The Lucky Tattoo: Understanding its Meaning (TOP 47)

Finding a tattoo with real meaning has always been complicated… but also very important!

Indeed, we are talking here about a design that you will keep on your skin for life.

For millennia now, human beings have tattooed themselves to mark their belonging to a group, to remember certain important events in their lives or to honor the gods and spirits of the ancients.

Amidst all this, some motives have demonstrated greater powers than others. In fact, we are talking about real lucky tattoos here!

Through their messages and the symbols they carry, these patterns are engraved on our skin for reasons much deeper than a simple search for aesthetics….

In short, if you are the type to dread Friday the 13th, to avoid going under a ladder or to cross your fingers to ask for a helping hand from destiny, the concept of lucky charms should speak to you.

If you are also looking for a tattoo idea with a truly deep and personal meaning. .. then look no further, this article is for you!

To make it easier for you, we have arranged these lucky tattoos in alphabetical order.

Contents :

A: Eagle, wings, anchor, ankh, tree, rainbow, dream catcher

B: Bamboo, boat, compass

C: Koi carp, deer, horse, number 777, keys, ladybug, pig, rooster, skull, crescent moon

D: Dolphin, dice, dragon

E: Elephant, shooting stars

F: Arrows

G: Tassel

H: Axe, swallow

I: Infinite

M: Hand of Fatma

N: Celtic Knots

O: Om

P: Butterfly, pin-up, feathers

A: shark

S: Beetle, snake, military symbol, traditional Hawaiian symbol

T: Turtle, four-leaf clover

Y: Yin Yang

Tattoo of an eagle with its wings outstretched.

1) The eagle tattoo

From the Roman Empire to the United States of America, the eagle has served as an emblem for many countries... and we easily understand why!

Associated with qualities of honor, strength, courage and intelligence, this royal bird has dominated the skies since the dawn of time.

The meaning of the eagle tattoo will also carry a sense of pride and resistance in the face of life's trials. You just have to look at the lively and piercing gaze of this animal to understand why.

Pair of angelic wings that can be used to create tattoos.

2) The wing tattoo

Obviously, the wings are used to tattoo patterns related to the sky.

An obvious meaning that we can give to them is that of a desire for freedom, or even to simply escape from a daily life that is too heavy.

The meaning of the wing tattoo is also linked to the ideas of takeoff, new beginnings and metamorphosis. Indeed, adding wings to a human being means changing its nature into something else.

In short, if you are stuck on the ground and would like to fly to other, more clement places, wings can therefore be an interesting choice for a lucky tattoo.

Drawing of a sailor's anchor.

3) The anchor tattoo

At sea, a solid anchor is the guarantee of survival even in the face of the most intense waves.

All of this carries a deep symbolic meaning: the anchor represents unfailing stability, a landmark to which you can always cling.

Truly, the symbol of the anchor carries within it magnificent ideas.

This is also why anchor tattoos are often associated with the names of people important to us, often that of our mother or our children.

After all, we're talking about a tattoo with meaning to describe our most precious relationships.

The Egyptian ankh, an Egyptian lucky symbol, drawn in black ink.

4) The Egyptian ankh tattoo

Originating in ancient Egypt, the Ankh is a hieroglyphic symbol that the ancients used to represent life, healing and even resurrection.

Many scenes show us giving life to the pharaohs, communicating his energy to the gods or fertilizing the land of the Nile.

Few know it but this pattern is a very popular symbol for the creation of lucky tattoos.

The reason for this is simple: some people have demonstrated greater sensitivity to the energies of our world, and greater ease in working with them after having this design tattooed.

It is not for nothing that so many members of our community choose to wear this type of pendant representing the ankh.

More than just a lucky symbol, we are talking here about a real magical symbol...

Artistic tattoo of a tree so the foliage is made of stylized flowers.

5) The tree tattoo

Generally, trees are associated with stability, durability and resilience. We are in fact talking about living beings capable of living for several hundred years (several thousand for certain species) and of resisting the most terrible storms.

