The Blue Bird: meaning of a symbol of Joy

It's hard not to marvel at their beautiful azure plumage: bluebirds stand out in almost any environment, whether it's a jungle, countryside or forest.

Jay, blackbird, teal or swallow: there are many species, but they all have spiritual messages and meanings in common.

Besides, now is the time to discover them together!

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The blue bird: symbol of joy

The blue bird: symbol of intelligence

The blue bird: symbol of hope

The blue bird: symbol of spiritual messengers

Its place throughout the world

Dreaming of a blue bird (meaning, decryption)

A blue tit on a branch, under a magnificent sun.

The blue bird: symbol of joy

The symbolism most commonly associated with the blue bird is that of the “bird of happiness ”.

For a site specializing in lucky charms, this meaning is particularly important!

Bluebirds are often considered powerful bringers of luck and symbols of good humor.

Interestingly, this symbolism appears to be true on an almost global scale, with bluebirds representing happiness, joy and well-being in cultures around the world.

A little blue swallow in a forest.

The blue bird: symbol of intelligence

The blue bird is a symbol of knowledge and the deep wisdom of spirits.

More specifically, when a bluebird appears to you and begins to sing with its melodious voice, a clear message is sent to you: stay alert and awake, you will soon have to use your brains.

The symbol of the blue bird is thus an invitation to stay connected and open to messages from the world, all of which aims to nourish our intelligence and, ultimately, improve our existence.

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The blue bird: symbol of hope

Even when they find themselves in harsh environments with little food, bluebirds always seem to keep their cheerful demeanor, singing and hopping and making the most of what they have.

It is the sign of a liveliness of mind which makes them adaptable and resistant.

For this image, the symbol of the blue bird reminds us to never lose courage or faith and to keep a positive attitude and outlook on life.

Bad times never last forever and, as the old saying goes, sunshine always follows the rain.

A little blue bird flying in nature.

The blue bird: symbol of spiritual messengers

Bird symbolism is unique to each of us. Yet, on rare occasions, their presence sends us a clear message.

This is the case with the blue bird.

Seeing such a being flying in the sky could well be a divine message, a message from a higher sphere.

For Christians, it will be the guardian angels who will speak there. For Buddhists, these will be elementary energetic principles. Either way, our spiritual guardians can express themselves through bluebirds.

In short, stay alert if you see one, and try to understand the message being sent to you.

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Its place throughout the world

The symbol of the blue bird has some global meanings that we have just discovered together.

However, there are other messages which are specific to certain cultures.

The Blue Bird in Christianity

In Christianity, bluebirds are considered messengers from the spiritual world and angels in disguise.

A good example is found in medieval paintings: there, angels were usually depicted as humans with bird-like wings.

Other examples can also be found through certain Christian lucky jewelry.

The blue bird in Russia

Fairy tales in Russia often show us the blue bird as an omen of hope, especially for those going through a period of doubt in their personal and spiritual lives.

The blue bird in China

In China, the symbolism of the blue bird is associated with the goddess-queen "Xi Wangmu", one of the oldest and most powerful deities in all of Asia.

According to their legends, the goddess protected single women such as priestesses and nuns. It was not uncommon for her to use birds with bluish plumage to do this.

The blue bird among Native Americans

Iroquois and Navajo tribes saw the presence of bluebirds as a sign of fertility, luck, and fortune. Experts believe this interpretation stems from the fact that bluebirds are very common in spring.

The Pima people associated the blue bird with transformation and humility. Shamans having it as a totem animal were therefore particularly powerful healers.

The Ojibwe people, for their part, associated bluebirds with rainbows, the quintessential symbols of the esoteric beauty of nature.

To learn more about Native American culture through its symbols, take a look at this collection of lucky charms dedicated to the primary peoples of the Americas.

A blue parrot, in front of a dark landscape

Dreaming of a blue bird (meaning, decryption)

Seeing a blue bird in a dream is not something trivial.

These beings serve as a warning, prompting you to be more attentive to certain unresolved issues.

Often, the message is even more precise: solve your problem and great happiness awaits you, ignore it and bad luck will knock at your door.

Generally however, the blue bird symbol will express ideas of joy, happiness and prosperity.

Its presence in your dream will in any case be a sign of an imminent change which will bring you fulfillment if you act accordingly.

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