Understand the meaning of each Mirror Hour (the 24)

Mirror hours are a strange phenomenon linked to both numerology and astrology.

Concretely, we are talking here about synchronicities that we experience when we see the same number displayed twice on our watches and clocks.

If there's one thing we've learned in recent years, it's that nothing happens by chance.

Between mysteries, probabilities and superior messages, together we will try to see a little more clearly on the thorny subject of mirror hours.

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Introduction to mirror hours

























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Young man readjusting a luxury watch on his wrist.

Introduction to mirror hours

Seeing particular sequences of numbers is never a coincidence, but always a sign to be interpreted, or even a message to be understood.

Missing out on the information offered to us through the mirror hours would undoubtedly be a mistake... an error that we no longer make and that we invite you to no longer make either.

As we will see in this article, each mirror hour has its own characteristics and the ways of understanding them can be very different.

There are also a whole bunch of different views that can explain their meanings.

In particular, we have chosen here to present to you each time the point of view of the tarot on the question, but also the reading through the messages that our guardian angels leave us.

Let's also point out: there are a whole bunch of other special times (such as double hours, triple hours or even reversed hours).

To remain as concise and precise as possible, we will simply limit ourselves here to the mirror hours... Which is already not bad!

Two statues of the number 0 in white stone.

00:00: infinite, divine and eternity

Meaning of this mirror hour

To put it simply, the number 0 represents infinity and a kind of unlimited potential.

The message sent here is quite clear: you have the power to do what you want, and your dreams are undoubtedly more accessible than you think.

Message from your guardian angel

From a biblical perspective, 0 is a divine number expressing the eternal and infinite character of God.

Some of us also associate it with the link between the Lord and his creation (our world therefore, but also us humans).

Seeing the mirror hour “00:00” is therefore the sign of a strong link with the divine.

If, for example, you seek to get closer to the sacred and spiritual side of sight, this is undoubtedly a sign that you are on the right path.

If this is not your case, why not understand this message as a reminder that you remain (and will remain) eternally linked to God?

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

If you seek to understand the meaning of the time “00:00” according to the tarot, you will quickly see that there are in reality dozens of different perspectives (as is often the case with mirror hours).

Our favorite, and undoubtedly the most widespread, comes down to linking this oh-so-special hour to the Fool card, bearing the number 0 in the order of the major arcana. After all, is this really surprising for the midnight hour?

In short, the meaning of this card is that of the unknown, of the beginning of creative acts and new paths that open up to you. The madman is also the one who abandons his ego in the material world, and can thus rise towards a spirituality incomprehensible to other beings.

We can easily attribute all these characteristics to the time that interests us.

Plaque in front of a house marked with the number 1.

01:01: unity and individuality

Meaning of this mirror hour

1 has always been the number of ambitious people, leaders and those who know how to stand out from the crowd.

Seeing the time “01:01” displayed on your watch is therefore the site that you must take charge of your life, because your destiny promises to make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you want to start as an entrepreneur, start a new training course or set up a particular project, there is a good chance that you will achieve your goals.

Message from your guardian angel

If you are experiencing this mirror hour, it may also be a sign that an angel is trying to communicate with you.

The message to understand here will be more or less the one that we have just explained to you: it is time for you to take charge of your destiny and carry out the projects that you have had in mind for so long.

Sometimes also, the time “01:01” is the sign of two distinct beings (by the repetition of the 1) who are going to pass a part of the way side by side. In other words, you are ready to find your soul mate. Even if it is above all an unconscious message, perhaps your twin flame will appear to you soon!

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

According to tarot also, the number 1 is a symbol of unity and individualism. (Please note, this term is not necessarily to be understood negatively.)

The 1 is also the spiritual expression of the essence of magicians, clairvoyants, alchemists and other esotericists. This necessarily links it to ideas of creation, transformation and mysteries…

In any case, the meaning of this mirror hour according to the tarot will resolutely be that of exceptional beings.

Number 2 drawn by red neon in front of a black background.

02:02: couples and pairs

Meaning of this mirror hour

Not too surprisingly, the time “02:02” represents everything that goes in pairs.

It can express positive things like couples, friendship or love... but also more negative things like oppositions and arguments.

In fact, of all the mirror hours, the “02:02” is without a doubt the most ambivalent, the one which carries within itself the most opposite things.

