The Symbol of the Dove: between Peace and Christianity

The dove is one of those symbols whose fascinating and inexhaustible history has brought much to the people of the world.

Legends, myths and stories readily describe this animal to us as one of the most special in creation.

Yes, the symbol of the dove has always fascinated men with its beauty... but not only that.

It is obvious that it is also imbued with mystique and strong messages: that of peace (for atheists) or that of the Holy Spirit (for believers).

In short, let's now look at the dove together and try to understand its full meaning.

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The dove as a symbol of peace

The symbol of the dove, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit

The dove in other cultures and religions

Stained glass window in a Christian church showing a dove in the middle of a ray of light, symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The dove as a symbol of peace

The dove has been associated with peace, innocence and purity for thousands of years now.

This is why this little dove pendant is so popular among our community: the values ​​it evokes are indeed among the most beautiful.

Christians see it as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, while its olive branch is supposed to bring tenderness and peace to Earth.

This link between the dove and peace is a constant across cultures, even at times when they could not consult together. (We will see this later, but the Native Americans, for example, developed the same kind of hypotheses about it as the Hebrews).

Some claim that this stems from the appearance of doves: by their immaculate whiteness, they necessarily inspire ideas of purity, humility and freedom.

This is undoubtedly true, but does not satisfy us.

Another idea would be that the symbol of the dove is that of fidelity and couples that last. The romantic pairs formed by these birds are known to last a lifetime.

Together, the doves build their nest and raise their families like true model parents.

When talking about their nest, you should know that this species tends to come and live near human beings.

This characteristic could be seen as proof of an absence of fear, a certain pacifism and, ultimately, a link with peace and tranquility.

The Jerusalem cross, a statue of Christ and a Templar amulet

Live a righteous life

thanks to the messages of these Christian symbols


The symbol of the dove, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit

We cannot talk about the symbol of the dove without mentioning the place it occupies in the Christian religion.

In the Old Testament, the story of Noah and the flood explains to us how, when the waters receded after the cataclysm, Noah sent a dove on a mission which then returned with an olive branch in its beak, thus symbolizing the return of life on earth.

This element is also found in Jewish tradition, which therefore also sees the symbol of the dove as very sacred.

The second point to raise is found in the “Mosaic law” (the law that Moses brought to the chosen people). She specifies that the only animals that can be acceptable sacrifices are doves and doves… and this because of their great apparent purity.

Besides this, the dove is associated with motherhood and the love of mothers. Many Christian legends explain to us how the Virgin Mary herself sometimes manifests herself through these immaculate white birds. This trace from the New Testament expresses why this sign of peace is also that of benevolence and maternal love.

Sculptures, paintings or icons: religious art also largely associates the Mother of Christ with the symbol of the dove. Christian iconography is also inseparable from the dove carrying its olive branch.

The history of Christianity is dotted with these symbols in a pure and deep religious sense. If you are curious to discover some of them, you will undoubtedly appreciate our collection dedicated to the Christian religion.

Anecdotally, it also seems that the first Christians depicted doves in baptism and communion scenes, which were then seen as expressions of the Holy Spirit.

Through its biblical message, its place in the Gospels and its effect on souls: even today, the dove symbolizes the sacred and the divine in a way that few other animals are capable of.

White dove flying with its beautiful wings spread.

The dove in other cultures and religions

It’s clear: doves form a very complex symbol of peace.

Its religious significance in the Bible is clear. It is the emblem of the supporters of peace and reconciliation, the sign of angels and saints. Messengers of all that is good in the world, we are always happy to come across one on our path.

As we told you a little earlier: this is also true for people who did not know its Christian meaning!

This is what we are going to talk about now.

The symbol of the dove in Native American culture

Understanding the meaning and symbolism of animals occupies a large place in Native American culture.

To put it simply, these people tried to understand the world by understanding the essence of each thing that makes it up.

As such, the dove occupies a special place.

To put it simply, it expresses ideas of peace and freedom. Seeing a dove flying in the sky was also a sign that positive events were going to happen to you.

A sacred animal of the goddess Aphrodite

The goddess Aphrodite (which corresponds to Venus among the Romans) and the one who governs love, seduction and voluptuousness.

When she is depicted alongside her doves, it expresses a kind of higher love.

Already for the ancient Greeks, the symbol of the dove expressed the idea of ​​pure love. Combined with Aphrodite's very carnal one, these were the most intense feelings that were revealed.

To learn more on the subject, here is an article on the place of the dove in Greek mythology.

Dove and Celtic world

Here again, the meaning of the dove will be that of peace.

In particular, the Celts believed that the gods particularly valued this bird. Its feathers could thus be used to prepare remedies, while the interpretation of its flight served as an augury and a divination technique.

Despite the few traces we have of this civilization, we know that the Celts often placed images of doves in their temples, especially those dedicated to healing.

There is even an ancient legend according to which hearing a dove cry means that a soul has passed peacefully to the other world.

Pacifist symbol of the global peace movement

Western culture has obvious biblical influences.

Thus, even agnostic (or even outright atheist) movements will use certain Christian symbols naturally present in their unconscious. This is the case with the rainbow and the ark... but also with the dove of peace.

Through it, the hippie movements, those of secular charity and philanthropists sought to express non-violence and the importance of the disarmament of nations and the search for peace on Earth.

For example, the painter Picasso was able to represent this magnificent bird alongside pigeons and doves. Through his work and his political commitments, he thus linked him to an organization as anti-Christian as the Communist Party of his time!

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