of the turtle teaches us all that.

If we follow this type of path, we are actually almost guaranteed to one day achieve our goals. The famous saying “There is no point in running, you have to start on time” shows us this well. You will find here the complete fable from which this sentence comes.

Land of a very fertile farm on part of which crops grow.

The Lucky Turtle and the Ancient Wisdom of the Earth

In the culture of Native American peoples, the American continent is nicknamed “Turtle Island”. Concretely, they think that a giant turtle carries all the land of the Americas on its back.

This image is also found in Chinese and Indian cultures, where the symbolism of the turtle carrying an island or a continent on its back is very present.

This actually shows us a major fact: this animal maintains a close link with the earth, an element with which it is also associated.

Wisdom, stability, control of one's emotions, listening... The meaning of the turtle necessarily benefits from the qualities inherent in this elementary principle.

Woman practicing yoga, in full meditation and thus achieving peace and balance.

A great symbol of peace

No matter which point of view we take, the meaning of the lucky turtle will always be linked to peace.

With its calming attitude, this animal is a leading peacemaker. Whether interior or exterior, the turtle can bring us the peace we need.

In addition, philosophies that are interested in masculine-feminine duality (for example yoga, or Taoism with the principle of yin and yang) see it as a pure expression of feminine energy.

Here again, this supports this notion of peace and those seen previously of stability and calm.

Inspired by the meaning of the turtle, we learn that it is good to slow down before being overwhelmed by the situation, to rest in order to gain a better perspective. .. All of these are necessary conditions for inner peace!

Turtle totems carved in the sand.

The turtle as a totem animal

The symbolism of the turtle now appears clearly to us. If this is not the case for you, here is some additional information that will help you better understand the subject.

In any case, all this helps us to better understand why some people decide to identify with the values ​​that lead to considering the turtle as their totem animal!

Like all choices in life, this identification can be made for good reasons, but also for bad ones.

On the one hand, people who are faithful to their values ​​and well-anchored in them, those who have found their path and who move forward serenely, those who have managed to find peace and wish to share it with others...

All of these people can rightly identify with the symbolism of the turtle.

On the other hand, all those who feel a heavy weight on their shoulders (which would slow them down or even block them), those who feel too slow and therefore overwhelmed, those who have the impression of being separated from the outside world by a shell...

They too can be found in the meaning of the turtle.

Anyway, now we're going to look at two of the best reasons why the turtle could be your totem animal.

A man full of determination, looking far away.

An animal full of determination…

The wisdom of the turtle totem teaches us many effective strategies that allow us to overcome life's challenges. She shows us that with a good dose of determination, nothing is impossible.

Thus, those who have it as their totem know the importance of courage and tenacity.

Despite the obstacles it may encounter on its path, a lucky turtle knows how to maintain confidence in itself and continue to move forward.

Through her example, she also provides great help to all those who must make a constant effort over the long term. We can particularly think here of students, researchers, workers or, more broadly, of all those who have set themselves ambitious objectives.

Pawn of a chessboard decorated with a crown, symbol of his intelligence and ingenuity.

…and tips

When our world seems upside down, we can refer to the meaning of the turtle.

Many people think that if one of them finds themselves on their back, they no longer know how to get up and will stay in this position, possibly even dying. This is not always true.

Turtles have a strong neck and can lean on it to turn around. These creatures are definitely full of surprises!

So, even if those around you look negatively at your situation, you can, like the turtle, find a clever solution that will show everyone your intelligence and your pugnacity.

You are probably strong enough to stand up too.

Elderly couple who lived a long and happy life.

A calm, long and serene life

Some species of turtle can live for several hundred years.

By analogy with this remarkable characteristic, this animal is often associated with longevity. This is seen through a whole bunch of representations and symbols. For example, you will find an Asian statuette of a turtle linked to longevity.

Those who make it their totem animal will undoubtedly know more than others the importance of good health.

In fact, the symbolism of the turtle is perfect here. Its slow and measured image invites us not to overdo it, to take our time and enjoy the good that each moment of life offers us.

Following these tips is not the promise of good health (unfortunately, no one can ever assure you, an accident or illness could happen at any moment) but is nevertheless the promise of better health.

Yes, having a calm mind saves us from a whole bunch of little daily stresses that can undermine our morale and our vitality faster than we think.


A man full of determination, looking far away.

