The Blood Moon: a unique moon full of meaning

You've probably already seen a red moon in the movies. You've probably heard someone say "blood moon" and wondered what it could be.

Know that you are not the only person who doesn't understand why the moon turns blood red on certain days of the year. In fact, very few people really know why this happens. Few people know the why and even fewer people know the spiritual significance of the blood moon.

So, we have written this article for you which explains everything from A to Z (and more) about this rare lunar phenomenon.

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The Blood Moon weighs from a scientific perspective

The blood moon: a positive thing spiritually speaking

Bible, Christian faith and blood moon

The influences of the blood moon (and how to limit the negative ones)

General meaning of the moon

The moon, pagan deities and religions

The moon in tarot and astrology

Other Types of Spiritual Moons

A crystal ball, elements of magic and palmistry as well as a witches' owl pendant

Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft



First of all, you need to keep in mind that the terms "red moon", "blood moon", “Red moon” and “copper moon” are all used to represent the same thing: a lunar eclipse.

Basically, the term blood moon is just a designation that has no real meaning in astrology. Moreover, this term takes into account the reddish color of the moon at the time of the eclipse rather than a direct link with blood.

You'd be amazed how many people still think the blood moon is really about blood. Maybe you're laughing right now, but according to statistics, about 45% of people in the world believe that the blood moon is a prediction of dark omens to come...

And then, what if these individuals were right? What if the blood moon had a real spiritual meaning to understand?

Giant telescope pointing towards a blood moon in the sky.

The Blood Moon weighs from a scientific perspective

If you look at the scientific side of things, know that the rare phenomenon of the blood moon is linked to the movement of stars and planets. This is because the moon rotates around the earth's orbit and its position influences how it is lit. This is what gives us crescent and full moons.

The way the moon orbits the earth means that from time to time, a perfect alignment between the sun, earth and moon occurs. When this stellar phenomenon occurs, the earth's natural satellite is plunged into darkness. Moreover, there is a scientific name to designate this phenomenon, it is called “ shadow cone ”. So it would be the shadow of the earth which, through its penumbra, creates this astronomical phenomenon?

Now you may be thinking... If the moon is in complete darkness, why do we see it?

And besides, why is it red?

The simple answer: it is the Earth itself that redirects the bright solar rays to illuminate it. Also, know that our planet has a particular atmosphere which filters the rays and only allows rays with red tints to pass through.

Clearly, as the Wikipedia page explaining the phenomenon confirms, it is the influence of the Earth which ensures that the moon is visible and, above all, that it is visible in red!

Big red moon in the dark night sky.

The blood moon: a positive thing spiritually speaking

Although many religious people believe that the blood moon is a harbinger of bad things (it's hard to see Revelation as positive), some people believe that a red moon can bring positive things. In particular, it would be a question of an increase in creativity and greater capacities for imagination.

Indeed, many people say that the blood moon is a positive phenomenon for them, that they feel better when it shines in this red hue and that certain energies are easier to capture. This is particularly the point of view of modern-day witches who like to associate their magical jewelry with the image of the moon.

This is clearly seen through this triple moon ring, or this necklace presenting the same esoteric symbol.

In short, there are even some who prefer to meditate or pray when the moon is red. For them, the blood moon symbolizes rebirth, success and protection. Sometimes also, they think that it would allow the opening of passages to one of the other spheres of consciousness or even to other dimensions... Just that!

The Jerusalem cross, a statue of Christ and a Templar amulet

Live a righteous life

thanks to the messages of these Christian symbols


Bible, Christian faith and blood moon

When it comes to the “blood moon,” theories and legends flourish.

This is easily understood. We are here faced with a phenomenon that is still difficult to understand without our modern astronomical knowledge. At the time when most of the legends were born, advances in astronomy or physics were not yet very advanced (if at all).

It is therefore natural that legends took shape. With a color close to blood, it didn't take long for stories of vampires and werewolves to flourish all over the world.

One in particular, however, caught our attention: the Christian legend of the blood moon… or rather, the prophecy of the blood moon

If you are not a devout believer who has read the Bible, know that in the book of Joel 2:31, it is said that the “blood moon” is the heralding sign of the coming of God; that is to say of the end of times.