Understanding the message it carries is therefore particularly complex.

Message from your guardian angel

A simple way to find an interpretation of this synchronicity is to refer to its angelic message.

According to Christian doctrine, number 2 conveys to us ideas of courage, gratitude and confidence.

This can therefore be a way for the angels to tell you that they believe in you, or that you must have confidence in yourself and your projects.

If you have recently asked questions in your prayers, then seeing the time "02:02" can also be seen as an answer.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

Reading the cards tells us that 2 is the number of balance and harmony between opposites.

The figure of the priestess is also linked to her, as is everything that is hidden behind her. In this respect, we can cite intuition and the rational, the hidden and the revealed, hot and cold, science and the innate... Yes, this tarot card is also that of opposites!

So, there's definitely a bit of that hiding behind our mirror hour.

Inscription of the lucky number 3 on a concrete wall.

03:03: social relationships and distance

Meaning of this mirror hour

If “01:01” expresses unity and “02:02” expresses duality, “03:03” is the time of communication, transmission and social relations.

An important thing to keep in mind about mirror hours, but especially this one, is that your personal successes and what you are able to accomplish in life will mainly depend on your will.

Even if certain signs can guide us, we must keep in mind that it is above all our choices that decide who we are.

Message from your guardian angel

Our guardian angel is definitely a benevolent being who only wants good things for us.

When it makes us look at our watch or clock and it says “3:03,” this is specifically a sign that you should trust your intuition.

Have you recently told yourself that a certain person is toxic? So stay away from it.

Did a particular event bother you? Run away from the situation that made it happen.

In fact, the meaning of this mirror hour is to trust your impressions and your feelings.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

In tarot, the number three is found on the Empress card. Since qualities of initiative, long-term action and fruition of acquired things are linked to this card, the same goes for the time “03:03”.

Be careful though, some see things like doubt and ignorance of real dangers through the empress. The various tarot cards (Belline oracle, Egyptian tarot, angel tarot, etc.) differ on this subject... even if the empress often signifies the culmination of a work.

Plaque with a blue 4 marked on it, all hung on a wooden post.

04:04 : a sign that should alert

Meaning of this mirror hour

Be careful, if you see this hour several times in a row in a short time, you can be sure of one thing: someone wants to harm you (according to a whole “range” of intensity of course).

Whether it's rumors spreading about you, an attempt to scam you, or conspiring against you, seeing the time "04:04" is loaded with meaning.

From a purely symbolic perspective, it is also a time of materiality, solidity and concrete things. Its meaning is therefore not only negative.

Once again with mirror hours, it's all about context.

Message from your guardian angel

Generally, our guardian angels give us all their love and support.

When you are surrounded by people who wish you well, they are happy and smile.

When, on the other hand, those around you wish you harm, they seek to help you.

This can take a whole bunch of different forms. Making you experience moments of synchronicity during which you see the mirror time “04:04” appear several times is a good example of this.

Concretely, this sign must be interpreted as the absolute necessity to distance yourself from certain bad people. Your romantic but also friendly life will only be better off.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The number 4 is the one worn by the emperor.

We are talking here about the guardian of the tarot, the official leader who has the greatest decision-making power and who delegates responsibilities to those who deserve it.

Very concretely, the 4 thus carries within itself a certain wisdom and a bit of the temperance specific to sovereigns.

More positively therefore, seeing the time “04:04” can also be a sign that you have the qualities of a leader.

Yellow paint marking on a floor representing the number 5.

05:05: luck in love

Meaning of this mirror hour

If you ask us, finding yourself in front of a clock showing “05:05” is real luck!

This means that someone is thinking of you, and probably even that you have won the heart of this person.

Another common interpretation is to put this time in parallel with our five senses, and therefore with the ultimately very personal relationship that we have with the world around us.

Message from your guardian angel

The angelic message carried by the mirror hour “05:05” is also linked to our world, and more particularly to its material aspect.

In short, it means that, despite some worries that may hinder your happiness, you are on the right track and that a brighter tomorrow is promised to you.

This can be understood in many ways depending on your personal situation…

Whether it's money or health problems, for example, seeing "5:05 a.m." on your watch is definitely a sign of hope.


Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

Here, the time “05:05” will be linked to magic and witchcraft.