This kind of symbol can therefore easily create a tattoo that will make you more grounded and balanced.

Some legends even speak of eternal trees which possess knowledge from ancient times.

For some of us, this type of tattoo will therefore also have a meaning linked to lost wisdom and secrets.

Rainbow with a whole bunch of colors.

6) The rainbow tattoo

Seeing a rainbow is always a chance and a moment full of emotion.

We are indeed talking about something quite rare: these miracles of nature only happen when the Sun shines while it rains at the same time.

This notion of rarity is therefore reflected in the meaning of tattoos based on this motif.

Often a rainbow will also be a sign that a storm has occurred, yes, but also that it is now over.

If you're going through a tough time, getting a rainbow symbol tattoo could be a good way to show your willingness to see it end.

Native American dream catcher designed to be used as a tattoo.

7) The dream catcher tattoo

A dream catcher is a well-known device made of knotted threads which, once hung above a bed, allows those who sleep there to no longer have nightmares.

Basically, dream catchers “capture” negative energy that could disrupt our sleep.

The use and meaning of the dream catcher tattoo will be exactly the same: to protect you from negativity.

If you are often subjected to stress or those around you (at work for example) weigh on you, such a lucky tattoo could help you to cope better with all this.

Several bamboo plants painted green.

8) The bamboo tattoo

There are different ways to understand the meaning of bamboo plant tattoos.

For some, this is just a nod to Asia. In itself, this reason can justify the choice of a tattoo: if you feel a particular attachment to this continent, getting a bamboo tattoo can be a good way to strengthen this bond.

However, other more spiritual motivations can also motivate you.

If you look at the teachings of Feng Shui for example, bamboo will be presented to you as an exceptional lucky factor capable of channeling the chi (energy) of our environment.

Yes, bamboo can also be used to create high-quality lucky tattoos!

Drawing of a pirate ship that can be used as a tattoo.

9) The boat tattoo

The boat can be used by sailors to get tattoos with a particularly personal meaning, that much is clear.

However, the ideas hidden behind this type of drawing can speak to everyone!

Indeed, who has never dreamed of adventure, thrilling discoveries and the unknown?

The boat symbol used in the form of a lucky tattoo will have all of these in it, but also other things like determination to move forward and a certain stability in the face of dangers.

Tattoo of a compass with a compass rose on it.

10) The compass tattoo

Basically, a compass is a simple tool used to orient ourselves and depends on the magnetic poles present on Earth.

Over time, many more spiritual messages have been attributed to this device.

Already, a compass works with invisible but very real forces. Practitioners of magic of all kinds inevitably saw a wink in the eye.

Then we use it when we are lost or find ourselves in storms where it can be difficult to find our way. The message here is also quite clear.

Speaking of compasses… Have you heard of Yi Jin compasses? These fantastic divination tools (of which you can discover a beautiful copy here) will help you better understand the energies around you.

In short, the meaning of the compass in tattoo will be that of an immutable benchmark which will help us to orient ourselves and take the right direction in our life.

Pair of koi carp swimming together in a circle.

11) The cape koi tattoo

If you ever visit Japan, you won't be able to miss the koi carp. A true national emblem, this fish represents luck, perseverance and work that pays off.

These characteristics, which are quite astonishing for a simple fish, actually come from a popular legend.

It is said that every year, carp from all over the world swim up an ancient river hidden in the lands of China and that, if one of them succeeds in reaching its source, it will transform into a dragon.

This story, very present in the Asian imagination, has made the carp a tattoo with a very powerful meaning.

In any case, we now understand better why the famous Yakuza tattoos also often represent the symbol of the koi carp!

Geometric and contemporary tattoo of a deer head.

12) The deer tattoo

Most cultures that have encountered the deer have found something special in it, almost as if a part of this animal clashed with the rest of our world.

The first tribes of prehistory already saw it as a powerful symbol of power and fertility.

The Celts even made him one of their main gods, the famous Cernunnos.

Closer to home, some neopagan groups see the symbol of the deer as a great vector of magic.

