The essentials of the Angel Tarot: communicate with your Guardian

While some clairvoyants use a crystal ball or runes, fortune tellers rely on cards. (Logic given their title!)

In the past, they were called “fortune tellers”, a term with a rather negative connotation. However, they are actually able to predict an individual's future by interpreting the illustrations and symbolisms of the cards they use.

Some fortune tellers use Oracle, while others rely on tarology. As such, there are different variations of tarot games, including the angel tarot.

If you do not know this support for the art of divination, here is some information that could enlighten you.

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What is the angel tarot?

Composition of the angel tarot

Drawing method

Reading the angel tarot

Little tips for a successful tarot reading

Angel tarot cards, with Christian designs and positive phrases.

What is the angel tarot?

We are talking here about this tarot with oh so recognized powers, and which we offer on our site.

As its name suggests, it is a tarot deck. More precisely, this card game constitutes a powerful tool which allows clairvoyance professionals to guess the future of an individual.

In short, the angel tarot is a very popular variant of cartomancy and which we will now discover through its history, its main principle, the objectives it pursues as well as its advantages.

His history

The Angel Tarot came to life thanks to author Doreen Virtue. Doctor in psychology and spirituality, she is also a specialist in angeology. Indeed, she conducted a careful study of angels and wrote several works about them. With worldwide fame, she learned to tune in and listen to messages sent by angels.

To learn more about her, here is a page presenting her biography as well as her main works. As interesting as it is, Doreen Virtue is not our topic of the day, so let's continue.

Also called Oracle of Angels, the angel tarot is a divinatory tool based on card drawing. This is a variation of the famous Tarot de Marseille. Furthermore, the basic rules are identical. The difference lies in the symbolism of the cards which obviously represents an angel.

According to Doreen Virtue, every individual, regardless of their beliefs and religion, has a guardian angel. It is possible to contact and connect with this celestial being and benefit from its beneficial energies. Through her various writings, she claimed that your guardian angel can actually answer you if you ask her for help.

There are various ways to receive responses. The angel tarot presents itself as an effective, fast and powerful tool. Doreen Virtue has even created a complete guide entitled “The Great Book of Angel Tarot”, a work that allows you to fully understand this method of divination.

The principle of the divination game

The Angel Tarot is a divinatory deck made up of 78 cards including 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The shape and size of the cards can vary from one publisher to another, as can the images and messages they convey. So the game is played in different ways.

Indeed, some tarot cards are composed of cards with angelic messages, while others come with an explanatory book. But in all cases, this divination tool always allows you to obtain divine answers. They obviously come from guardian angels.

You will have understood: the angel tarot has a resolutely Christian meaning. If for you too, clairvoyance and beliefs can bear fruit, you should look at our collection of objects of faith and Christian lucky charms.

The design of the cards is also unique, because they have a special mission. The blue color is often dominant. In addition to the sublime shape, it is also easy to hold.

All the cards that make up the angel tarot are of capital importance. They are all message carriers and you cannot ignore or neglect any of them. In other words, each card drawn provides you with crucial information.

The objective of the angel tarot

This tarot allows you to describe important events that concern different areas of life. Thanks to the light provided by each card, it is possible to clarify a particular situation and discover the opportunities that present themselves. This makes decision making easier. The angel tarot can therefore offer valuable help to people who find themselves facing a dilemma.

This divinatory tool can also contribute to the well-being of the consultant. Indeed, it delivers messages of love and positive information. It is an effective tool to combat anxiety as well as negative thoughts and emotions. This is a method of divination that can simply guide you towards happiness and a more serene future.

The advantages of the divination game

The particularity of the angel tarot is that it guarantees the consultant or the fortune teller reliable answers. It is the ideal support to precisely identify the past, present and future of the consultant. This divination game guarantees remarkable spiritual guidance. Plus, it allows you to connect with angels. They are benevolent beings who only want your good.

Another particularity of the angel tarot is that the cards used are emotional. They represent positive feelings. To top it all off, the angel tarot presents itself as a simple and practical divination support. It does not require you to perform complex rituals and it does not contain dark or occult images.

It is the light of the angels which enlightens and guides you. This is why you can only get positive answers. The Angel Tarot helps you to be optimistic and move forward with the conviction that everything will be fine.

Choice of tarot deck

As mentioned before, there are several variations of angel tarot. They are made by different authors. How to identify which one suits you best? The only solution is to listen to your intuition. A priori, you should immediately feel an affinity with the game that suits you, whether you buy it online or from an esoteric store.

Regardless of the card game chosen, you must establish a strong link with it. So, you have to touch and handle them. Then, you have to listen to your feelings. Normally you should feel something strong and some sort of serenity.