The famous pentacle, evil symbol par excellence, has in fact five branches and is therefore closely linked to this number.

Without going into further detail, the tarot sees this as a sign of change and reversals of principles. Even if it is not always fundamentally negative, interpreting this message is the door open to many afflictions, even curses.

If you want advice, stay away from all this, nothing good can come of it.

Wooden boards on which are placed a piece of green resin indicating the number 6.

06:06: sensitivity sometimes exacerbated

Meaning of this mirror hour

The number 6 is often described as the lucky number of the most sensitive people.

Seeing the time “06:06” displayed in front of you may therefore mean that you should look into that side of your personality.

If you have recently felt hurt by something, try to put things into perspective and see if you are not too sensitive, if you do not let yourself be affected too easily.

Anyway, we are talking here about the mirror hour of emotionality and feelings.

Message from your guardian angel

On an angelic level, the hour “06:06” carries with it a message of balance to find between several facets of your life.

Whether we're talking about the balance between the material and the spiritual, between the present and your aspirations for the future, between caring for your body or your mind, the fact is that you still need to find your sweet spot. harmony.

In any case, this is what your guardian angel is trying to tell you if you encounter several mirror hours containing the 6 in a short time.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

As we have just noted, our number here is that of harmony, but also of emotions and feelings.

If you feel a need for more balance in your relationship or in a friendship for example, seeing the mirror hour “06:06” can therefore be quite interesting. This could indeed mean that your goal will soon be achieved, and your desires fulfilled.

From a more mystical perspective, the number 6 expresses the most beautiful union between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. (Some associate this with the Asian view of Ying and Yang).

Number 7 marked with black marker on the bark of a tree.

07:07: knowledge, wisdom and knowledge

Meaning of this mirror hour

Few things in our world are as sacred and connected to the divine as the 7.

A lucky number par excellence, most wise people see it as the ultimate expression of knowledge of oneself, the world and God, all of which is used with the greatest wisdom.

Sometimes also, this number expresses the result of a complete cycle of transformation, the mutation of one thing into another more positive one.

Seeing the time “07:07” is therefore a godsend not to be ignored!

Message from your guardian angel

Yes, as with the other mirror hours that we have just talked about, your guardian angels communicate with you using this one.

The possible interpretations of the time “07:07” are (really) very numerous and will largely depend on your situation.

Generally, however, we can relate it to a confirmation that your path is the right one, and an encouragement to continue on the path you have chosen.

Another common interpretation is to see this mirror hour as an affirmation of your qualities as a human being and your natural gifts.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

7 is therefore a very sacred number.

For the most spiritual esotericists, it also serves to speak of the desire for new knowledge that lies dormant in every man. Our subconscious is working every moment to elevate our soul, and we would do well to listen to it.

Seeing the time “7:07 a.m.” can therefore be a sign that will push you to always pursue your goal or, if you don't have one at the moment, to find one.

In tarot, the number 7 is also that of the chariot card. Through it, the 7 expresses introspection, the quest for life and that of abundance.

8 in metal hanging on the front of a red door.

08:08: balance and upheaval

Meaning of this mirror hour

Be careful, once again, encountering this mirror hour in your day will constitute a message that should not be left aside.

“8:08 a.m.” will basically express the imminence of a major change ready to take place in your life.

If you see it on your alarm clock, be happy because it will change your existence for the better. However, you will need to remain very careful in your choices. The stakes will be high…

Aside from that, the number 8 is generally used as a representation of infinity and eternal. (You just have to put it on its side to get the infinity symbol).

Message from your guardian angel

According to the Bible, 8 expresses the cosmic balance of creation as well as everything that can serve as an intermediary between God and men.

As an angel number, it brings a comforting message of encouragement that invites us to accept change while remaining true to ourselves.

In other words: success, profitable efforts and personal development will be the key words when you see the time “08:08” displayed on your watch.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

As we said earlier, 8 is the number of infinity. We can also easily parallel it to the ideas of strength, power and wisdom, three things which all develop potentially without limits.

Otherwise, 8 is the number carried by the Justice card, the one which is the most impartial and which decides truth from falsehood.

Here again, the concepts of strength (to be able to choose even in complicated situations) and wisdom (to always make a correct judgment) are relevant.

Two numbers 9 on an old poster damaged by time.

