The Virtues of Malachite, Green and Spiritual Stone of Lithotherapy

The use of malachite dates back thousands of years. Like the Egyptians or Greeks, several peoples used it for various purposes. Even today, this stone continues to be appreciated in many areas, due to the diversity of its virtues.

If the properties of malachite are unknown to you, then you have come to the right address. This article will inform you about its different virtues, yes, but also about its appearance, its link with our chakras and a whole bunch of other things!

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Malachite: what is it?

What does malachite look like? (appearance and composition)

The (many) virtues of malachite

The connection between malachite and the heart chakra

Various malachite gems and gemstones.

Malachite: what is it?

Malachite is a stone with multiple virtues. It does not come from human manufacture but directly from nature. However, man can work it to give finesse to the raw product.

If you look at these few stones that we make available to you on our site, you will see that they are smooth and quite pretty. Well it requires additional work to achieve this result.

In short, malachite has a mauve or green color often cracked with white, gray, brown or even black.

This lithotherapy stone takes its name from two Latin and Greek expressions. The first is “malachites ”, it is a Latin word which means “through”. The second is “ malakhê ”, a Greek expression, it means purple in French.

If this name reflects its color, the fact remains that malachite has other names. So, this stone is also by names :

  • copper green
  • Green chrysocolla
  • Green carbonated copper
  • Ferruginous copper green
  • mountain green
  • Green copper oxide
  • Silky copper
  • Green copper flowers
  • Azurite-malachite
  • And many other less common ones

Humanity's use of malachite is actually very ancient. More precisely, it dates back 6000 years when this natural gem was already extracted in certain regions of the Middle East.

Nowadays, the exploitation of malachite is literally worldwide, with deposits present in Congo, the United States, Italy, France, Brazil, Russia and Israel... to name just these countries!

Raw malachite rocks, neither polished nor cut.

What does malachite look like? (appearance and composition)

Malachite is a material that has everything to please even in its natural state. Indeed, it has a very shiny appearance, in addition to showing many shades and color variations... Its green can vary depending on the type of malachite, making the stone rare and indicating its purity. In fact, some malachites will be marked with small defects, the presence of sedimentary residues of other crystals.

In short, if in its natural state, malachite already has everything to seduce, it is when it is worked that it reveals all its charm. A smooth malachite stone will see a sort of ribbon of color appear on its surface, the different layers of the rock coming together harmoniously and giving it unparalleled beauty.

From a geological point of view, malachite is classified as a carbonate. It indeed contains carbonate hydroxide, but also a good portion of copper. Its composition makes it a very non-rigid material. (Its rigidity is between 3.5 and 4 Mohs, a scale that designates the hardness of materials.)

Malachite is therefore a fairly delicate material to handle and must be worked with care by jewelers and other craftsmen.

Malachite stone bracelet made and worn for its many virtues.

The (many) virtues of malachite

Malachite is a stone recognized for its many virtues. Its beneficial use for the psyche of man as much as for his physique.

Lithotherapy (the study of stones, their properties and how to heal with them) definitely has something to offer us. This is why we created this collection dedicated to the art of using stones. .. but let's not stray too far from our subject.

Together, we will now discover the virtues of malachite according to these four levels: psychic, physical, spiritual and energetic.

Open book in an imaginary world, a purely spiritual world.

The spiritual virtues of malachite

Malachite is recognized as having a fairly powerful metaphysical role. Indeed, it contributes to the development of self-confidence. It gives the person who wears it the ability to express themselves eloquently.

It becomes very easy with malachite to convince your interlocutors without any embarrassment. If in the past you used to lack self-confidence during your speeches, know that malachite has the property of reviving this confidence. It transforms all the sensations harmful to the development of your being into a safe bet. These are fear, stress, anxiety, panic, etc. In doing so, malachite contributes to the change of your deep being.

The behavior of the wearer thus changes radically. This change is often seen as positive. It in fact charges the being of the person who has it with them with courage, strength and assurance. The latter becomes mysteriously ready to face without fear the various obstacles that present themselves to him. This virtue is justified if we refer to its green color. The latter being known to be a sign of serenity.

Woman with a butterfly coming out of her hands, to symbolize the energies of malachite.

The virtues of malachite on an energetic level

Besides this, all negative energies are absorbed and replaced by positive energies thanks to malachite. This is one of the manifestations of the protective virtue of malachite. It plays a very important role in the exchange of energy flows. As proof, it is one of the greatest remedies used in lithotherapy. It is involved in the reconstitution of the energy flow of the heart. This action allows us to restore to the soul all the energy values ​​that have been taken from it by stress and daily attacks.

