The Three Spinners (against the work of the Brothers Grimm)

With “The Three Spinners”, the Brothers Grimm offer us a very inspiring folk tale. We are presented with the story of a young girl who, lazy and idle, refuses to spin flax. By an astonishing play of fate, she will find herself at the queen's house with a simple mission: to spin a gigantic quantity of yarn, so that she can marry the prince. This will cause great distress in her, which carries a message of wisdom: postponing tasks until tomorrow, it can fall back on us!

This children's story shows us the importance of training well (and therefore of doing well at school). One day perhaps we will need knowledge that seems useless to us today.

A true fairy tale, “The Three Spinners” are in fact three astonishing women who will appear as if by magic to the young girl, offering to help her spin the flax. Are these three women fairies? Magicians? Or simply three sisters who didn't mind spinning as children? With their help, the young girl will in any case be able to marry the prince.

Made hideous and deformed by their work, the three spinners show us that everything has a price. Their exceptional weaving skills cost them their beauty. Life is made of choices and any choice necessarily involves giving up other options.

Through the deal that the girl and the spinners had made, another message is carried by this tale: the importance of loyalty, of honesty. If the young girl had not kept her word, the prince would never have decided to forbid her from leaving and her sentence would undoubtedly have started again.

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