09:09: flaws and work on yourself to undertake

Meaning of this mirror hour

Human beings suffer from many faults.

You, me, them... Everyone in reality has flaws and vices.

Seeing the mirror hour “09:09” is a reminder of this state of affairs.

Be careful, this is neither a way of making you feel guilty (by pointing out your weaknesses) nor of putting them into perspective too much (by reminding us that we all have them).

No, the idea here is rather to suggest that we all have faults and that we must work every day to improve them.

Message from your guardian angel

Each life path is different and our guardian angels are well aware of this.

Sometimes unfortunately, it happens that we deviate too strongly, which saddens those good souls who love us and keep us.

Showing us the time “09:09” on our clocks is a way of telling us that it is time to redo what we were made to do, that we have gone astray in our choices.

In another way, it is also possible to understand this mirror hour as a sign that we must leave the past aside in order to continue moving forward.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The tarot card with the number 9 is the Hermit card.

Quite mysterious and complex to interpret, it serves to express the transformation that generally takes place following an initiatory journey, the most intense transformations and the most radical changes.

If you see it appear during a tarot reading, it will often represent significant success in your past and your life path.

To put it simply, the point of view of the tarot of the hour “09:09” will be that of progression and a positive path in progress.

Lucky number 10 made of pieces of golden cardboard placed on a large green surface.

10:10: cyclical and positive change

Meaning of this mirror hour

So now we enter the strange world of mirror hours with two significant figures.

With “10h10”, it will be about the need to find your uniqueness in the face of the infinity of the world.

This therefore necessarily requires self-confidence, yes, but also luck: two things that you will not normally lack if you make the right decisions.

The number 10 can also represent changes ready to take place in a short period of time.

Message from your guardian angel

As an angel number, 10 is a sign of encouragement that invites you to move forward in your life with faith and kindness.

More than others, it will be yourself that this attitude will cover with happiness.

Seeing the mirror hour “10:10” displayed before your eyes can also be a sign that angels (or even humans for that matter) are praying for you.

If you are lost in your life, it is therefore quite possible that you will soon find a source of comfort.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

What can we say about the number 10 in the tarot except that it is the combination of 1 and 0, and therefore of the fool and the magician.

No further explanation is necessary here, each of us sees directly what may be hidden behind this. Sometimes practicing a divinatory art comes down to following your intuition. Predicting the future cannot be done without a touch of instinct and, with the madman and the magician, our unconscious will know how to guide us.

Another common interpretation of the mirror hour “10:10” is to link it to the wheel of destiny card, and therefore to a kind of constant and inevitable cyclical evolution.

Number 111 engraved in a huge block of stone.

11:11: challenges to overcome

Meaning of this mirror hour

Seeing this time appear on your watch is a big sign, something that should really alert you.

Basically, you risk suffering (a lot) in the future if you don't make the right decisions.

However, do not be discouraged: you have what it takes to meet your challenges.

“11:11” is one of those mirror hours in a rather negative sense but which still carries hope and a positive vision of the future.

Let us also clarify: by its repetition of the number 1, some consider “11:11” to be a triple hour, a double hour, or even an inverted hour!

Message from your guardian angel

We all have a soul created by the same divine source: God, the Creator.

Once incarnated on earth, however, our paths separate and some of us receive particular life missions.

This is exactly the idea that your guardian angel is trying to communicate to you by making the time “11:11” appear in your day.

In other words, this is a sign sent to you to tell you that you have great things to accomplish here on earth.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

If the number 1 is so important in the tarot, the 11 (which after all is just a repetition of the 1) should also have its role to play, right?

Well yes, absolutely!

Seeing a series of identical numbers carries a double meaning or, rather, sees the original meaning doubled. According to tarology, seeing this number come out in a card draw and, a fortiori, seeing it appear near you, is a clear sign that your personal path is not ready to stop.

Your life goal must always be pursued and, although the positive affirmations of future success are there, the road is still long.

Number 12 marked on a rusty mailbox.

12:12: opportunities and novelty

Meaning of this mirror hour

The number 12 is that of unexpected opportunities and, in a way, renewal.

However, this will be true provided that you know how to maintain a positive attitude (towards the world, others, but also yourself).

If so, the new things that will soon be offered to you should fill you with joy and help you flourish.