Still in its protective role, it allows us to anticipate bad relationships, toxic relationships that could harm us. As surprising as it may seem, the malachite stone guides us in the different relationships, friendships or others, that we can weave in our life. More particularly, this stone helps us to get closer to sane people as a priority and without any intention of harm. Also, it helps to bring a certain stability to your already established friendly or family relationships. Relationships with your colleagues can also be part of it.

If you have little time to rest after your intellectual or physical activities, know that malachite has the capacity to absorb all the energy that your body has not been able to evacuate. It returns your body energy to normal and helps you relax.

Mask that represents the human psyche and psychology.

The virtues of malachite on a psychological level

Malachite is also prized for its effective role in sleep. In fact, it contributes to the relaxation of the nerves, allowing you to sleep in cases of stress or anxiety. Its effectiveness is best expressed when a few pieces of malachite are placed under the pillow.

However, its role is not limited to giving us sleep. Throughout your night, you will be spared negative waves and therefore bad dreams.

As for dreams, malachite is not just a “blocker” for nightmares. It also allows easier interpretation of dreams upon waking.

Malachite also plays an important role on the heart chakra. To better understand its usefulness, it is important to know what the heart chakra is.

Several elements intervene in human existence and affect you emotionally. These include romantic breakups, the loss of a loved one, situations of disappointment in a person. These events can cause the heart chakra to close. Don't worry, it is possible to remedy this closure.

To this end, there are two main means. The first is to make a clean slate of the past. So you try to empty your mind of all those events that have caused you harm and pain. Once this feat is successful, your chakra opens again.

When you are unable to open your chakra in this way, you can do it gradually with malachite. Yes, the latter allows the opening (or rather the reopening) of the chakra. In doing so, it helps you to have confidence in yourself again and to open up without fear to the outside world.

In fact, stones have such an effect on our feelings that some specialists rely mainly on them to resolve the concerns of their patients. Read this rather long article which talks about the link between lithotherapy and emotions, and you will see it for yourself/

Collective sports session where several people work on their physique.

The virtues of malachite on a physical level

Malachite is very effective in the treatment of pain. It gets this property from its composition. The high copper content makes it a very powerful anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.

You can use malachite to combat pain related to nerves, joints and muscles. Its use is very simple. When the pain is located in a specific location, simply place the stone on the part of your body where the pain comes from.

Malachite also serves as a remedy for several diseases. Indeed, when you feel a migraine, or when you have a fever, malachite could make these different symptoms disappear. But his role does not stop there. Above all, it initiates a process of healing or, rather, self-healing.

Combined with other stones (such as amethyst, quartz, lapis lazuli or agate), its effects become almost miraculous. In fact, most semi-precious stones will find synergy with malachite.

Last but not least: malachite contributes to better physical stability by regulating blood circulation. It therefore ensures good physical condition. It is therefore strongly recommended for athletes for whom their physical performance will be significantly improved.

Malachite stone cut into the shape of a heart, surrounded by black pebbles.

The connection between malachite and the heart chakra

When we talk about chakras, we refer to the different energy centers present in the body. It is through these energy centers that vital energy passes. This energy also contributes strongly to the balance of the different chakras between them. In short, every human being has a set of seven different chakras which contribute to stability within the being by ensuring harmony between body and mind.

The chakras are distinguished by the area where they are located. Regarding the heart chakra, it is located in the middle of the shoulder blades in the sternum area (actually, in front of the heart).

From this location, it plays its role wonderfully. It is the basis of the joyful sensations that a person experiences. If it is the heart chakra, it is undoubtedly the chakra at the origin of romantic feelings.

It allows us to unite with others through love. However, this love must first begin with that of one's own person. So, when a person has a harmonized heart chakra, they should be able to feel unconditional love for themselves. She must also be able to experience a set of feelings that highlights the interest she has for others. It then becomes very easy to express yourself emotionally and to be in harmony with your whole being because of the joy you are filled with. This description is correct, but if you still want to learn more about this chakra, here is a guide produced by the site which will teach you everything there is to know about it.

In short, sometimes the heart chakra is not balanced. In this situation, there are several elements that make it possible to notice this. When the heart chakra is unbalanced, on the one hand, the person concerned shows excessive love towards others. She is ready to give everything to the point of forgetting herself. In return, she only wants attention or love.

This love expressed by this person is conditional. Still in the order of the manifestations of the unbalanced chakra, the person can show great disproportionate pride in their own person. She is therefore full of her personality. Only his being counts. This person is closed to any possibility of opening up to others and forgiving the outside world.

In short, if you or a loved one matches this description of an unbalanced heart chakra, know that the virtues of malachite could easily help you resolve this problem!

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