The Virtues of Tiger's Eye (on our body, mind, emotions)

Tiger's eye is a stone that fascinates because of its appearance, but also (and above all) its properties.

Its use dates back thousands of years. If this stone continues to be used after all this time, it is not only for its beauty, you must suspect that.

Look at this simple bracelet made of cut tiger's eye stones, or this one which takes the shape of the pi xiu, a famous lucky creature from Feng Shui: they are beautiful and constitute pleasant accessories to wear... but their interest far from stopping there!

Are you intrigued by the many virtues of tiger's eye? Want to find out more?

Perfect, this article will tell you about it in every detail… and much more!

Contents :

History of the Tiger's Eye: Babylon

History of the tiger's eye: its arrival in Europe

History of the tiger's eye: the Middle Ages

What is lithotherapy actually?

Appearance of Tiger's Eye Stones

Mineralogical composition of tiger's eye

What are the virtues of tiger's eye?

So, how to use tiger's eye?

How to purify your tiger's eye?

And how do I recharge my stone?

Bas-relief of an ancient temple of the Babylonian civilization.

History of the Tiger's Eye: Babylon

To better understand the virtues of tiger's eye, it is important to go back to the past. This journey through time will allow us to know its origins as well as its history.

Just by referring to its name, the “tiger’s eye” stone obviously refers to the tiger’s eyeball. Indeed, this stone has a yellow and brown appearance similar to that of the eye of this animal. The researchers therefore did not hesitate when it came to naming this stone.

The inhabitants of the Middle East had nicknamed it “ Oculus Belus ”. This name was not related to its resemblance to the feline's eye, but nevertheless carried a very specific meaning. The word “Oculus” means “eye”. This was undoubtedly related to the shape of the stone similar to that of an eye. As for the word “Belus”, it rather referred to Belus-Marduk, one of the Babylonian gods.

Belus-Marduk was not the least powerful in the Babylonian pantheon. For the many powers attributed to him, he was even considered one of the most influential deities. If reference is made to this character, it is because our stone was used at the time for various purposes of energetic and spiritual protection.

This period therefore, when the Babylonians were already using the tiger's eye stone, dates back around 5000 years ago.

Roman ruins typical of European Antiquity, and where the tiger's eye arrived.

History of the tiger's eye: its arrival in Europe

Tiger's eye is thus generally referred to as being native to the Orient. This connection is understandable. Indeed, during the ancient period, there were several precious stones associated with eyes in Europe. There was snake's eye, cat's eye, etc.

For Europeans to give our stone the name tiger's eye, they already had to know what this animal looked like... an animal which, as we all know, does not exist in Europe in the wild. !

You can therefore understand that it was impossible for a stone to be named tiger's eye when this species was still non-existent in the area. This shows us that, yes, the tiger's eye stone did indeed arrive in Europe from the Orient, from the East.

However, this did not prevent it from being particularly appreciated: already under the Roman Empire, the virtues of tiger's eye were recognized by priests and healers. In particular, soldiers were advised to wear jewelry made from this stone before going into battle. (We will see this together when we talk about the virtues of our stone, but it was not without meaning).

The idea was that warriors used these jewels to protect themselves when they went into battle, but also because they firmly believed that tiger's eye could protect them from disease (which often struck military camps). at the time).

In short, tiger's eye has long been a particularly popular material in the making of bracelets, pendants and protective amulets.

European landscape with a medieval castle, which also saw the tiger's eye used there.

History of the tiger's eye: the Middle Ages

Over time, the uses of tiger's eye have far exceeded those in the military context. Thus, in the Middle Ages, this stone was used in many more spiritual areas. Concretely, it would have been used to make lucky charms aimed at repelling demons, keeping witches away and repelling bad spells. Many healers from the medieval period actually swore by the tiger's eye stone!

The idea behind this popularity could be simpler than you think: through its connection with the tiger, our stone possesses a bit of its power... in doing so, it wards off the forces of evil who fear it.

However, at the time, tiger's eye was an extremely rare stone, so much so that it was considered a precious stone, in the same way as emeralds, rubies or diamonds.

