The Legend of the Red Thread of Fate: Japanese Folklore

Since time immemorial, humans have wondered about the meaning of their lives.

In the four corners of the world, the search for the answer to this ultimate question has given rise to an exceptional variety of philosophical teachings and fabulous legends.

That of the red thread of fate is one of them.

To put it simply, according to this myth, everyone's little finger is attached to an invisible rope that connects us to a particular person to whom our life is linked.

More than simply stating this fact, together we will seek to discover what really lies behind this idea of ​​the thread of destiny.

Contents :

Understanding this idea of ​​the thread of fate

The legend behind

Reflection on some lessons

Find the person you're related to!

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A thin red thread placed fishing nets.

Understanding this idea of ​​the red thread of fate

Close your eyes for a few moments.

Imagine that your body becomes transparent.

Try to visualize the complex networks of blood vessels, nerves and energy channels that connect all parts of your being together.

Now try to focus on one in particular, the one that directly connects your heart to your little finger.

In parallel with the ulnar artery, a particular vessel which precisely follows this heart-atrial path, there is in fact a particular canal which makes this very particular finger one of the parts of your body most closely linked to your heart.

According to Japanese tradition, this channel would not actually stop there, but would continue in the form of an invisible red string that would somehow flow from your finger, almost as if it were an extension of yourself outside your body.

Each of us would therefore have a thread which would come out of our body… thread which could apparently become entangled with that of another person, thus connecting our heart to theirs.

Legend has it that two people connected by their thread of destiny will inevitably meet and spend some time together. Their relationship, moreover, will profoundly disrupt their respective lives.

Regardless of their past histories or the distance between them, nothing and no one could go against that.

Indeed, one of the particularities of the red threads of destiny is that they cannot be broken.

In other words, they are indestructible.

This description of an invisible red thread speaks so much to some of our readers that many of them are interested in the meaning of this bracelet made of a simple red thread, a "physical" allegory of this link. spiritual and emotional" which would seem to unite us with others...


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The legend behind

Japanese culture and folklore are extraordinarily rich. In fact, the Land of the Rising Sun probably has a legend to tell about almost every one of its customs.

It is not for nothing that our collection dedicated to Japanese culture ( which you will find here ) is one of the richest on our site!

In short, the common thread of destiny is no exception to the rule. Here is the legend which explains this phenomenon.

A long time ago there lived in Japan a powerful emperor. Powerful yes, but very alone because, in fact, the man could not find a woman to marry.

After several years of setbacks and not seeing his situation improve, the man decided to contact a witch then renowned for her ability to find love in those who asked her.

More specifically, she possessed the ability to see the red threads of destiny that extended from the fingers of human beings.

After making her request, the witch leads the emperor to a particularly poor village in the region.

There was a dirty peasant woman marked by poverty who was holding a child in her arms.

The witch then told the emperor that his thread ended here, and that his bride stood before him.

Hearing this, the man, accustomed to the most beautiful courtesans in the country, believed that the magician was making fun of him and, mad with rage, shoved the poor peasant woman, which caused the child to fall.

Fortunately, the fall was not too serious, and the infant escaped with a simple scar on his forehead.

Following this desperate event, to say the least, the emperor abandoned the idea of ​​finding love, and returned to his tasks as sovereign.

A few years passed and rumors began to spread that the king would not give an heir, and that a new one would therefore have to be found to replace him.

Resigned to never finding a soul mate, and to silence evil tongues, the man then decided to marry the adopted daughter of one of his most powerful generals, a basely political maneuver aimed at ensuring his loyalty.

The marriage was fixed, and on the wedding day the bride arrived at the temple with a veil that completely covered her face.

When she lifted the veil, the emperor saw on her forehead a large scar, a trace of a fall from the past.

A traditional Japanese fisherman's boat on the sea, in front of a sunset.

Reflection on some lessons

The legend of the red thread of destiny offers us explanations for one of the greatest mysteries of life: the indestructible bond that sometimes exists between two people.

The idea that we have just discovered together is based on the postulate that a kind of vital energy exists. This energy, not content with breathing life into us, could also exceed the limits of our body.

This inevitably leads to reflections on the world, the universe and the possible existence of a greater greater whole to which we are all linked.

Everyone is free to explore these subjects as they wish.

Another interesting point to raise concerns the little finger. Indeed, according to legend, the red thread of destiny emerges from it.

It is interesting to note how, in our own culture, this part of the body is linked to feelings, destiny and fidelity: crossing your little finger with that of a person dear to you is a well-known way of sealing some promises.

Our little finger definitely hides something unique...

In any case, if destiny really exists, let's hope that it works as the Japanese legend of the thread of destiny describes it.

To push the subject further, here is a reflection on the subject of destiny, and another which is placed from a more Christian point of view.


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Find the person you're related to!

Some people tend to reject the hypothesis that there may be an invisible thread that connects us to others.

If you ask me, they are wrong… or, at least, there is at least some truth behind this idea.

In our life journey, we all meet individuals to whom we feel directly connected, in a strange, mysterious, almost mystical way.

When we also think about the bond that unites us to our dearest friends, our family or our loved ones in general, it seems obvious that more than just hooked atoms are hidden behind it.

Soul mate, twin flame or thread of destiny, call it whatever you want, but the fact remains that this concept refers to a reality.

In short, as with anything important in your life, it is possible to prepare yourself to find the person on the other end of the phone.

Here are some points to take into account:

  • Fear can sometimes disguise itself as love. It is therefore crucial to learn to differentiate between the two.
  • We must first love ourselves so that others will love us. This is one of life's greatest lessons.
  • Curiosity is an essential element of love, but one that we often forget to cultivate
  • If you don't smile and have fun every day, you won't be able to thrive in your quest.
  • Those who are generous, kind and caring towards others are often rewarded by the universe.
  • There are lots of things happening around us all the time…and they happen for a reason. You must therefore pay attention to the signs that destiny sends you


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