The virtues of Rose Powder (and its uses)

Love potion, Aphrodite bath, magic potion or micellar water: they all have one ingredient in common, rose powder.

Made from pure flowers, rose powder has long been used in esotericism, in numerous spells. But it also has many virtues that the skin could benefit from. Used in natural cosmetics, it is used in many facial and body care and treatments.

What are the virtues of rose powder and how to use them? The answers in this article.

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What is rose powder?

The virtues of rose powder

Use of rose powder in the occult arts

Use of rose powder in cosmetics

A young rose blooming in a garden.

What is rose powder?

Since the dawn of time, the rose flower has been adorned with all the praise. Considered the queen of flowers, she is of great beauty. Associated with love, passion, compassion, tenderness and everything related to it, the rose has always been symbolic. She has great energy and gives off many vibrations. Giving a rose, just like using it, allows you to benefit from all its benefits, its virtues, but also its magical aura.

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The virtues of rose powder

Rose powder retains all the virtuous properties of the flower. Its energy but also its benefits are used in different areas. If we know the rose as a powerful ingredient of love, it also reveals itself as an excellent cosmetic treatment.

In esotericism

Rose from an energetic point of view is a powerful harmonizer. It helps rebalance emotions, thoughts, feelings. Through its power, it dissolves blockages, opens the heart chakra and heals both physical and emotional wounds. Rose powder also has a positive effect on mood and mood. It opens to love, tenderness and compassion.

In cosmetics

Cosmetically, rose powder of natural origin is present in many facial treatments and cosmetic treatments. It is used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. With its regenerative power, it helps fight against skin aging.

Rose powder is an excellent anti-aging agent. It also has a nourishing and firming effect which allows all skin types and mainly mature skin, sensitive or dry skin to maintain their suppleness.

Additionally, rose powder has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes and makes the skin soft. It helps combat various imperfections on the face such as acne and rosacea spots.

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Use of rose powder in the occult arts

The symbol of the rose is used in the occult arts to compose love potions and to perform numerous spells. It is no coincidence that this necklace bearing a rose is often associated with jewelry showing the Moon, Wiccan goddesses or other esoteric symbols.

In short, because of its close connection with love, our powder is used in several ways in this context. For example :

  • You can burn rose powder to cause telepathy between you and your loved one.
  • It is also possible to let the powder fly into the air so that it envelops your loved one with its protection and harmonizing power.
  • For those who wish for love, it is recommended to bathe Aphrodite in water mixed with rose powder.
  • The rose powder elixir also remains a good method to benefit from all the virtues of rose powder.
  • If you want your relationship to last, for your love to liven up, a love potion with rose powder will help you achieve your goals.

Be careful though, rose powder should not be used for evil purposes. For example, you cannot force a person to fall in love with you using rose powder. This magical ingredient was made to be used wisely.

Finally, if you aspire to prosperity in your emotional or spiritual life, in your life as a couple or in your life alone, you can use rose powder as a good luck charm. With its vibration rate, it will be able to increase all its positive energy tenfold to make you prosperous.

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Use of rose powder in cosmetics

The virtues of rose powder allow it to be used in cosmetics and to integrate it into your beauty and facial care routine. You can use it in several ways, whatever your skin type:

  • In micellar water: add rose powder to distilled water mixed with a little vegetable glycerin and essential oil. Apply this lotion all over the face and benefit from all its toning effects.
  • In your face cream: daily, mix your day or night cream with rose powder. Apply to the face morning and evening using circular movements and regain natural beauty and an instant healthy glow.
  • In your mask: in this treatment, rose powder is a real treatment to fight against imperfections, smooth wrinkles and treat skin diseases, as well as anomalies caused by external aggressions. To do this, it must be mixed with other anti-aging treatments such as white clay, rhassoul powder or other organic powders. Using rose powder as a mask is suitable for normal, dry, combination and oily skin.
  • By exfoliating: you can also use rose powder as a scrub product to exfoliate the face and rid it of all accumulated impurities. To do this, mix it with white clay, honey and a little sugar and lemon juice. Apply to face and make a few circular movements to remove all dirt. Rinse after 5 min. Using rose powder as an exfoliant is suitable for combination to oily skin. It gives glow to your face.

Rose powder is a very active ingredient. In cosmetics as in occult acts, it should always be diluted or mixed with other ingredients, because its effects can be very powerful.

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