One thing is certain: the meaning of a deer tattoo can be very broad and, as such, it will be up to you to choose the meaning you want to give it.

Drawing of the chains of slavery broken and held between two hands.

13) The chain tattoo

The symbol of chains constitutes a very special lucky tattoo.

In fact, this motif can carry a message of oppression as well as freedom.

If the chains are broken, it necessarily means liberation (for example following a painful period in your life which is now over).

If, on the other hand, they are still whole, the meaning of the tattoo will rather be that of enslavement, of a situation which is imposed on us and which we do not want.

Chains thus form one of the most common prisoner tattoos. Tradition even dictates that an additional link be tattooed for each year spent behind bars.

Shadow of a free and fiery horse.

14) The horse tattoo

The horse is one of the very first animals that man domesticated. Our history is therefore intrinsically linked to his.

Obviously, we had the time to really see what made this animal special... and to find a whole lot of reasons to have it tattooed on our skin!

Basically, the horse symbol in tattoo will carry ideas of grace and freedom.

Grace is easy to understand for anyone who has seen this graceful being galloping.

Freedom comes from the horse's fierce character: try to limit it to too small a space and it will literally become enraged.

In short, the horse is perfect for you if you are looking for a tattoo idea with a meaning full of enthusiasm, independence and beauty.

Playing card on which the number 7 appears several times.

15) The number 777 tattoo

According to numerology (a form of clairvoyance which focuses on numbers), 777 is an angelic number.

Concretely, this means that he would be protected by a guardian angel whose essence would be felt wherever the number 777 is found. To delve deeper into the subject, here is an article which talks about the spiritual meaning of 777.

In any case, we are talking here about a tattoo whose meaning will appeal to believers and religious people!

When we talk about the 777, we cannot ignore games of chance either.

The casinos are indeed full of them and those who believe in their lucky stars have a strange tendency to get closer to this number.

The reason for this is simple: we are talking here about a series of very specific numbers linked to luck.

Romantic tattoo made of a key that keeps secrets.

16) The keys tattoo

Keys also form a very popular lucky tattoo.

We use it to offer padlocks and closed doors. In this, they are associated with ideas of liberation and emancipation.

Conversely, keys can also be used to lock locks. Lovers sometimes decide to have this symbol tattooed to mark their union.

Some also choose to use the meaning of this tattoo to “lock away” (so to speak) certain painful memories from their past.

Let us also point out that, in Japanese culture, three keys attached to the same keychain constitute a very appreciated good luck charm.

Quite simple drawing of a ladybug in bright and intense red.

17) The ladybug tattoo

The little “good God beasts” are insects very popular in the world of tattooing. Seeing one land on us is always a sign of a beautiful sunny day… and sometimes much more.

It is in fact said of ladybugs that they are the messengers of God and the angels, the bearers of great messages of hope and better tomorrows.

For many, these insects are therefore literally sacred and crushing one can be the source of great misfortune and terrible bad luck.

Look for example at this ladybug necklace, isn’t it charming? Doesn’t it make you want to take an interest in what this little insect has to offer you?

In any case, choosing the ladybug symbol as a tattoo will be a good way to mark your belief in Providence, and the trust you place in it.

Lucky pig drawn in Indian ink.

18) The pig tattoo

Many people may balk at the idea of ​​choosing the pig symbol as a lucky tattoo… and that’s easily understandable!

For many of us, this animal is indeed linked to filth, dirt and, quite literally, junk.

However, you should know that the pig is considered in China as a very beneficial animal, whose presence will bring you prosperity and success.

So take an interest in the question, and perhaps you will change your mind about the idea of ​​getting a tattoo of a fun little pig!

Tattoo of a heart made of several symbols and arabesques of natural inspiration.

19) The heart-shaped tattoo

Without too much surprise, the figure of the heart has its place in our list of lucky tattoos.

If you ask tattoo artists, they will all answer the same thing: the heart is among the designs they ask for the most.