Some Christians therefore believe that a red moon in the sky simply means that judgment day is coming; Basically, it's the apocalypse. According to these people, a blood moon and even several blood moons in the year is an infallible sign that the heavens will open and that God will descend to judge the living and the dead.

Drawing of a full moon with a werewolf in front.

The influences of the blood moon (and how to limit the negative ones)

For those of you who don't know yet, the blood moon and even the moon itself have direct influences on living things (humans, animals and even plants).

Regarding the red moon, it has the ability to increase extra-sensory perceptions and would allow the improvement of innate psychic gifts. Furthermore, the rays of the blood moon are the basis of many magical and energetic rituals practiced for healing purposes.

From one time of the year to another, the moon's rays do not have the same effects on us. In particular, the distance which separates us from it (which therefore varies from one day to another of the month) must be taken into account. The closer you are to the moon, the more powerful its effects on you will be.

It is precisely for this reason that many hermits go to live in the mountains: they thus get closer to the moon and its many spiritual virtues.

Although most are positive, the moon can sometimes have some negative effects. We've all heard of werewolf stories, and while most of them are clearly fanciful, not all of them are to be dismissed outright...

It seems that the blood moon can make certain people moody, aggressive, or even the source of bouts of madness!

If you feel sensitive to the red moon in a negative way, here are some tips we can give you:

  • Try to always do daily spiritual activities. To do this, try yoga, prayer or even meditation. You will be strengthened and will reduce your sensitivity to lunar phenomena.
  • During a red moon, try not to make too big decisions. Indeed, the influence of the moon will mean that the decision you are going to make will harm you more than it will help you.
  • Try not to eat 12 hours before a blood moon (or other lunar eclipse).

Moon shining in the early morning in space.

General meaning of the moon

Almost 70% of French people know that the moon represents fertility, femininity and grace. More than esoteric knowledge, this anchored idea undoubtedly arises from instincts deeply inscribed in us. Indeed, the moon is the sister of mother earth, the sister and in a way a little bit of the mother too.

Take a look at this article from the blog of (general public site if ever there was one): it also presents the moon as a resolutely feminine symbol.

Other things the moon represents include night, mystery, and of course, magic. In some beliefs, the moon is associated with the world of black magic, darkness and demons. It is not uncommon to see, in witchcraft books, rituals that are only practiced during full moons or blood moons.

In addition to this, for psychoanalysts , the moon is associated with the human soul. According to them, the soul is like the moon, it has a dark side and a light side. When the dark side dominates the moon (quarter moon or total eclipse), this leaves the field open to passions and animal instinct. If it is the bright side that dominates the moon (full moon), it is the turn of logic and reflection.

For some psychologists, the moon represents the feminine side and its many mysteries. This mysterious side is also sought after today by young ladies and can scare many men since they are not capable of understanding and penetrating it. In summary, the moon symbolizes doubt and the unknown in psychoanalysis, but also a certain threat to virility specific to feminine power.

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The moon, pagan deities and religions

It is not uncommon to see people make connections between the moon and pagan deities given that many of them were connected to our star. So, here are some examples of deities linked to the moon :

  • Ishtar: Mesopotamian goddess of fertility
  • Isis: Egyptian goddess who symbolizes renewal and evolution
  • The Lunar Triad: In Greek mythology a group of three powerful goddesses is associated with the moon. Selene, who is represented by the full moon, embodies maturity and the eye of the night. Artemis (Diane), who is represented by a rising crescent moon, embodies nature, hunting and birth. Hecate, who is represented by a black moon, embodies shadow and death.
  • Medusa: Still in Greek mythology, Medusa is often represented by the drawing of a moon. Her serpentine hair recalls the harmful effects of the moon while her attractive face leads to destruction.

If you are Christian, know that Saint Mary (the mother of Jesus) is often associated with the moon, because she is the mother of the universe. She resumes her infinite grace on the world.

