Uncover the secrets of the Chinese Oracle (Asian tarot)

Esotericism has always had an important place in China.

The Chinese have in fact practiced the art of divination for millennia in order to know the future, the past or even the present. To do this, they use various techniques... and astrology is undoubtedly the most used.

It is also this discipline which gave birth to the Chinese oracle. We are talking here about a divinatory game which would allow us to know one's destiny. Through its effectiveness, the Chinese oracle has won over many fortune tellers and clairvoyants.

But what is it exactly?

What is its operating principle?

This is precisely what we are going to discover together today.

Contents :

What is the Chinese oracle?

Composition of the Chinese Oracle

How the Chinese oracle works

Some examples of draw results

Other variants of the Chinese oracle

Tips for successful divinations

Chinese tarot cards used by a psychic.

What is the Chinese oracle?

Like the tarot of Marseille or that of Belline, the Chinese oracle is a divination game widely used in the Orient to predict the future. Recently, he has started to experience immense success in the West.

Through its history and its guiding principle, here are some details that will allow you to better understand this divinatory art.

His history

Also called Yi Jing or Yi King, the Chinese oracle is not new. This divinatory art, practiced for millennia, is inspired by an ancestral work of divination called “Mutations of the Zhou” or “book of transformations”. It is a manuscript which tells that people of yesteryear used pieces or stems of yarrow (a plant very present in China) as a divination tool.

Interpreting the drawing allowed them to find the answers to questions concerning different areas of their lives. Practitioners were even able to find keys to understanding or solutions to certain particular problems.

In the past, only emperors and kings could use the Chinese oracle. But its practice has become more popular over time. If you are interested in the history of ancient China, take a look at our collection of Chinese lucky charms : you will find many curiosities there, all Asian.

That being said, the Chinese oracle is today accessible to everyone and it is not necessary to be a medium or a clairvoyant to practice it. It should be noted that there are several variations of the Chinese oracle. But the basic principle remains the same.

Let’s discover this principle precisely now.

The principle of the Chinese oracle

What is the Chinese oracle ?

Well actually, it is a divination game based on the use of astrology and various symbols important in Chinese culture, and which aims to predict the future.

The Chinese oracle most practiced in the West is a deck of cards made up of 120 cards, each of which has its own meaning. In addition, a unique proverb is associated with each blade. (You know, Asians are very fond of proverbs!)

In short, to practice the Chinese oracle, you must first observe the 12 Chinese astrological signs, also called 12 Astrological Palaces. Then, you must connect them to the 5 Vital Forces and the 5 elements. The association of Palaces and cards gives specific information, which will then be combined with a proverb.

To learn more about these esoteric concepts, here is a description of the 12 astrological signs (or palaces), as well as a guide to the famous 5 elements.

The Chinese oracle allows an individual to obtain precise answers to a question. For example, if the consultant wants to obtain information regarding his love life, he may obtain as a message the quote “Your heart is racing for your loved one”.

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Composition of the Chinese Oracle

As a reminder, the Chinese oracle is based on the association of the 12 palaces, the 5 elements, the 5 Vital Forces and the 120 quotes. With each draw, you can obtain different combinations with varied meanings. To be able to make a good interpretation, it is necessary to understand the symbols that make up the divination game.

The 12 Palaces and their meaning

  • The Dragon Palace represents the consultant's love life, his children, the people he loves or even creativity.
  • The Rooster Palace, on the other hand, refers to its social situation, that is to say its place in society.
  • The Goat Palace focuses on reflection or personal development. Indeed, it highlights the various changes that the consultant must adopt in his life and encourages him to question himself.
  • The Tiger Palace reflects daily life and reveals the consultant's entourage.
  • The Monkey Palace is connected to aspirations and the goal to be achieved.
  • The Snake Palace refers to responsibilities, or work.
  • The Horse's Palace speaks of relationships with others or the romantic partner.
  • The Palace of the Pig precisely evokes the obstacles to face and the enemies that the consultant could encounter.
  • The Rat's Palace highlights his potential, his desires and his state of mind.
  • Le Palais du Chien reveals projects, friends and achievements.
  • The Ox Palace symbolizes money and all material things
  • The Hare Palace refers to the family and the couple.

The 5 elements and their meaning

First of all, there is Wood, the element that indicates the beginning. It is associated with the morning, the wind, spring or even awakening. It is a symbol of renewal or new beginnings.

Then there is Earth, a sign of stability and rootedness. It evokes work, prudence or even gentleness.

Metal is the third element that makes up the Chinese oracle. It is associated with autumn with its warm color, with sunset or evening. In a reading, it generally announces an upcoming change, the completion or end of a situation.

We must now talk about Water which symbolizes rest, calm, cold or even hidden fertility. When it appears, it indicates the need to take a break.

Finally, there is the element of Fire which is associated with the South, summer and the heat of the midday. It is a powerful symbol that highlights good and bad situations.

The 5 Vital Forces and their meaning

At the top of the list is the Wang Thang which represents will. It highlights a person's ability to overcome obstacles and achieve the set goal.

Lu is the representation of the body with its fragility and vulnerability. When it appears in the drawing, it can suggest injuries or illness.

The Loungta is a representative of luck. It brings together the other 4 forces and provides the strength necessary to keep them in harmony.

Then there is the La or the vital soul which symbolizes protection or the link with the outside world.

Finally, there is the Sok which is associated with the heart and represents the vitality of the consultant.

Several divination objects in a cabinet, with a crystal ball and magic tokens.