It was not until the end of the 19th century that new deposits were discovered, mainly in Africa, and that its price became more widely available. These discoveries of new deposits have therefore put an end to this myth of its rarity, yes, but have not removed anything regarding the ideas concerning the virtues of the tiger's eye.

Tiger's eye bracelets made from precious, natural gems.

What is lithotherapy actually?

If the virtues of tiger's eye continue to be the subject of interest despite the development of our modern medicine (which is undeniably effective for the treatment of many ailments), it is mainly thanks to lithotherapy.

In any case, to better understand how this stone can help us, it is important to clarify the concept of lithotherapy.

Lithotherapy is an unconventional medicinal practice based on the use of stones for the treatment of illnesses, the promotion of well-being and the development of vitality.

This word is composed of the Greek terms “ lithos ” which means stone and “ therapy ” which means care. Lithotherapy is literally treatment with stones.

This practice is based on the idea that stones have important energetic properties which, through simple contact, can influence the energies flowing through our body. This is why we decided to devote a large part of our work to this art, through the collection of crystals and stones that you can find here.

Whether it is a question of placebo effects, self-talk or truly effective mechanisms, the fact is that many people swear by lithotherapy and that numerous testimonies point to the true effectiveness of the power of stones.

Three tiger's eye stones of different sizes but from the same deposit.

Appearance of Tiger's Eye Stones

There are several stones with very interesting virtues. Lithotherapy is full of them. If the tiger's eye manages to stand out so well, it is by its unique properties (obviously), but also by its singular beauty, its appearance that all other stones envy.

In commerce, it generally comes in the form of gems, small round stones polished after several transformations. These transformations bring out the charm and the different shades of color of the tiger's eye stone.

As for its creation in nature, it is above all a rock whose composition has undergone modifications over time under the effect of heat. As a result, tiger's eye falls into the class of metamorphic rocks.

In terms of its colors, we are talking about a shiny appearance with shades that oscillate between yellow, brown and gold. It is often said that it is this succession of bands of several colors that gives our stone its beauty.

Another interesting thing to know is that in their natural state, most tiger's eye stones are much darker than what you are used to seeing. A nitric acid solution is in fact used to give them more clarity and clearly delineate their different colors.

You should also know that some tiger's eye stones are red. This coloring is in fact given to them artificially by special heat treatments.

Pile of stones and crystals with different colors and effects, placed on red velvet.

Mineralogical composition of tiger's eye

Basically, tiger's eye is composed of three types of minerals:

  • Microcrystalline quartz with a high silicon content (which makes up the majority of our stone)
  • Amphibole, a black lava rock highly loaded with iron, calcium and/or magnesium
  • Hematite, an ore with a high iron and metal content

Of course (like all minerals), other mineralogical components can be found in our stone. To obtain more purely scientific information and since this is not what interests us most here, we advise you to consult the Wikipedia page which talks about tiger's eye. Although not complete, it contains truthful information verified by collective intelligence.

In terms of hardness, tiger's eye is generally around 7 on the Mohs scale. In other words, if you clash a piece of tiger's eye with other types of stones, chances are good that the breaks won't be on it.

Although it is true that there are several deposits of our stone, the fact remains that it still officially remains in the category of semi-precious stones.

The largest deposit is located in South Africa, but there are many in other countries, such as Burma, Congo, India and the United States.

Tree made of semi-precious stones, notably tiger's eye stones.

What are the virtues of tiger's eye?

Here we are now at the most anticipated moment of this article: the discovery of the virtues of tiger's eye.

Although many skeptics still debate them, the use of our stone is old enough that we can discuss its effects with a fair degree of certainty.

To properly classify them, we will now discover the virtues of the tiger's eye through the prisms of spirituality, emotions, energies and material.

Tiger's eye, well-being and spirituality

As mentioned above, tiger's eye is known for its protective properties. If human intelligence has succeeded in finding medicines to combat diseases, it is quite difficult to ensure protection against the supernatural.