A map of astrology constellations, divinatory tarot cards and a clairvoyance compass

Composition of the angel tarot

The Angel Tarot created by author Doreen Virtue consists of 78 cards (although this may change depending on the deck variation chosen).

So look at the different divinatory card games present among the clairvoyance tools offered by our site : the number and type of cards can vary from one tradition to another.

In short, the angel tarot cards are divided into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

The 22 major arcana

These cards generally reveal important or decisive events in life. They can also indicate the life path to follow as well as all the steps to take before reaching the goal. In general, the major arcana are cards illustrated by angels and they symbolize their benefits.

The 56 minor arcana

These cards highlight ordinary events that occur in everyday life. They are numbered and those with the numbers 11 to 14 are illustrated by a knight, a queen or a king. When they appear in a spread, they often refer to a particular person or situation.

It is also important to emphasize that the minor arcana are divided into 4 sequences of elements. There is the water series, made up of cards that represent deep emotions. They often talk about love, friendships, family, desires, dreams or romance. They also highlight the intuitive or psychic capacity of the consultant.

Then there is the series which brings together cards related to dragons. They symbolize creativity, passion, inspirations and even dreams. During a drawing, these cards are often associated with career, personal development or even adventure.

There is also the earth series, bringing together cards associated with fairies. They refer to the material world, including money, home, work, society, education, health and even education.

Finally, there is the air series which brings together cards related to unicorns. They represent justice, communications and truth. They also describe the thoughts, fears, anxieties and any concerns that the consultant must face.

A guardian angel in watercolor.

Drawing method

The angel tarot reading must be done in a quiet place and in a very relaxed atmosphere. The consultant must also be very relaxed and in a good mood before starting the session. It is important to emphasize that it is possible to carry out the drawing yourself or to carry it out through a fortune teller. Find out the steps to follow.

Ask your question correctly

At the beginning of the session, you should take out the cards and hold them close to your heart. All that remains is to ask the angels to accompany you and answer you. This step is of capital importance, because it allows you to connect with the divine entities who will guide you.

You then need to think about the question to ask and if possible, it should be very specific. It can concern work, love life, finances or even a particular situation such as a change of life.

Shuffle the cards and draw

Now you can shuffle the Angel cards while focusing on the question at hand. You don't have to stop until you feel some connection with them. After shuffling the cards, it's time to draw. Two methods are available and the choice must be made according to your objective.

If the idea is to know the energy of the day, that is, to get advice on how to face the day, it is enough to draw a single card. On the other hand, to obtain the answer to a specific question, it is essential to draw three cards. They must be arranged in order of drawing with the faces visible.

The first card should be on the left side and it reveals the immediate past that relates to the question asked. The second, the middle one, contains the advice emanating from the angels. Finally, the last card, the one on the right, highlights the near future or the outcome of the situation if you have followed the guide carefully.

You must take the time to carefully study the message conveyed by each card in order to be able to properly interpret the angel tarot deck. Of course, you should also rely on your intuition.

Thank your guardian angel

To end the session, we must thank the angel for his kindness and his guide. This can be done with a simple gesture. First, open your heart and close your eyes. Then, say thank you sincerely to your guardian angel. All that remains is to think positively about your future and believe in the guide you have received.

A map of astrology constellations, divinatory tarot cards and a clairvoyance compass

Predict, announce, see

with these clairvoyance and divination tools

Reading the angel tarot

To be able to read angel cards, you must first benefit from the blessing of angels. This is the only way to understand their messages full of wisdom and kindness. The first step in your quest should therefore be to take an interest in who these protective and benevolent beings are.

To help you, here for example is a resource from the Catholic Church of France and another from the site You can of course do your own research, the internet is full of information about them.

It is also essential to concentrate, to think hard about the question asked and to feel the energies of the cards.

Finally, take the time to study each symbol to get more precise answers. It must be emphasized that messages from angels must be presented in the form of inspiring sentences. They are meant to be a source of comfort and healing. These are details that must be taken into account when interpreting maps. If you don't feel this kindness in the messages, you may be wrong.

It is important to mention that books allowing you to master this tarot deck are available in esoteric stores. It is better to read and study them to perfect your game. But if you do not have the gift of reading cards, it is best to contact a clairvoyant or a fortune teller.

Statue of a guardian angel who holds a candle in his hand.

Little tips for a successful tarot reading

During a divination session with the angel tarot, it is important to believe in your ability to choose the right cards. Above all, you must remember that the angels will guide you and that chance has no place in the drawing. Feeling pleasure when handling cards is also of capital importance. You should think that they are powerful and precious tools that allow you to receive messages from your angel.

Taking good care of your angel tarot deck is also important. There is no need to carry it with you every day. The best is to store them in a well ventilated and bright place. You can also surround them with crystals.

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