How the Chinese oracle works

How to use the Chinese oracle to know the future?

In order for this divinatory art to give you precise answers, you must practice it correctly and seriously. To help you, let's now discover the rules to follow when practicing it.

Phrase the question correctly

Above all, it must be remembered that the Chinese oracle is inspired by an ancient manuscript based on changes and mutations. This divinatory art allows you above all to know your destiny or the course of your life. So, by asking a direct question like “does Fred love me?” ", you may not get a satisfactory answer. It is better to ask “how will my relationship with John evolve?” ". Finally, you get the idea.

If you consult the Chinese oracle in order to obtain help in solving a problem or making an important decision, you must also formulate your questions individually. Instead of saying “should I do this or that to get through this?” ", it is better to separate the two questions. All that remains then is to compare the two answers to know the path to follow.

Sometimes the answers obtained are not precise or difficult to understand. If this is the case, there is no question of resuming the session. It is better to wait a few days before consulting the oracle again.

Horoscope, career predictions and romantic future: only with the right question can we receive the right answer.

The correct drawing method

As noted previously, there are several variations of the Chinese oracle. Consequently, the draw can be carried out in various ways. However, experts in this Chinese art of divination generally use the following technique.

The consultant must begin by formulating his question.

Then, he must draw the cards and select one associated with the 12 palaces. She will be connected with her Chinese astrological sign. This blade allows you to unlock wisdom thanks to the 5 elements and the 5 Vital Forces. It also corresponds to a very specific proverb.

Some psychics rely on reading 3 cards, while others prefer a draw of 10 cards. Regardless of the approach chosen, the way of interpreting the cards does not change, each card having a meaning in itself.

Interpret the draw carefully

Divinatory tarot cards are complex tools. Cartomancy is an art that allows you to know your future, but which requires years of work.

To interpret the drawing, you must concentrate and also understand the various symbolic messages used in this art of divination. The answer can be specific or quite vague. Caution and wisdom are therefore required.

More broadly, some advice is always good to follow to correctly interpret a divinatory drawing. For example, here are some from the site astrocenter.fr full of wisdom.

Either way, the reading may also give you options that should help you better understand the current situation and know the path to follow.

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Some examples of draw results

In general, the association of the Earth element and the Pig Palace symbolizes a need for negotiation. On the other hand, the combination of water and the Ox palace indicates a demand for justice. Yes, a tarot reader will have to know all these combinations.

If you have drawn the Earth card and it is located on the Rat's Palace, this means that you are in complete harmony with your universe. More precisely, the oracle tells you “What rises always rests on a foundation”.

You have drawn the La card which is located in the Serpent Palace. This means that you have a professional problem and this is affecting your morale. Questioning is therefore necessary in order to improve your position. The oracle tells you “An animal with wood continues to struggle”.

You have obtained the Metal card and it is in Serpent Palace. This reading indicates that you are looking for a well-paid job. Otherwise, you aspire to a big change in the professional field and you want to start on new bases. The proverb associated with the card is “He who falls must find a point of balance”.

Yes, clairvoyance is definitely something complex. To be guided and make the right decisions, at least regarding the tools to use, you can refer to this part of our site which brings together divination accessories, grouped for you in one place.

Through these examples, you can understand that the Chinese oracle is giving you an explanation for the current situation. She also gives you advice on the solution to adopt.

A Chinese hat on an Asian wall.

Other variants of the Chinese oracle

The Chinese oracle is a particularly rich and powerful divinatory art. In fact, several oracles, several variations of this discipline are currently practiced. Instead of cards or blades, some use wooden discs or even pieces of metal.

Among the best-known variants is the Chinese oracle Ling Chi Ching. This is the simplest variation and means “spiritual failures.” This time, the game is made up of 12 wooden pawns (a bit like those used in checkers).

The principle is to throw them in three series of 4, which represent the ground, the sky and man. You will get up to 125 varied combinations and each of them is associated with an ancient proverb or poem.

Some Asian psychics also choose to use pieces from the Mahjong game. To do this, they associate each piece with a meaning according to our oracle (astrological palace, element or vital force) and then pull the mixed pieces into a large jute bag. If this method of clairvoyance interests you, know that we offer a Mahjong game straight from China here on our site.

Then there is the variant which requires the use of coins. The principle is to take three pieces. Then you have to focus on the question before throwing away the pieces. They will fall in front of you and you must add up their value. Note the result and make a new draw. In total, 6 draws must be made in order to obtain the elements necessary to obtain the desired answer. To interpret the results, you can easily find one of the guides online.

Ancient city in China with lights at night.

Tips for successful divinations

The Chinese oracle is a rather simple art of divination. However, it is impossible to practice it without learning. You can train yourself on the web. Otherwise, various works which contain Chinese wisdom and techniques in the divinatory art of the Orient are available.

Furthermore, by training, you will be required to make a choice among the different variants of the Chinese oracle. Regardless of the variant chosen, there are a few rules to follow if you want to have a successful divination session.

First of all, you have to be sincere when you ask the question. Then, it is essential to carry out the draw according to the rules of the art. Good concentration is also required throughout the session. Working with the arcana of the world requires a certain amount of caution.

It is important to specify that the Chinese oracle can be practiced regularly, even every day. In other words, it can serve as your daily guide. But it is also possible to practice it occasionally when you have a specific problem to solve. Currently, several clairvoyants specialize in the practice of the Chinese oracle. You can therefore also contact a professional if you have not yet mastered this divinatory art.

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