Since its discovery, tiger's eye has been recognized as having a protective capacity against evil spirits, spells, the effects of black magic, etc. more precisely, its mode of operation consists of keeping negative energies away from the person who wears it. In other words, wearing jewelry made of tiger's eye allows you to return negative energies directed against you to their emissary.

Its role goes far beyond the protection of a simple individual. You can use it to keep negative vibes away from those around you. The tiger's eye can literally serve as a shield for your living space. To do this, simply display a few pieces in one of the rooms of your house or in your office.

Tiger's Eye and Self-Realization

Tiger's Eye allows you to make maximum use of your innate psychic abilities. When you have goals to achieve and you don't feel up to those goals, tiger's eye helps you achieve them. Indeed, it helps you draw from deep within you the energy you need to get there.

This stone gives you the strength and mentality necessary to persevere in the face of difficulties when discouraged. With her by your side, there is no question of giving up until you have achieved your goal.

It is difficult for many people to see in themselves the faults that prevent them from being at the top of their capacity... Well, this stone is known to have the power to reveal your true faults to you. Also, with its use it is easy to express yourself, to share what you think as well as what you intend to accomplish.

Still in the same vein, the tiger's eye plays a fairly important role on thoughts. Indeed, it makes it possible to give a certain coherence to ideas, to channel it and make them more coherent. If you tend to get distracted or suffer from mental fog, the virtues of tiger's eye could therefore interest you.

Tiger's eye and emotions

On an emotional level, the virtues of this stone are once again very interesting.

First, when it is in contact with the sun, it allows the development of personal confidence. It develops a sense of generosity, courage, kindness, and a whole host of other human qualities.

It also promotes stability and ensures behavior that makes you a better person. To this end, it encourages you, for example, to take the first step in matters of love, while allowing you to have a better perception of your romantic feelings.

Another virtue of tiger's eye: it knows how to keep too intense negative emotions away from us. Without completely removing them (which would amount to suppressing the signals that our body sends us), it helps to keep them far from our inner being, facilitating the creation of personal happiness even in the face of adversity. Among these negative emotions that the tiger's eye wards off, we can cite such as fear, stress, anxiety, shame, etc.

Tiger's eye and energies

Tiger's eye also acts on the energy of the person who uses it. It allows a complementary supply of energy, offering both feminine and masculine, hot and cold, day and night... If you are familiar with the philosophy of Feng Shui, you will understand that this stone will balance Yin and the Yang present in you.

In the field of lithotherapy (medicine based on stones), tiger's eye has the specificity of acting on the chakra based at the level of the solar plexus. The solar plexus is located near the stomach, below the sternum at the sides near the ribs.

By activating this energy center (some speak of chakra), therapists often seek to develop a stronger spiritual and emotional anchor.

The tiger's eye stone will allow you to react in a more calm manner and will make your behavior less hasty and more structured. This is a good way to create more mature thoughts and think better about your decisions before making them.

Tiger's eye and physical health

If tiger's eye is used to impact our mind, our emotions and our psychological well-being, its virtues are also felt in a much more concrete way, in terms of our physical health.

Be careful though: with the advice that follows, a warning is necessary. We are not doctors and, in the case of symptoms or serious illnesses, you must first consult a competent and certified health practitioner.

Regardless, it is often said that tiger's eye stone has a wonderful effect on joint health. Many people of a certain age have difficulty moving around due to joint pain. Tiger's eye could be of great use to them.

In cases of chronic or frequent migraine, this stone helps soothe the sufferer by reducing the intensity of certain forms of these ailments.

Tiger's eye also serves to support the immune system. It allows your body to have a certain resistance to fatigue. It facilitates sleep and allows you to enjoy peaceful nights with very little restlessness.

Another property of our stone, it allows better intestinal transit. Digestion problems can occur at any time in a person. Apart from poor diet, these problems can be linked to emotional instability. The role of the tiger's eye in this case is to create emotional stability by eliminating the tensions which are the basis of this disorder. In doing so, it corrects the digestive system and facilitates intestinal transit again.

With the same aim of regulating our moods and emotions, this stone would reduce certain problems of tension, nervousness and irritability.