A very old tradition, heart-shaped tattoos began to be chosen by sailors in the 19th century who saw through them a connection to the earth and to their loved ones there.

The famous heart tattoo in which there is a woman's name or, more soberly, "Mom", is therefore not just a simple image from Epinal.

In short, over time, the meaning of this tattoo has charmed all of society with its beautiful message of attachment and tenderness.

Design depicting a bold rooster.

20) The rooster tattoo

The idea that the rooster symbol could serve as a lucky tattoo comes to us again from the sailors of yesteryear.

At the time, sea voyages could be long, and live animals were sometimes taken on board to serve as "undying" food. Due to their small size, hens and roosters were often chosen.

Now, when ships sank, the cages of these animals (which were made of light wood) floated better than other pieces of the ship.

Seeing this, men began to get tattoos of roosters as a symbol of survival at sea.

If you also experience an uncertain future full of dangers, here is an original tattoo idea!

Mexican tattoo representing a skull with a flower on the forehead.

21) The skull tattoo

A tattoo is something that you keep for life. Its meaning must therefore be as deep as possible.

In this sense, there are few themes as important as that of death.

Frightening and feared by all, it sometimes strikes without us expecting it, and takes our loved ones far from us.

A good way to put this terrible situation into perspective could in fact be to choose the symbol of the skull as a lucky tattoo, and thus make it something personal.

If you are a fan of skulls and for you this symbol evokes more life than death, you should take a look at our collection of jewelry and symbols based on the Mexican skull (the famous calavera), you will find what to do there your happiness.

For the record, you should know that getting a skull tattoo was something very common among adventurers, warriors, pirates, etc... In short, among those who, by their fashion, could only accept their death.

Crescent moon made of curves and arabesques intended to be tattooed.

22) The crescent moon tattoo

Esoteric traditions describe the moon as the greatest representative of feminine power (and therefore of creation, wisdom, love, etc.).

Many women therefore decide to get one tattooed, in one form or another.

When crescent, the meaning of the tattoo carries messages of change, motherhood and protection.

Indeed, if the moon is crescent, this means that it is about to grow and increase until it is full.

The symbol of the crescent moon is therefore ideal for use as a tattoo for young mothers.

Several types of dice designed to serve as tattoos.

24) The dice tattoo

Not too surprisingly, dice are linked to luck, chance and anything uncertain.

In fact, there are games that use it that are thousands of years old. It is therefore quite complicated to find a precise origin for them, but the fact is that men have been using their almost magical powers for a long time now.

The meaning of the dice tattoo will therefore undoubtedly appeal to gamers and all those who want to tempt fate.

If this interests you, here is a symbolic and numerological analysis of the playing die.

Tattoo representing three dolphins swimming together.

25) The dolphin tattoo

Many of us love dolphins. Considered a great friend to man, a guide on the high seas and a protector against sharks and other dangers present offshore, this animal has long been seen as a powerful good luck charm.

As with many others, it was sailors who first chose the dolphin symbol as a lucky tattoo.

For them, seeing a dolphin swimming near their boat was also a sign that land was close.

Nowadays, the meaning of this tattoo will be more that of protection against the vagaries of life and the assurance of always finding your way.

Impressive tattoo of an evil dragon head.

23) The dragon tattoo

There are several ways to approach dragon tattoos.

From a purely European point of view, these creatures are powerful, yes, but very often evil. This type of motif will therefore only suit those whose temperament is truly ardent, or even downright hot.

On the other side of the world, in Asia this time, the dragon will be considered more of a god and a powerful lucky animal.

Associated with ideas of luck, happiness and success in life, the meaning of this tattoo will be decidedly more positive.

If your choice is a dragon design, ask your tattoo artist to show you what he can do in an Asian style!

Tattoo of an African elephant striped in black and white.

26) The elephant tattoo

In many cultures, elephants are a great symbol of strength, intelligence, wisdom and longevity. Truly, there are few qualities that have not been attributed at one time or another to our pachyderm friend.

