The Medal of Saint Christopher: History and Meaning

Worn by many Christians on a daily basis or especially during travel, the Saint Christopher medal is a small jewel bearing the image of the Child Jesus on the shoulder of Saint Christopher crossing a river.

If the origin of this jewel has a strong link to Christianity, its meaning also does.

But what is the meaning of the medallion of Saint Christopher ? And why wear it?

The answers for you can be found in this article.

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What is the Saint Christopher medal?

What does the Saint Christopher medal represent?

The history of Saint-Christophe

Depiction of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers and protector

The meaning of the Saint Christopher medal

Wear or offer the medallion of Saint Christopher

Orthodox icon painted on the wall of a church, showing Saint Christopher carrying the baby Jesus

What is the Saint Christopher medal?

The St. Christopher medal is a silver, gold, or gold-plated pendant worn by many believers. It constitutes a single pendant that can be worn on a chain necklace or a pendant necklace around the neck. Some people hang it on the car mirror, in the house or simply carry it with them.

Others offer the Saint Christopher medal as a birth or baptism gift to a child who has just been baptized. The medals of Saint Christopher are also considered to be very original baptismal medals.

In jewelry, Saint Christopher medals are cut into gold, silver, yellow gold-plated pendants, silver-plated metal or an alloy of several metals.

Because we know that not all budgets can afford such jewelry, we are offering for our part this medallion of Saint Christopher made of less rare and therefore less expensive materials.

Religious medals commonly worn by believers.

follow the path of the saints

by wearing these Christian religious medals


What does the Saint Christopher medal represent?

An unusual jewel, the Saint-Christophe medal carries a special meaning. It is one of the religious symbols, along with the cross, important among Christians. Indeed, this medallion bears the image of a bearded man called Saint Christopher, a well-known character in Catholic beliefs, who carries on his shoulder a child who represents the Child Jesus.

This representation considers Saint Christopher as the one who “carries Christ” and helps him overcome obstacles. The Saint Christopher medallion is a piece that is both religious and precious.

If you are interested in the subject of religious medals, take a look at this collection we have created : it features many medals, all with a particular explanation of their history and powers.

Statue of Saint Christopher in wood, with his walking outfit and Jesus at his side.

The history of Saint-Christophe

Well before talking about the meaning of this religious medal, it is important to know the history of Saint-Christophe. Who is he ? What is its role and why is it represented on these religious medals? Although his story probably lacks traces and sources, the legend tells of the same adventures for this man who came from the country of Canaan.

Christopher of Lycia, whose real name was Offerus, was in the service of the most powerful king in the world. But this king had only one weakness: he became afraid at the mere mention of the devil. Dedicated to serving his king, Offerus decided to challenge this devil of whom his king was afraid. Of strong build and great robustness, Offerus therefore went looking for him and came across a gang of criminals. Believing that one of them was the devil, he began offering his services to him. But he will realize that the one he believed to be the devil also had a fear: the cross. This adventure allowed Offerus to understand that the devil feared Jesus and he subsequently decided to serve Jesus.

In his quest for life in Christ, Offerus came across a hermit who explained the Christian faith to him: the importance of prayer and fasting. But Offerus considered that this type of practice was not for him. So he looked for a way to serve Christ in another way. It was then that he settled on the edge of a turbulent river to help people cross.

One day, Offerus helped a child cross the river on his shoulder. But as they moved forward, he noticed that the child weighed more and more. The two smugglers almost drowned, but they eventually reached the other end of the river. Barely out of this perilous journey, the child told Offerus that he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders before introducing himself as Jesus Christ. It was then that the little child revealed to Offerus his mission, but also his new name. From now on, he will be called Christopher of Lycia. His mission will be to carry Christ, to spend his life preaching and to convert people.

In this mission, he will accompany and watch over Christians to arrive safely in their journeys in Christ. Hence the name Patron Saint of Travelers.

To learn more about the life of this great Christian Saint (who is also venerated by Catholics and Orthodox alike), here is what the Christian website “nominis” says.

You can also refer to the Wikipedia entry for Saint Christopher, which is quite complete and faithful to reality.

Medieval print showing several Christian Saints.