Bracelet made of tiger's eye worn by a man on the wrist, to benefit from its energetic effects.

So, how to use tiger's eye?

There are several ways to benefit from the virtues of tiger's eye.

You can already incorporate it into a pendant, a necklace or an amulet, in order to wear it around your neck. This way of doing things allows you (if the chain is the right length) to place the stone directly in contact with your solar plexus, and therefore to best activate its energy.

You can also choose to wear it as a ring or bracelet. This way of doing things is more altruistic, since you will be able to more easily share the benefits of your stone with those you come across during your day.

As for its associations with other materials. .. in the field of jewelry, tiger's eye is used with all possible categories of metals. Whatever your style and taste, you can find a piece of jewelry that will allow you to benefit from the virtues of tiger's eye!

Another way to do this is to buy raw stones and place them in the rooms whose energy you want to change.

For those who choose to protect their home or workplace, they can choose to use the tiger's eye in ball form. You also have the option of purchasing decorative items that you can install in your home. There are statues or sculptures, each more charming than the other.

In fact, the ways to benefit from the powers of your stones can be extremely numerous. For example, here is a file from another site which summarizes some things you need to know to do it correctly.

In the end, no matter how you use the stone, the main thing is to have it close to you to benefit from its many beneficial effects.

Two people bathing in a sacred pool to purify themselves.

How to purify your tiger's eye?

Tiger's eye is a stone that attaches to the person who wears it. In other words, it contains the energies of its wearers. It is therefore important to discharge it in certain cases, to purify it to recover its initial effects.

Let us also point out that a purification may be wise when you have just received your tiger's eye jewelry, to ensure proper functioning.

This purification can be done in several ways. We can cite:

  • Salt purification: This technique is quite simple. It consists of putting the tiger's eye in salt for about an hour. You can also choose to do this without dipping it in salt. To do this, simply put your stone in a container. Then you place the container on top of salt.
  • Water purification: This is also a very simple method, but very long. In fact, it lasts five hours. All you need to do, as you might expect, is to immerse the stone in a jar filled with water.
  • Earth purification: This method takes even longer than the water purification method. It lasts 24 hours. But it occurs especially when the stone contains a very large charge of negative energy. In these cases, it is much more effective than other methods. To purify using earth, you must dig a small hole in a place charged with positive energy. Put the stone in the hole then close it for the time of purification.
  • Purification with clay: It is also to be used in extreme cases of purification. The stone must be placed in a mixture of water and clay. It must then be left in the mixture until the water disappears completely.
  • Purification based on sound: Sound is recognized as having the property of repelling negative energies. To benefit your stone from this virtue, you must place the piece in a place, make noise with a sound therapy instrument... and that's it. To find instruments, refer to the collection on our site on the subject.
  • Purification with incense: This is a method intended for small purification sessions. To carry out this purification, you must put the tiger's eye in incense smoke. The energies escape at the same time as the smoke escapes.

Dozens of loose pieces of tiger's eye.

And how do I recharge my stone?

You now know how to purify your tiger's eye stone in order to preserve its virtues which could be altered by other energies. GOOD.

However, it also happens that the stones simply lose energy, efficiency... in short, that they discharge. In fact, the more your tiger's eye allows you to benefit from its virtues, the more it will discharge.

Recharging your stones is no easy task. If, for example, you look at this article from the site, you will see that many rituals can be complicated to put in place.

Don't worry, there are simple methods to recharge your stone so you can benefit from its powers again. Here are some of them:

  • Recharging through light: This is about natural light, sunlight to be more precise. You must therefore place your stone in direct light to allow it to recharge.
  • Recharging by fire: Fire is an excellent source of energy. However, there is no question of plunging the tiger's eye into the middle of the flames to recharge it. In these conditions, you risk damaging it. It is recommended to place the stone above the flame while maintaining a reasonable distance.
  • Recharging by other stones and crystals: Certain stones contain a very large quantity of energy allowing the tiger's eye to be recharged. The recharging process is simple, just place the two stones in contact. In particular, we can only advise you here to use the different types of quartz.

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Tiger's eye stone bracelet

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