In Muslim religion and philosophy, the moon is also very important, mainly because it allows time to be measured. It is in fact thanks to the path of the moon in the sky that the dates of most Muslim festivals, such as Ramadan, are fixed.

For witchcraft, Wicca and many other Gnostic schools, the different phases of the moon will rather be an opportunity to practice certain rituals, as we can discover here with this article dealing with full and new moon rituals.

Tarot cards from a draw during a divinatory clairvoyance session.

The moon in tarot and astrology

In astrology, the moon symbolizes what is fertile, but also what is passive. The moon also represents the subconscious and femininity. It is close to the Earth, and therefore linked to creation. Furthermore, a black moon in astrology represents a lack of which we must become aware in order to become stronger and not fall back into our past faults.

This is also one of the main reasons why the moon is so appreciated by mages, esotericists and sorcerers. If you are also interested in the mysteries of our world, take a look at our collection of jewelry and ritual objects associated with witchcraft, you will find something to arouse your curiosity.

In short, in the Marseille tarot, the moon is the eighteenth card. Also called “the blade”, it symbolizes sadness and disappointments. This card (the moon card therefore) indicates more precisely that you must do work on yourself.

Like the sun, the moon necessarily also symbolizes time. It appears and disappears throughout the months and this is why, in ancient times, we spoke of the time by saying: “It was many moons ago. ".

In summary, the moon represents fertility, rebirth, but also death, the conscious and of course, femininity and time... which means that in certain traditions and thoughts, the moon expressed a duality. Death and rebirth, positive and negative, time and magic: many complementary poles are expressed through the lunar star.

Dial of an esoteric cabinet which shows several types of moons, at several times of the month.

Other Types of Spiritual Moons

It's important to know that it's not just the blood moon, there are several other types of moons (or lunar eclipses) that all have special spiritual significance.

The super moon

The supermoon is surely the most common phenomenon, and it is rare to see someone say they have never seen one.

First of all, know that its name comes from the fact that the moon sometimes comes close to the earth so that it becomes abnormally large. This oh-so-amazing phenomenon is not the topic of the day but if you want to learn more, this little information from another site should explain what you need to know.

According to legends, the first super moon marked the birth of the first werewolf. Furthermore, the super moon is a favorable time for followers of esotericism to perform rituals, make invocations, prayers and special requests to the universe, because the influence of this type of moon is simply phenomenal on the magical energies of our world.

If you are the type of person who likes romance, you should also know that the super moon is the right time for a romantic evening. Thanks to its influence, romantic feelings could be increased tenfold.

The blue moon

Very few people really know what a blue moon is or have even seen one. The reason for this is that this type of eclipse only occurs once a year (approximately, the frequency can of course vary). To see a blue moon actually requires a very special Earth atmosphere, which will change the wavelength of the Sun's light in a complex way.

Keep this in mind: there are exactly 29 days between two full moons. Every 3 years, there are therefore 13 full moons; and since the number 13 is the number most linked to witchcraft and superstitions, the thirteenth full moon is the blue moon.

Being the 13th full moon, it is the basis of many occult or magical rituals.

The Ash Moon

Much less rare than the blue moon, the “ash moon” or “ash moon” is seen in the days following or preceding a new moon. It is therefore an observable phenomenon much more frequent than that of the blood moon. In other words, the next “ash moon” eclipse is this month!

You have probably already seen an ash moon. This is the state in which the moon only presents a small, slightly fuzzy and luminous crescent. This does not mean that the rest of the moon is not illuminated, only it is not accessible to us.

Through this connection with hidden things, an ash moon is the ideal time for study and work aimed at acquiring new knowledge, new knowledge previously hidden.

To learn more about this ash moon phenomenon, here is a rather interesting post from which tells you about it quite well.

The black moon

To speak of a dark moon is not to speak of a moon which would be black in the literal sense, or even simply dark. No, we are rather talking here about the fact that in some cases the moon is not visible. A bit like a total solar eclipse, the lunar disk is here made hidden, invisible.

Take the month of February for example. During this month, it is sometimes impossible to see the moon because, remember, there are exactly 29 days between two full moons.

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