The Dangers of Lithotherapy (spiritual, physical, etc.)

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice of using stones and crystals to heal physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. This therapy can be beneficial for some, but it also carries many dangers that should not be taken lightly.

In this article I will explain the risks associated with lithotherapy so that you can decide whether or not this type of treatment is suitable for your personal case.

Contents :

1. Danger #1: rest ONLY on your stones

2. Danger #2: running into gurus and liars

3. Danger #3: unbalancing your chakras

4. Danger #4: damaging your auric being

5. Danger #5: moving away from God

6. Danger #6: using the wrong stones


Danger #1: rest ONLY on your stones

Lithotherapy is a practice that can offer considerable benefits, but we must also be aware of the dangers it involves.

The first and most important danger to consider is not relying solely on the stones to achieve relief or significant improvement in one's personal situation.

Stones have their own energy and they can be very helpful when part of a larger plan that includes relaxation, exercise, healthy eating and regular spiritual practice.

If this comprehensive approach is not adopted alongside the use of stones, it will be difficult to achieve a satisfactory result.

It is therefore essential to keep in mind that lithotherapy should complete your overall plan rather than being used as a sole solution to personal problems.

A healthy lifestyle associated with lithotherapy will increase its beneficial effects on your physical and mental health as well as your overall quality of life.


Danger #2: running into gurus and liars

Lithotherapy can be a beneficial practice if used correctly. However, there are dangers to consider. Among these is the risk of coming across gurus and liars who seek to take advantage of your naivety for personal or financial advantage.

These people often pretend to be experts in lithotherapy but have no real training or experience in this field and are only looking to take advantage of the system. To avoid this, you should always purchase the stones from a reliable seller whose knowledge comes from their own research rather than from a suspicious or uninformed mentor!

It is important that when choosing lithotherapy as a complementary therapy, you take care to find a reliable source to ensure that the products and services provided are authentic and reliable. So always make sure that the seller has a good reputation and solid expertise before any investment!


Danger #3: unbalancing your chakras

The benefits of lithotherapy for the mind and body are indisputable, but it also carries risks.

The third danger is that of unbalancing one's chakras using stones for therapeutic purposes without seeking advice from a qualified professional.

Indeed, stones have a strong healing power which can have a negative impact on our vital energy if they are not used correctly.

It is therefore essential to work in collaboration with a specialist clairvoyant or someone trained in spiritual practices so that your treatment is adapted to your individual needs and does not disturb your chakras.

This will ensure that your lithotherapy is effective and beneficial for your physical and mental well-being.


Danger #4: damaging your auric being

Lithotherapy can be a beneficial practice, but it also carries risks. The fourth danger is damage to your aura or subtle energy.

If the stones are not properly cleaned and charged before each use, they can damage your aura. Once damaged, it becomes more vulnerable to harmful external influences which can cause various physical and mental problems.

To ensure optimal protection of one's personal auric field, it is therefore important to be careful when using stones to guide energy flows through the body and psyche in lithotherapy.

move away from God

Danger #5: moving away from God

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice that can be very beneficial. However, it is important to know the dangers before considering treatment with stones.

Danger #5: Moving away from God. Stones will never replace faith in a god or higher spirituality and their misuse could lead to a lack of interest in the divine.

It is therefore necessary to find harmony between the spiritual and material world so that your personal journey towards enlightenment can take place without danger or risk unnecessarily increased by lithotherapy.

Indeed, this type of treatment must be approached with caution. Thus, it carries risks if one does not take into account the fundamental principles that govern its correct and effective practice.


Danger #6: using the wrong stones

Lithotherapy is a practice that can be very beneficial if correctly applied. However, let's be careful because there are dangers associated with this therapy.

Danger #6: Using the wrong stones. Inappropriate varieties can cause harmful and undesirable effects on the physical or psychological body of the person who wears or is surrounded by them.

In order to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, here are three key tips:

  • Choose a type adapted to your problem,
  • Make sure you are familiar with all of its properties before use,
  • Always seek advice from a qualified lithotherapy professional to provide optimal and appropriate assistance!

In conclusion, lithotherapy offers many benefits if practiced with care and attention — especially when choosing the right varieties of stones to increase its effectiveness and safety!

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