The Byzantine Cross: rich and luxurious, but primitive

Rich, flamboyant, luxurious: this is how to describe the Byzantine style. This type of religious art has allowed the creation of absolutely fabulous objects that collectors are snapping up.

In the midst of exceptional wealth , the Byzantine cross as an object of art, of worship but also as a symbol of power occupies a unique place due to its history.

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From paganism to Eastern Christianity

Appearance of the Byzantine cross

Christian Church of the East, according to the style of the early Christians.

From paganism to Eastern Christianity

The great story of the Byzantine cross begins deep in the Roman catacombs. At first, the different models of crosses were clumsy, even downright crude. Indeed, the first Christians were real illegal immigrants who had to hide to avoid persecution. It goes without saying that this does not promote the development of the arts!

However, this did not prevent the development of a strong mystical tradition which, even today, marks the Byzantine cross. In the end, the message carried by Christianity, and therefore by the cross, has not been modified that much since the time of the first Christians.

In the Roman catacombs therefore, some artistic experiments which would later constitute the bases of the Byzantine cross took place. To really develop, Christian art needed a strong impulse, but also official recognition and protection from the states.

It was at this moment that one man changed the course of history: Emperor Constantine had the wonderful idea of ​​making the city of Byzantium the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. At the same time, he showed a benevolent attitude towards the Christian faith.

The Byzantine Empire was the first of the great empires to officially convert to Christianity. Obviously, he had time to develop an art linked to their faith in which they were able to put all that was most superb and grandiose in their ancient civilization. These earrings are a good example.

If the history of Christianity (in the East and in the West) interests you, take a look at our Christian symbols and jewelry : you will find something to arouse your curiosity.

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Appearance of the Byzantine cross

It was therefore during the reign of Constantine that what we today call the Byzantine cross appeared: a highly stylized artistic representation of the cross of Christ, made of gold and silver and decorated with the rarest precious stones..

Christian artists thus had the opportunity, like no others before them, to create ex nihilo a complete iconography and symbolism. From religious icons, to sculptures and medals, including of course the Byzantine cross, this incomparable opportunity was seized, sometimes clumsily but sometimes with great talent, by men who were keen to spread the message of Jesus and the Gospel.

Truly, the Christian faith was an exceptional source of inspiration and motivation for artists around the world. Here are some fabulous examples that will only amaze your eyes.

In short, if there is one area of ​​Christian religious art that gives pride of place to luxury, it is the Byzantine style. By seeking to decorate the cross with all that is most brilliant and most precious, the Orthodox of the time tried to pay homage to Christ in the most beautiful way.

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