The 8 Chinese lucky charms to take when traveling

New places, a different culture and strangers everywhere, taking a trip can sometimes be scary, especially if you go alone.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a boost of confidence and luck on your adventures?

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Chinese mythological creatures

Protect yourself from negative energies with a bagua mirror

Chinese coins: a lucky charm linked to travel abroad

The mystery of Chinese pearls

Be chic, and wear Chinese lucky bracelets

Lucky numbers… but colors too!

Your lucky Chinese animal

Mythological Chinese dragon skeleton

Chinese mythological creatures

We certainly don't mean that you should bring live animals with you on your travels.

Regardless, you can still bring immortal versions of it.

We are talking about lucky charms here: smaller and lighter, they will allow you to carry with you the energies of the mythological animals they represent.

For example, you can choose between feng shui dragons or chi lins.

Dragons are best for male travelers as they are a Chinese good luck charm associated with the yang side of energy. (Yang is in fact often associated with the male gender)

This is even better if the dragon carries a pearl or crystal in its claw, as this symbolizes power, wealth and an abundance of opportunity.

This Chinese lucky animal is therefore a good solution for anyone who wants to go on an adventure. The chi lin, on the other hand, is a very strange animal. A mixture of a dragon's head and a horse's body, all covered with carp scales, it is in some way considered the Chinese version of the unicorn.

Feng shui experts believe that lucky charms representing the chi lin bring good health and prosperity to those who possess them... which is quite welcome for travelers !

Three Chinese lucky charms: a statue of a fu dog, two wu lu gourds and the jin chan

Enjoy the power of China

Thanks to these age-old magical tools


Protect yourself from negative energies with a bagua mirror

A bagua is a mirror enclosed in an octagonal wooden frame.

It is used in energy medicines to identify negative energy nodes and heal them to recreate harmony in the body.

Since you can find them in different sizes, why not buy one and take it with you wherever you go?

IF this seems like a good idea to you, however, be aware that you will have to analyze the different versions of this Chinese lucky charm to find the one that suits you.

There are three major groups of bagua mirrors.

The flat bagua is used to deflect negative chi, the convex bagua will multiply and reflect your own chi towards the outside world, while the concave version of this lucky charm will harvest the positive energies that surround you for you to benefit from.

From a travel perspective, this lucky charm will undoubtedly be the most interesting.

If you have a planned trip abroad, don't worry, we have found an authentic bagua mirror for you.

Close-up of an ancient Chinese lucky coin

Chinese coins: a lucky charm linked to travel abroad

As the title says, this Chinese lucky charm is ideal for traveling abroad.

It is light, small and easy to carry without attracting too much attention. As you already imagine, you can easily put some in your pocket.

We believe that if Chinese coins, like those in the photo, are appreciated, it is above all for the protection of the traveler.

As it represents money (in a fairly obvious way), this lucky charm will protect you from want.

Also note that the most famous are the lucky coins from the Qing dynasty.

When we think about it, this is essential when visiting a foreign country, which is what makes it one of the favorite lucky charms for globetrotters.

White pearls around a two-tone rose

The mystery of Chinese pearls

When you think of Chinese beads, you'll probably have an image in mind of a monk with huge beads wrapped around his arms.

We're not actually talking about that.

What we are going to present to you are actually the “Dzi” and “Rudraksha” lucky beads.

In Chinese, Dzi can be translated as “pearls of heaven”.

The latter are generally elongated and have inscriptions representing an eye (this reminds us of other lucky charms, such as the famous Nazar Boncuk from Turkey).

It is also this eye which is supposed to give its powers to this Chinese lucky charm.

On the other hand, Rudraksha beads come from Hinduism.

Rudraksha is a mystical sacred tree, some believers pray over its seeds for protection and good fortune. You will have understood, it is these seeds that the Radrashka pearls try to imitate.

Two hands holding each other and each wearing a lucky bracelet

Be chic, and wear Chinese lucky bracelets

Do you never have any luck when you travel either?

This can range from lost luggage, to unsanitary accommodation, or even to the funny situation where we find ourselves completely lost in the middle of a foreign country.

If this is your case, Chinese culture has found solutions for you.

Among the many lucky charms that this country knows, we will now tell you about the San He and Liu He bracelets.

The San He is a Chinese bracelet that features the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. There are therefore twelve pearls, themselves grouped into 4 four groups of three.

These groups have been thought out for millennia so that the energies of each trio of animals harmonize in the best possible way.

The Liu He bracelet is somewhat based on the same principle. The main difference is that lucky signs here are combined in pairs.

It is in fact the principle of yin-yang duality which allows them to be coupled in the most harmonious way possible.

If we are talking to you here about these Chinese lucky bracelets, it is quite simply because they are very popular with travelers of all kinds.

Although their powers are in no way associated with any adventure, we believe that their popularity in this environment is no coincidence...

Lots of dice of all colors showing figures and numbers

Lucky numbers… but colors too!

Numbers have different meanings depending on culture and usage.

Maybe you didn't know it, but feng shui associates a number with each individual.

Well every year your lucky number can change without your knowledge.

It would therefore probably be better to check it before embarking on a trip.

You can have a shirt printed with your lucky number, make a key ring or even sew it on a bag... It all depends on you and your creativity !

And why not add your favorite color to this creation? Just like numbers, there are certain colors that will pair well with your birth element. Wood, earth, fire, water and metal : there are five of them.

You can easily find yours by your year of birth, and then use it to determine which colors will be good for you, and which ones should be avoided.

Once you have discovered this, you can try to surround yourself as much as possible with this lucky color... In any case, this is advice that we are giving you.

Be sure not to overdo it though, as you don't want to come across as an eccentric foreigner when traveling.

Lucky Chinese panda next to a woman and in front of a beautiful sunset landscape

Your lucky Chinese animal

Again, depending on your year of birth and your element, you have a sign assigned to you from among the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac.

After some research on the Internet or in old books, you will have determined your associated Chinese animal.

So all you have to do is get some lucky charms representing it.

Now that you know the best lucky charms to bring on a trip this year. should also take a look at the best time to travel!

Indeed, certain regions of the world are much more pleasant to visit during certain very specific periods.

So, prepare your suitcase... and don't forget to take your brand new Chinese lucky charm with you!

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