Choosing it as a lucky tattoo can therefore be a good idea... provided that it is done well!

With its trunk and large ears, it is very important that the correct proportions are maintained, in which case the end result could be quite “disappointing”.

Therefore, only choose if you have complete confidence in the abilities of your tattoo artist.

Shooting star drawn with a multicolored trail.

27) The shooting stars tattoo

Seeing a shooting star passing across the sky is always considered great luck and, more than anything, an opportunity to make a wish.

It is therefore no great surprise that this symbol is used to create effective and popular lucky tattoos.

Whether you choose the design of a night landscape in which stars parade or, on the contrary, something more modern and minimalist, there will be something for everyone.

If you want to be able to make a wish every morning (by seeing a shooting star tattooed on your skin), go no further!

Quite simple drawing of a horseshoe proposed by a tattoo artist among his tattoos.

28) The horseshoe tattoo

The horseshoe is undoubtedly one of the most common lucky charms, and there are good reasons for that.

According to legend, the devil himself would be frightened by this symbol. By extension, all demons and evil forces that might want to attack you therefore flee too.

In any case, the meaning of the horseshoe tattoo will be that of great protection against the dangers of our world. Some will call it a blessing.

If the meaning of this lucky symbol speaks to you, you will also like our collection dedicated to the horseshoe in all its forms. There is no doubt that the jewelry and accessories you will find there will go perfectly with your choice of tattoo.

Three arrows in a tribal and quite geometric style that can be tattooed.

29) The arrow tattoo

Arrows have been used in hunting and war since the dawn of time. They therefore constitute the oldest tattoos that man has marked on his skin.

Symbolically, an arrow always goes straight and will never deviate from its trajectory until it reaches its target.

Truly, this describes why the arrow is such an effective weapon.

Its meaning as a tattoo will therefore be that of great perseverance and unfailing strength of resolution.

If you find yourself at a time in your life where your willpower must not waver, here is an idea to meditate on.

Very precise drawings of a branch bearing three oak acorns.

30) The glans tattoo

“Getting an acorn tattoo”: this idea may make you smile, but the reasons behind it are very serious.

In Scandinavian folklore, acorns are used as great good luck charms capable of averting the wrath of Thor.

The oak being a sacred tree, and the acorn being its fruit, it was customary to place a handful on the windowsill on stormy evenings to prevent our house from being struck by lightning.

Today, this tradition has disappeared, but the acorn symbol is still used to create popular protective tattoos.

Two crossed axes behind a shield, a symbol of war and bravery.

31) The ax tattoo

Much like arrows, the ax symbol is closely linked to war.

From the terrible Vikings to the knights of the Middle Ages, including Indian warriors or samurai: all used it in one form or another.

Tattoos representing axes have therefore all naturally been associated with fighters and their qualities.

Strength, courage, determination... the meaning of the ax tattoo will suit you if you have battles to fight (of whatever type).

If the ax is also double-edged, the message sent will be clear: attacking you is something very risky, regardless of the angle chosen.

Tattoo of a couple of swallows flying together.

32) The swallow tattoo

Clearly, the world of tattoos is really linked to that of sailors.

With the symbol of the swallow once again, it was the men of the sea who gave it its first meaning as a tattoo.

In fact, birds in general are linked to the idea of ​​returning to dry land. After several months at sea, seeing one of these birds was indeed a sign that we were approaching the continent.

The swallow, in addition, is a migratory bird which, each year, finds its bed despite the kilometers traveled. The meaning of the associated tattoo will therefore also carry an idea of ​​returning home.

Look at this lucky brooch showing a swallow. Doesn’t it inspire you with ideas of grace and freedom?

Large vine folded to form the lucky symbol of infinity.

33) The infinity tattoo

Getting a tattoo of the infinity symbol has become something very common these days, almost banal… and that’s a shame!

Its meaning is indeed simply magnificent, and tattoo artists around the world agree that it is a shame that it has been distorted in this way.

Derived from the Latin word “infinitas” (which translates to “eternity”), the symbol of infinity expresses something without limits.

