The Virtues of Agate, Natural Gem of Lithotherapy

Already present and used in Ancient Rome for its many virtues, agate is still widely used today for its soothing and calming nature. More broadly, it will help you move towards better self-acceptance.

Discover today through this article the different benefits of this protective stone.

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Description and composition of agate

The agate stone: origins

Agate stone: Virtues and properties in lithotherapy

The action of agate stones on our chakras

Agate stone: maintenance and preservation

Several lithotherapy stones and gems, of all colors.

Description and composition of agate

Nowadays, agate is mainly used to make jewelry due to its wide variety of colors, as well as in the field of lithotherapy due to its multiple benefits.

Another major way to benefit from the powers and virtues of agate is simply through the direct use of gems (such as these that we offer).

Truly from volcanic regions, agate stone is visible in several parts of the world. Deposits are present in Germany, Australia or the United States of America. Several varieties can also be found in other regions of the planet, notably in Canada, Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, Uruguay and China.

Regarding its composition, agate stone comes from the chalcedony quartz family and is mainly composed of silicas formed in volcanic larvae.

The eruption phenomenon gives rise to the birth of drops of melaphyre, which when solidifying become a mass of quartz. The latter is part of the composition of our stones, but also of a whole bunch of other minerals. It is also this phenomenon which explains the existence of the different shapes and colors of agate.

Blue agate geode opened in two, on the edge.

The agate stone: origins

The agate stone was first discovered in large quantities in Sicily, more precisely on the banks of the Achates river which today bears the name Dirillo.

The philosopher Theophrastus was the first to give the name agate to the stone, undoubtedly influenced by this watercourse, rather than by the first name Agathe (which means brave and good) as some rumors would have it.

Well before Theophrastus in reality, several civilizations of the ancient period exploited agate deposits, both for its virtues and for its great natural beauty.

As early as 1500 BC, Greek and Roman populations traded agate thanks to the various deposits discovered. Thus, at that time, it was common to see jewelry, necklaces or even vases made mainly of this rare stone.

Many civilizations have therefore used agate to make decorative objects because of its beauty, but above all because of the meanings attributed to it. Agate was often associated with the Gods of mythology, and men attributed many miracles to it.

For example, the Romans considered this stone to be connected to the goddess Aurora. The Celts saw agate as a symbol of Caridian, the Welsh goddess of death and fertility. As far as the Greeks are concerned, this stone would have been used to make the 4000 vases of the great king Mithridates. It also served as constituent elements for sacred objects made by the Egyptians.

Besides that, its protective function has been tested by certain civilizations throughout history. Indeed, the Romans used it in the form of a powder as a remedy for snake bites. The Persians, for their part, were content to burn it so that it would ward off storms and protect their harvest.

Natural stone bracelets including agate stones.

Agate stone: Virtues and properties in lithotherapy

Agate stone is known as a “lucky stone” or even an “anchor stone”. It acts on physical, emotional and intellectual balance and helps eliminate all kinds of energy blockages. In addition, its role is important during the process of stabilizing the energy of the physical body.

Truly, the benefits that lithotherapy offers us through its stones and crystals are more than interesting. If you want to discover others, don't hesitate to take a look at our collection dedicated to lithotherapy.

In short, the virtues and properties of agate come in different aspects, aspects that we will now discover together.

Hand in front of the sky, with a light of spirituality.

Psychological aspect of the virtues and properties of the agate stone.

Agate stone plays a big role when it comes to soothing inner anxieties and fears. It brings courage and self-confidence to anyone who wears it. It is therefore not surprising to notice pendants made from agate or even bracelets are used by people who wish to enjoy the virtues of the stone.

In addition, it is a source of courage in times of distress. It also serves to soothe and harmonize internal energies in situations of great turmoil. You will also have, thanks to agate, the possibility of perceiving hidden elements.

Agate stone is natural and develops the ability to concentrate and in some cases acts as a memory aid. In addition, in a process of acquiring inner tranquility, this stone strongly contributes to disarming inner anger and promotes clairvoyance.

To obtain a feeling of peace and security, you can again use agate stone, because it helps to dissipate all disturbing inner elements as well as too violent emotional shocks.

Energetic and soothing massage by imposition of hands.

Physical aspect of the virtues and properties of the agate stone

The virtues of agate are numerous on the human body. It has demonstrated several healing properties and has helped reduce muscle, joint, and nervous pain in many people thanks to the gentleness of its energy.