Message from your guardian angel

You know, there are many ways to live life in our physical world.

Even if the rules to follow to be happy are largely found in life, there is always an important place for us to make personal choices and express our personality.

The time “12:12” approximately carries this idea.

In fact, seeing it on your watch is a sign that a guardian angel close to you is inviting you to seek a new path that will suit you better and in which it will be more possible for you to flourish.

To fully succeed in this, however, you will need to sharpen your senses and your intelligence beforehand.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

Once again, the tarot interprets the time “12:12 p.m.” through the two numbers that make it up, namely 1 and 2.

It is therefore not surprising that the number 12 is linked to the sacred union of two independent individuals.

When we think about it carefully, it is in this form that love is purest: when neither of the two beings is dependent on the other, the couple then necessarily results from a will and a choice.

The meaning of the message here is therefore that of twin flames, soul mates and other people promised by destiny.

Orange brick wall with the number 13 written on it in a white square.

13:13: transformation and completion

Meaning of this mirror hour

If you have dreams in mind or wishes that you would like to see come true, it is good news for you to cross paths with the time “13:13”.

It actually materializes better than any other the transformation of intentions into more concrete things.

Warning: “13:13” is also one of those mirror hours which has a dark side.

Through its link with the number 13, suffering is also represented (and sometimes even death).

Some see it as a sign of a transformation in pain. If you are going through a more complicated period, this mirror hour can tell you that all of this has a purpose.

Message from your guardian angel

The number 13 is an angelic number that is surprising to say the least.

As we have just said, it is particularly linked to ideas that are negative to say the least.

When guardian angels put it on your path, it can therefore be as much to warn you as to confirm to you that your trials are indeed useful, or to invite you to pray to better bear the pain.

For our part, it is this last interpretation that we prefer to give to the time “13:13”, that of predictions of challenges that are, to say the least, arduous.

Knowing the meaning of this series of numbers helps us understand its nickname: “13:13” is commonly called “off-peak hours”.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The tarot has a much less gloomy view of this particular hour, and the number that makes it up.

While death is a finality for many doctrines, it is sometimes used in the divinatory arts to express an idea of ​​change or the end of a cycle which allows the triggering of a new one.

Clearly, “1:13 p.m” is a time which, if it occurs often over a short period of time, signifies the end of something.

Number 14 written with an original font on black painted boards.

14:14: you are on the right path

Meaning of this mirror hour

If you feel frustrated in your daily life and you know the meaning of the word failure, pay close attention to your clock: if it displays “14:14”, it means it has a message for you!

Indeed, it will then be a question of not giving up.

Maybe you're closer to success than you think.

Perhaps you also grow in the face of hardship, and all of this will be positive for you in the long term.

Message from your guardian angel

With this mirror hour, your protector seeks to tell you that what you have just done now is good for your soul, that this thing can bring you more internal balance and harmony.

So have confidence in yourself because you have the ability to repeat this again, and thus get closer to the state of grace.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

“14:14” is necessarily a time that combines the energies of the numbers 1, 4… and therefore 5.

The message hidden behind it may therefore be that of its own entity capable of initiating major changes which will bring it greater balance, even if the ways of doing things are hidden from it.

As the saying goes, all things come to those who wait, and what must be revealed to you will be in due time. So make a wish, wait and believe in your lucky star.

15 written in white chalk on a slate.

15:15: your past speaks to you

Meaning of this mirror hour

Few mirror hours send a message as clear as “15:15”

You are undoubtedly a person who is curious about the world around you and who always likes to discover new things... Well you will have to leave all that aside!

In fact, an element of your past will suddenly resurface. (This could be an ex, a particular situation in your career, a buried problem, etc.)

The meaning of this hour is therefore quite easy to understand, yes, but remains of lesser importance compared to other more mystical or spiritual ones, that is clear.

Message from your guardian angel

The interpretation of this mirror hour according to the doctrine of angelic messages is somewhat different.

Rather, it will be a question of new beginnings and a need to leave aside this element of your past in order to better move forward towards your future, which looks bright.

To put it simply, you have to let go of that thing that is slowing you down to better embrace life!

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

In esoteric tradition, the number 15 is that of humans. It combines 1, individuality, with 5, matter.

When he speaks by repeating himself through the time “15:15.”, he sends us a reminder of our human nature that we must understand and develop as best we can.