Lovers in particular appreciate the meaning of this lucky tattoo, which serves them to express all the intensity and depth of the feelings that unite them.

Drawing of a tattoo made of a hand of Fatma in which there is a very mysterious eye.

34) Fatma's hand tattoo

The hand of Fatma, also known as "Hamsa" is a very popular good luck charm in Jewish and Arab cultures.

While the former associate its five fingers with the five pillars of the Torah, the latter will see it more as an allusion to Fatma, one of the daughters of the Prophet Mohammed.

In any case, the symbol of Fatma's hand is used to create very unique lucky charm tattoos.

Often when we see one, we can't help but think of the most enigmatic mysteries and secrets of our world.

The meaning of this tattoo will therefore be particularly suitable for those whose personality is deep and elusive.

Celtic knot in the shape of a cross, a perfect tattoo choice for descendants of Celts and Gauls.

35) The Celtic knot tattoo

When we think of our ancestors the Gauls, we think of shaggy warriors who loved to eat and drink.

Even if it's a bit cliché, there is truth in this image.

Another feature of ancient people was their strange habit of depicting knots everywhere.

Known as the “Celtic knot”, these patterns covered temples, weapons, houses… and the skin of warriors!

We are indeed talking here about a motif intended to tattoo the most intrepid and courageous fighters.

Om symbol made of several circles.

36) The Om tattoo

Come to think of it, we have all seen the Om symbol somewhere. The reason for this is actually quite simple: it is the official emblem of Hinduism, a religion which has several hundred million followers.

Indian sacred texts describe Om as “the first sound of the Universe, the one which created matter by resonating in the void”. So we are talking here about a kind of original creative vibration.

Obviously, choosing it as a lucky tattoo will be full of meaning!

Even if you don't follow any particular Eastern philosophy, you will have a lot to gain from the message and meaning of Om.

It is not for nothing that this bracelet representing Om, very contemporary in its essence, is one of the most appreciated by our community!

Lucky tattoo of a butterfly made of arabesques.

37) The butterfly tattoo

There are some wonderful ideas behind the butterfly tattoo meaning.

Already, this flying animal represents freedom. Very light, it can literally float on air and, thus, move without any constraint.

Besides that, the butterfly is also a great symbol of beauty. Seeing its colors is always a joy and a moment of escape.

The third point (and arguably the most important) is its link with the concepts of transformation and metamorphosis. Before being so pretty with wings, the butterfly is in fact a hideous caterpillar crawling painfully on the ground.

In short, this symbol will be used to create tattoos containing the most beautiful feelings.

Design showing an attractive and sexy pin-up girl.

38) The pin-up tattoo

Physically, the pin-up symbolizes the feminine ideal of beauty and seduction taken to the extreme.

Vulgar for some and charming for others, it leaves no one indifferent.

When you choose to get one tattooed, it could therefore be seen as a provocation.

Very clearly, this idea should be left aside if you don't have the temperament to take it on!

If, on the other hand, you are ready to try the experience, this tattoo could be the touch of charm and seduction that will radically change your look.

Three feather tattoos drawn in different styles.

39) The feather tattoo

A whole bunch of cultures around the world consider feathers to be something very sacred.

The Greeks, for example, saw them as little messages from the spirit world, left here and there by the gods. This article, for example, tells us about their use by angels to communicate with us. For our part, we find this idea really beautiful.

To Native Americans, a feather was downright a powerful good luck charm containing a bit of the power of the bird it was once found on.

Receiving an eagle feather, for example, was seen as an immense honor then reserved for the bravest leaders and warriors.

In the end, whatever the meaning of the feather tattoo, its main asset will remain its certain aesthetics and the possibility of making designs ranging from modern to traditional.

Drawing of a black and white shark created by a professional tattoo artist.

40) The shark tattoo

Yes, one more: the shark tattoo also comes to us from the traditions of the navy of yesteryear!

Love it or hate it, the fact is that this predator of the seas is powerful, aggressive and reckless to say the least.