Skin conditions such as irritations, small imperfections, and redness are healed thanks to the action of the agate stone. Concretely, it helps to improve the quality of your skin.

Agate stone also helps relieve insect bites. However, it must be in direct contact with the skin in order to be fully effective.

The icing on the cake, the agate stone contributes to the relaxation and well-being of the body by stimulating the circulation of fluids. Some also talk about improving your sex life through direct activation of the sacral chakra.

House decorated according to Feng Shui, with Zen decorations.

Environmental aspect of the virtues and properties of the agate stone

The agate stone helps to soothe the places where it is found, and to harmonize the energy that circulates there. Indeed, its presence in your home or at your workplace will allow you to acquire two important virtues: calm and luck. In the same way, if the stone is introduced into the room of a sick person, he will find positivity and the courage to overcome the illness.

When placed under your pillow, it helps you have calm and restful sleep and thus fights against nightmares and night terrors. Additionally, still on the mind, sleeping near agate stones will help you combat stress, anxiety and harmful thoughts.

In the hospital setting, agate stone is used to contribute to the physical and mental recovery of the patient. Also, in a professional context, you can put it in your workplace to attract good energies and enjoy calm and concentration.

Additionally playing a protective role, the stone neutralizes negative waves and protects you from harmful people who have a bad influence on your life. This character increases tenfold when the agate stone is used in the form of a talisman worn on the neck, wrist or even the waist.

Several lithotherapy stones that can match agate.

Combine agate with other stones

Agate can be combined with amethyst to reinforce the benefits of these two stones. This combination particularly relieves teething pain, and is therefore used as pendants for children.

In addition to this combination, labradorite can also be combined with agate. This set helps to reinforce the soothing virtues of the two stones. This will lead the mind to free itself from stress, anxiety, fear and more generally from any element harmful to well-being.

Woman meditating in the forest to open her chakras.

The action of agate stones on our chakras

The agate stone acts on the chakras thanks to its vibrations and energies... but above all thanks to its colors!

Indeed, it exists in different shades and, through them, intervenes on your spirituality. So, the lower or physical chakras (the root chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra) only respond to black, red, orange and yellow agates. These will therefore improve your vitality, your creative force as well as your vitality.

Concerning green and pink agates, they intervene on the heart chakra and therefore promote sincerity, love, kindness and tenderness. Once stimulated, the heart chakra heals your emotional wounds, and allows you to open your soul to the rest of the world. You are able to better trust those around you who will repay you.

Blue and purple agates intervene on the throat and third eye chakras. These are linked to spirituality, communication, open-mindedness, personality and intuition. The action of agates on these different faculties will allow you to be more spontaneous and intuitive in your different relationships with others.

White and beige agates are the last we will talk about. Their action takes place on the chakra located at the top of the skull. This is the crown chakra responsible for wisdom, the awakening of spirituality, knowledge and altruism. All these faculties, once stimulated by white and beige agates, promote a good connection between our terrestrial, astral and spiritual beings.

To explore the subject of stones and chakras, here is an article from the site which will tell you about each chakra and the minerals associated with them.

In the same vein, here is a guide from which will describe the main stones of lithotherapy as well as their respective uses.

In short, let's continue with the agate.

Lucky stones, protective anchors used to create jewelry.

Agate stone: maintenance and preservation

On the Mohs scale (a scale which designates the hardness of materials), agate stone is classified at a level varying from 6.5 to 7. Concretely, this means that this semi-precious stone is rather hard and does not will be damaged by few other materials.

However, agate is a mineral. Like any mineral, it loses its energy and its natural shine due to time or human action. To prevent it from losing its properties, it is important to purify and recharge it regularly. However, this maintenance operation depends on the composition and energy specific to each agate.

Generally, all agates can be recharged with water, salt, earth or incense following a simple and easy method. The method involves putting the stone in a container containing a mixture of these ingredients. You must then let the agate sit in water for a few hours before cleaning it with a soft, clean cloth (this way you avoid scratching the stone or tarnishing the materials surrounding it).

Another way to recharge your agate stone can be through exposing the stone to sunlight. It should be noted here that all agates can be exposed to sunlight with the exception of blue agate which will recharge better with the soft light of the moon.

Let us clarify: quartz can prove to be a determining element in revealing the capacities and virtues of agate. Indeed, when the stone is placed on a cluster of quartz, it can increase the powers of the agate tenfold or quickly recharge the stone.

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