The force of the sea

with lucky charms from Polynesia


The Honu, Polynesian turtle

The honu is a lucky turtle that is not new. During his long existence, he has carved out a special place for himself in the hearts of Hawaiians and, even more so, of all those who love this country.

In fact, the honu is undoubtedly one of the most popular legendary creatures on the Hawaiian archipelago.

Currently, scientists count five species of sea turtles that frequent the seas near these islands. We can cite the olive ridley turtle, loggerhead turtles and leatherback turtles.

The most frequently seen species, and undoubtedly the most popular and iconic, is called the green sea turtle. When you imagine turtles on the beaches of Hawaii, it's probably the latter that you think of.

This very particular Polynesian turtle is distinguished from its congeners by a relatively flat body, a teardrop-shaped carapace and large fins similar to paddles.

Unlike other members of the sea turtle family, the one that inspired the honu symbol is herbivorous. It is therefore not surprising that it prefers the shores and beaches where algae is most abundant.

Honu, a legendary turtle guiding men in the middle of the ocean

The story of Honu

Some Polynesian legends tell us how these real lucky turtles would have guided the first inhabitants of the region to the islands.

The Polynesians have long been great navigators, setting out to sea without even knowing if they would one day find dry land.

We therefore easily understand how, by indicating the end of the journey, the symbol of the turtle could occupy such a place in their society.

It doesn't matter whether the legend is true or not: the fact is that the Polynesian sea turtle has long been considered an "amakua" spirit (a kind of guardian). Wearing a honu pendant such as this was therefore a common thing for sailors of island peoples.

Additionally, as the only reptile native to Hawaii that did not experience extinction, the Polynesian tortoise was also revered as a sacred symbol of longevity and endurance.

We can truly say that the famous fable of the hare and the tortoise applies to honu!

Small Polynesian turtle crawling on the beach

Help the Polynesian turtle?

No doubt, the symbol of the turtle has been recognized, even by the highest authorities!

Even if the recorded populations have experienced a positive increase in recent years, the situation of the turtle remains precarious due to. Both poaching and pollution of marine waters are making life difficult for them.

Many young ones die each year, suffocated in plastic bags, while older turtles regularly get caught in fishermen's nets.

Large green turtle presented in underwater vision

Discover the Hawaiian honu

For those hoping to get up close and personal with a lucky island turtle, there are a few things worth remembering.

Hawaiian law requires you to keep a safe distance of around twenty meters from animals.

This may seem surprising, but a real correlation has been noted between this practice and the increase in Polynesian tortoise populations.

While keeping these regulations in mind, be aware that there are still several beaches where green sea turtles can frequently be observed. We could cite the North Beach of Kihei on Maui and another on the North Shore of Oahu.

Several honu on a Hawaiian beach in front of a sunset

Some Tips for a Good Turtle Watching in Hawaii

Prefer protected reefs : Polynesian turtles are known to like to shelter in this type of place where they can feed in complete safety. In fact, this offers them natural protection… especially from humans.

Look for algae : honu tends to frequent areas where it can feed most easily. Rocky areas are therefore often preferred.

Some agencies offer boat tours during which several curiosities can be discovered.

Among these, the lucky turtle often takes pride of place. So this can also be a good way to meet them!

In short, when your situation seems to be at an impasse, it will be good to remember the meaning of the turtle.

Through their wisdom, ingenuity and tenacity, these animals manage to survive for hundreds of years. The turtle will always find a way to survive, always...

If you liked this article, you will undoubtedly appreciate our collection dedicated to Polynesian lucky charms. Many different lucky charms and symbols are presented to you there.

Aquatic turtle moving on a moss-covered barn.

An important animal for the whole world

Even if certain countries (like Polynesia or Hawaii) have made the turtle their national emblem, there are many other peoples for whom its symbolism is also important.

For example, we can cite:

  • Africans for whom the lucky turtle, then known as “ju ju” is linked to fertility, and to feminine power in essence (as opposed to the snake which represents man)
  • Undoubtedly by the way they fit into their shells, turtles were able to symbolize ideas of meditation and inner reflection among the Celts of Antiquity.
  • For certain tribes of Native Americans, the turtle was considered an expression of "Mother Earth", a kind of original entity that gives life to everything
  • In China, the symbol of the torte is rather associated with longevity and tenacity (probably due to the respectable age that these animals can reach)

Several peoples, but the same observation: there is something deep hidden behind the symbolism of the turtle.

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