Many people think that getting an animal tattoo means taking away a little of what makes them strong.

If you share this opinion, then getting a shark tattoo will definitely make you more impressive in the eyes of others.

Esoteric tattoo representing a winged beetle holding a solar disk.

41) The beetle tattoo

Dating back to ancient Egypt, there were few symbols as sacred as that of the scarab.

Associated with the creative energy of the Sun, protection against evil and healing of all kinds, it was used as a good luck charm by kings and pharaohs.

Some legends even tell how, thanks to the right ritual, a beetle can be used to breathe life into the sick and the dead...

In any case, today, many of those who choose it as a lucky tattoo attribute almost magical qualities to it. This is also clearly seen in the very “esoteric” motifs that often surround it.

Drawing of a snake in a hyperrealistic style.

42) The snake tattoo

We could tell ourselves that the snake is a dangerous animal, and therefore deeply evil. The reality is different.

For many people, this animal has healing qualities and in-depth knowledge about our world.

The Greeks, for example, associated the snake with health and renewal in general.

Think about the emblems of doctors, pharmacists or even veterinarians: yes, they all feature a snake wrapped around something.

In short, the meaning of the snake tattoo could be much deeper (and ancient too) than you think…

Military tattoo formed of two crossed assault rifles.

43) Tattoos with military symbols

We couldn't talk about the lucky tattoos we were given by the army.

Even if it remains quite taboo in certain regiments, the fact is that there is an ancient tradition of military tattooing, which undoubtedly dates back to the very first human civilizations.

The subject deserves an article on its own, but know nevertheless that we are talking here about tattoos with deep meanings linked to bravery, camaraderie and the acceptance of death.

If you feel close to the spirit of the armies, why not choose a military tattoo?

Hawaiian tribal symbol made of a strange lizard.

44) The traditional Hawaiian symbol tattoo

Here again, we could not ignore the traditional Hawaiian tattoo.

Summarized by some as “tribal,” the Pacific region actually has one of the oldest and richest traditions when it comes to putting ink under the skin!

From Maori designs to Samoan tattoo artists to Tahitian rites of passages, we could almost say that each island in the region has its own style of lucky tattoo!

To go further, here are some illustrated examples of Polynesian tattoos.

Turtle whose shell is made of a spiral.

45) The turtle tattoo

Basically, there are two ways to look at turtle tattoos.

For men of the sea, it will be a sea turtle and therefore the sign of friends present even in the hardest times. Indeed, sea turtles often come to visit sailors who sail on the high seas.

For men of the land, on the other hand, the meaning of this tattoo will rather be that of longevity, constancy and a certain nonchalance full of wisdom. Land turtles are indeed slow animals, yes, but whose every movement is deliberate and which can live for several dozen (or even hundreds) years.

Fine tattoo of a four-leaf clover rather well done.

46) The four-leaf clover tattoo

For many of us, lucky charm necessarily rhymes with four-leaf clover.

We can only agree with this: we are indeed talking here about a symbol that no longer needs to be presented and which allowed more than one man to experience sometimes unexpected luck.

Very concretely, choosing the clover symbol as a lucky tattoo will mean putting all the chances on your side so that fate is as profitable as possible for you.

Yin Yang symbol surrounded by a circle drawn in Indian ink.

47) The Yin-Yang symbol tattoo

Yin-Yang is a well-known symbol in Asian culture which serves to represent balance and harmony present in all things.

More precisely, this pattern describes two opposite and complementary poles which act together without ever mixing.

The more spiritual among us say of the Yin-Yang symbol that it is linked to the elemental forces of our world and to something very real...and powerful.

In any case, this lucky tattoo idea will suit you perfectly if you are currently looking for stability and accuracy in your life.

To go further, here are some examples of very symbolic tattoos to do on your wrist, as well as 30 tattoos and their meanings presented by the site auféminin. (Some are in our list, but others will be completely new!).

In any case, we sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this, and that you have found information that will help you choose the tattoo that suits you.

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