Depiction of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers and protector

In most legends around Saint Christopher, he is considered the Support of Christ. The one who accompanies the Child Jesus, but who will also accompany him in the accomplishment of the higher purpose. But the most important thing is that during this river crossing, Saint-Christophe knew how to protect the child. He revealed himself as a true protector of all those who crossed the river. This is why he is the Patron Saint of travelers.

Today, many believers pray to Saint Christopher whenever they go on a trip, by car, by train, by plane, by boat, or otherwise. Saint Christopher also watches over soldiers and armies. It protects against drowning, storms, illness and even lightning.

Saint Christopher is also protector of homes. It protects against evil forces, criminals, thieves. He protects newborns and accompanies them throughout their life, which is why a medallion of Saint Christopher is offered to the baptized newborn.

To benefit from the strength and protection of this spiritual guide, Christians have created religious medals that they can wear on a daily basis. These take the form of a pendant jewelry that can be hung around a silver necklace or a gold necklace. The medal of Saint Christopher is considered a good luck charm that one can carry on oneself, but which one can also offer to someone so that they benefit from the protection of the spiritual guide.

Christian lucky charms certainly form a particularly interesting subject of study for believers, or simply for those curious about the Christian faith. If you find yourself in this description, this collection of Christian lucky charms collected on our site should tickle your curiosity.

A collection of Christian lucky charms

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The meaning of the Saint Christopher medal

The Saint Christopher medallion is one of the essential religious jewelry. Although it is associated with Christianity, today it has a universal character carried by many people, whether pagan or not.

Divine protection

Wearing a St. Christopher medal has several meanings. First of all, this pendant symbolizes the protection of the Patron Saint of travelers, but above all divine protection, in all daily life, especially during travel. It is safety during travel whether by car, train, plane, boat. It protects from dangers on the road, from accidents, from criminals, from the spirit of evil. For this purpose, this medal can be hung for example on the interior rearview mirror of the car, as many Christians do with the cross.


This medal also symbolizes strength: the strength to go through the greatest trials of life like a tumultuous river, but also the strength to get there and move forward even when the trials are hard. As shown by Saint Christopher while crossing the river with the Child Jesus. In this symbol of strength, we also find spiritual strength, but also the strength of faith in Christ.


The St. Christopher medal also represents courage. The mission of Saint Christopher himself is to convert people, to help them in their journey. This indeed requires strength and courage. But in addition, in his story, while he was still Offerus, Saint Christopher agreed to follow the one who is always the most powerful, the one who was feared. When he realized that the devil feared Jesus, he decided to serve Jesus.

Servitude, dedication and humility

The Saint Christopher medal is also a symbol of dedication to a cause or service. Christopher of Lycia has the mission to serve Christ until the end of his life, but he must also serve him, regardless of the obstacles in his path. The Patron Saint of travelers also humbly helped people cross the river, without necessarily expecting anything in return. He himself put his life in danger to help others. But what's more, he never considered himself the strongest. On the contrary, he knew that Jesus was more powerful than him, than all the others, so he devoted himself to the service of Christ.

Carry your cross

Wearing the Saint Christopher medallion is like wearing the cross. While crossing the river, the Child Jesus explained to Saint Christopher that he carried the weight of the sins of the world. With this weight, he almost drowned, but he escaped unscathed. Thus, wearing the medallion on necklaces also means accepting to wear the cross and to follow Christ.

This idea of ​​a burden to bear, as Jesus Christ carried his, is explored in more depth here through an analysis of the site

Catholic drawing from the Middle Ages showing Saint Christopher among religious figures.

Wear or offer the medallion of Saint Christopher

There are several ways to use the Saint Christopher medal in everyday life. You can wear it as a necklace pendant or use it as a lucky medal. You can also give it as a gift. It is an original gift idea, but above all valuable, because this medal instills positive meanings.

If you are looking to give an original gift that brings good things to someone, give them the Saint Christopher medal. It will bring him protection, assurance, strength and courage. This type of present is ideal as a birth gift or baptism gift. At birth, the child benefits from divine protection throughout his life.

Now that you know the history of this medal, you can wear it proudly according to the meanings it gives you.

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