The meaning of the Hourglass: Masonic and Alchemical symbol

The hourglass is an ancient device once used to measure time. Hours, minutes and seconds passed like this as the grains of sand flowed between its two glass bulbs.

A symbol of transience and eternity, alchemists of all ages have been interested in its meaning. It is in their lineage, and through their heritage, that we will together discover the secrets of the hourglass symbol.

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Meaning of the hourglass: several ideas

The spiritual messages of the hourglass in daily life

The hourglass as a jewelry idea

Drawing of a fantasy world where a witch holds an hourglass.

Meaning of the hourglass: several ideas

The hourglass is above all a tool used to measure the passage of time. Its symbolic link with temporality is therefore obvious.

There are, however, other avenues of ideas, other reflections that we can have on him, and which make the hourglass one of the most profound symbols of human thought. It is no coincidence that we were asked to add this hourglass model to our collection of lucky charms: many of you know that having one on the corner of your desk is the assurance of… enriching reflections.

Faced with the multitude of meanings, you will be able to choose those that suit you best and which will bring you the most into your daily life.

Balance in everything

Ancient alchemists recognized the concept of balance in the hourglass.

Its shape evokes two triangles placed on their tips, as if the one above held a balance that was both fragile and indestructible.

Thus, the meaning of balance in all things was found.

Symbol of death

The hourglass symbol bears a striking resemblance to the Greek letter “ Theta ”.

This letter, the eighth in the Greek alphabet, is considered a dire omen of death. The word “death”, “ thanatos ” in this classical language, was even often abbreviated in texts by a simple Theta.

A parallel has thus been established with the spiritual messages of the hourglass.

An invitation to courage

The hourglass is closely linked to time. In fact, it reminds us that time passes, that the world does not wait for us to exist and that it is our duty to move with it.

We see here an invitation to movement, to positive and resolute action, to the desire to improve our lives despite difficulties.

Well, as the empty half of this clepsydra shows us with each use: it would perhaps not take much to fill what, for the moment, is hollow.

Femininity in its purest form

When it comes to symbolism, nothing is more feminine than the hourglass.

Her shape and silhouette are those of a young woman with a wasp waist, a powerful seductress capable of making all men fall at her feet.

The notion of a cycle intrinsic to the hourglass is also perfectly suited to women's lives. In addition to intimate cycles, those linked to the Moon or the world, the transition from young girl to assertive woman is also one of these cycles... one of these cycles included in the meaning of the hourglass.

The reversal of natural cycles

Speaking of cycles, there are these esotericists who seek to understand them and, sometimes, to manipulate them.

The Freemasons thus use the hourglass as a representation (some even speak of a practical tool) supposed to reverse certain processes.

In the same way that a turning hourglass means an inversion of the cycle of its own time, we are offered to reverse the course of things, to reverse the ultimate passage of time: that of life to death.

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Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft

The spiritual messages of the hourglass in daily life

If these different meanings carry deep philosophical ideas, what about the everyday messages that the hourglass teaches?

This is precisely what we are going to see now with a small list of practical teachings that our symbol carries.

The hourglass reminds us that:

  • The “sand of time” will always flow, for every life here on earth. We must therefore realize that our time is limited, and therefore of its value.
  • We should respect our elders: they have seen more sand flow than us and undoubtedly have great things to pass on to us.
  • You should find a way (your way) and pursue it with all your heart. Each hourglass reversal is an opportunity to start from scratch, yes, but prevents the creation of large dunes.
  • Since the 17th century and the invention of the mechanical clock, the hourglass fell into disuse. However, he has stood the test of time and, even today, is recognized by all. What is quality will last forever.
  • Quite logically, the symbol of the hourglass invites us to be patient. What will make you happy may take time, and taking the easy way out is not necessarily the answer.

Delicate hourglass placed next to water.

The hourglass as a jewelry idea

The hourglass definitely has something to excite.

If some choose this motif as a tattoo, others will wear it as jewelry.

Pendant, bracelet, necklace or ring: having such a symbol with you every day is full of meaning.

Sometimes, those who have experienced great difficulties in their past like to know that they are close to the hourglass for its message of ephemerality: it reminds us that everything ends one day, and that time does its work every second.

Sometimes too, this choice will serve to mark a change in a life: “This time, I have really changed. I knocked over my personal hourglass. My future will be brighter. »

Choosing a piece of jewelry bearing this symbol can also demonstrate philosophical maturity, the culmination of personal questions about life, the passing of time... and the answers that we have been able to provide them.

There are also couples who love hourglasses for the messages of balance of support they carry: two pyramids which are perfectly balanced on top of each other but, above all, which are each the base of the other.

By adding the notion of timelessness mentioned earlier, the hourglass symbol is resolutely an important marker of united couples.

Between spiritual messages, philosophical teachings and an object of intriguing beauty: there is more than one reason to be interested in the hourglass.

And you, what will yours be?

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