The Taurus Symbol: Secrets and Hidden Meaning

When we think of bull symbolism, the first associations that come to mind are those of masculine virility and pure muscular power.

While different cultures and mythologies bring their own meaning to the symbol of the bull, certain characteristics are intrinsic to the animal.

So let's now discover the hidden messages of this fiery being but, above all, the powers that you can draw from him.

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The bull: symbol of strength

The bull: symbol of stubbornness

The bull: symbol of virility

The lucky bull in Spanish culture

The bull as a totem animal

The sign of Taurus in the zodiac

Dreaming of a bull: what messages?

Bull ready to charge, very aggressive and in combat posture.

The bull: symbol of strength

There is no doubt that the bull is a powerful animal. Having a representation of it near you is a source of strength and vivacity.

The symbol of the bull was also used by many religions of the past (we can think of the Celtic Druids or the Greek religion of Antiquity) as spiritual protection. It was common to see bulls carved at the entrance to temples, as if they were their protectors.

Here's a tip: when a challenge in life requires more courage from you than usual, visualize a bull and let its energy invade you.

Like this powerful animal, don't be afraid to charge the enemy if your survival or that of your group is in danger.

The bull symbol is therefore extremely popular among those looking to increase their strength. This lucky pendant, for example, is very popular with our community.

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The bull: symbol of stubbornness

Few animals are as stubborn as bulls. Rodeo enthusiasts know it well: these beasts are not easily ridden.

We are indeed talking here about an animal with qualities of stubbornness, ferocity, tyranny, brutality.

Although these traits may seem negative, they can turn out to be positive in some cases.

Taurus are known to be stubborn because if they don't want to do something, they won't do it. They will dig their feet into the ground and resist with everything they have in them.

A bull will never let his toes be walked on, and it takes a lot to influence his opinion. Such an animal is therefore a born leader.

The expression “taking the bull by the horns”, which refers to tackling a difficult situation head-on, shows us this well: the symbol of the bull is that of stubbornness.

A bull of the “white-blue-Belgian” breed, with developed muscles.

The bull: symbol of virility

From an esoteric point of view, the meaning of the bull is that of a solar being linked to the purest masculine energy.

The horns of the bull constitute a phallic symbol of power and fertility.

Having a horn is an affirmation of power and the desire for domination that lies dormant deep within men.

With its musculature, the bull is overflowing with testosterone and other male hormones. He loves fighting, is territorial and knows how to protect his females.

The Taurus is also a tutelary father who, although arrogant, provides support to those close to him.

In short, choosing the bull symbol as a lucky charm will strengthen your virility and your masculine qualities.

Typically, some people like to place such a lucky statuette in their living room. On the one hand, it protects their living space. On the other hand, it increases their personal power.

Several symbols and lucky charms of Spain

Heat and secrets of Spain

By the lucky charms of Iberian culture


The lucky bull in Spanish culture

Since the Iberian Peninsula has been inhabited, the bull has been a revered animal. In fact, there is no culture where it is given a greater place.

In Spain, the bull is a symbol of fertility and power used by men. Festivals are celebrated in his honor and many Spanish traditions tell us about the bull.

Bullfighting (the famous art of bullfighting ) or ferias are all opportunities for the bulls to shine.

If you ever visit Spain (and, more specifically, Andalusia), you may even see gigantic statues of bulls in the countryside landscape.

Known as the “ Osborne Bulls, ” their story is quite amusing.

In fact, these bulls were born in 1956 as part of an advertising campaign by the “Osborne Sherry” company for one of its drinks, “Veteran Brandy”. The design of the bull is the work of the artist Manolo Prieto and the statues were built in the workshop of the brothers José and Féliz Tejada Prieto.

To explore the subject, here is an article dealing with the bull as a Spanish national symbol.

A gigantic wooden totem carved in the shape of a bull.

The bull as a totem animal

People with the bull as their totem animal are charismatic leaders, individuals who exude an aura of strength that soothes others.

Although impulsive and very sanguine, those placed under the bull totem know how to be solid in the face of periods of emotional turmoil. They are good advice and sincere friends who will defend theirs at all costs.

The bull totem animal is necessarily linked to masculine vigor and virility. Even if it is not impossible for women to be placed under his protection, it remains quite rare.

The most remarkable thing about the bull is its unparalleled strength, its pure physical power derived from its musculature. As a spiritual totem, the bull therefore gives you a dominant and powerful personality.

This means you won't be the type to let yourself be walked on. You don't allow people to dominate you.

In short, the Taurus is a spiritual guide who will invite you to defend your loved ones and take charge of your social circles, whether friendly or professional.

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The sign of Taurus in the zodiac

The bull totem is generally attributed to people born under the sign of Taurus (whose birthday is between April 20 and May 20), this seems logical.

To put it simply, the traditional European zodiac links to the bearers of the sign of Taurus the characteristics that we have just seen in the previous paragraph. You just need to read your daily horoscope to realize this.

A nuance is however made by associating the sign of Taurus with the element earth. To give you an idea, the signs of Virgo and Capricorn also come from the earth.

These are notions of stability, resistance and well-anchored principles which are added to the meaning of the bull.

All this put together, the sign of Taurus shows particular compatibility with those of Libra and Pisces. With those of Aquarius, Scorpio or Sagittarius on the other hand, sparks will be expected…

If you want to learn more, here is another description of the Taurus symbol according to the European zodiac.

For the Chinese zodiac, the picture is a little different: there is no sign of Taurus, and it is therefore that of the Ox which replaces it.

A hardworking and hardworking animal par excellence, the Ox likes a job well done and shows a keen sense of responsibility.

According to Chinese astrology, those placed in this sign are therefore people who can be counted on.

Image of a dream where a little girl is facing a bull.

Dreaming of a bull: what messages?

Dreaming of a bull is often a wake-up call. Big challenges await you soon, and you would do well to prepare yourself for them. So also sharpen your competitive spirit.

Don't worry, however: seeing a bull in a dream indicates that you will succeed in overcoming difficulties. So have confidence in yourself, the same confidence that the bull has.

Do not give in to adversity but, on the contrary, rush towards your opponents.

Be careful though: if you dream of a bull charging towards you, the message will be different. More precisely, it will be about fears and anxieties.

If you have been charged by a bull in your dreams, ask yourself if there is a decision to make that is paralyzing you and preventing you from taking control of your life.

Another possible meaning: seeing the Taurus constellation shining in the sky is a sign of hope. This indicates that, in your dreams as in your life, the stars work to bring you more strength.

If you don't know what the Taurus constellation looks like and you're afraid of missing it in your dreams, here is its place in a starry sky map.

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