Your tarot reader's predictions will in any case go in this direction if his readings reveal minor arcana having the 1 and the 5.

Number 16 on a typical British street sign.

16:16: negativity and the ability to love

Meaning of this mirror hour

So follow this advice: if you regularly come across the time “16:16”, there is probably too much negativity in you, and you should work on it.

Whether it is moving away from sources of stress or anxiety, and changing our relationship with the world or taking life with greater wisdom, it is clear that you should work on (at least) the one of these points.

In particular, the hour “4:16 p.m.” emphasizes the absolute necessity of developing your capacity to love.

Message from your guardian angel

The idea of ​​loving our neighbor is particularly present in the Christian religion.

It is therefore not surprising that our guardian angels can remind us of it through certain signs and messages... such as the mirror hours.

With “16:16” you are actually invited to turn to love of God, your neighbor, and yourself (to a certain extent). Believe in your protectors (whether it is your guardian angel, the Saints or the Archangels): doing this can only bring you positive things.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The tarot is actually quite vague in its interpretation of the number 16 and the associated mirror hour.

Some speak of the link between the battles of the past and those of the future. A seasoned clairvoyant will be able to sense the vibration of a person with astonishing psychic abilities, capable of reading the future or the past.

Others speak of the ability to transform bad into good through hard work.

Birthday candles forming the 17th planted in a cake.

17:17: time for surprising encounters

Meaning of this mirror hour

Pay close attention to this hour, as it indicates that an amazing encounter will soon present itself to you.

Obviously, given its “surprising” character, it is quite complicated to know what form or nature it will be (otherwise, it would not be astonishing, by definition).

Although generally the time “17:17” is associated with good and pleasant things, this is not always the case and you will therefore need to remain on your guard.

Message from your guardian angel

Setting goals and objectives is undoubtedly something to do, yes… but it is not enough!

Now that you have done this, it is time to take action to work towards making your dreams come true, at least that is what your guardian angel means to you thanks to the time “17:17”. There are no coincidences in life and these two numbers in succession simply invite you to action.

If you succeed (because, yes, an effort will be required of you), an unexpected event will also give you a little boost to encourage you on your path.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

Even in the face of the greatest difficulties, there is always a lesson to learn. Listen to the world and it will speak to you.

The 7 invites us to remain steadfast in the face of trials, while the 1 reminds us that we remain a human being, and therefore that we must take care of ourselves.

Put together in “17:17”, these two lucky numbers thus express the fair balance to be made between these two realities

Once again, the tarot provides a very personal interpretation of this hour!

Wall of a seaside town with a number 18 inscribed next to a piece of sailor's rope.

18:18: necessary sacrifices

Meaning of this mirror hour

In life, sometimes you have to know how to make sacrifices.

When we launch a new project (in terms of our career, our relationships or anything else), we necessarily have to leave certain things aside.

If it is also a question of love, it then becomes an absolute necessity, an unsurpassable obligation.

This is precisely what the time “18:18” reminds us of.

Message from your guardian angel

The angelic message carried by this mirror hour is very clear: you have left some of your duties aside and, even if it costs you, you must refocus on them because the promises of benefits are great.

As with most other mirror hours, the context and your personal situation will necessarily influence how this prediction should be taken.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The time “18:18” implies, according to tarot practitioners, the imminence of profound and radical changes, but also very positive ones.

The systems you put in place beforehand are there to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Some oracles also speak of your positive wish coming true.

In summary: even if you see things moving other than you, don't be afraid because everything is under control.

Small plaque on which is the number 19 inscribed under a dove.

19:19: an energy that will help you

Meaning of this mirror hour

The number 19 expresses an energy linked to the very essence of our world.

We might as well tell you that you should not take this sign lightly if you see “19:19” displayed several times on a clock, watch or timer.

The energy transmitted to you in this way is indeed of a particular purity and, if you know how to use it correctly, it can really help you.

Message from your guardian angel

Here again, it is important to understand the message of the angels: you must be more patient and take the difficulties of your journey with more calm.

If you can do this, you will then be better connected to the divine (some speak of a state of grace) and you will have the possibility of making radical changes in your existence.

In short, here you have the opportunity to start from scratch.

When this series of numbers appears shortly after you have found a feather (especially if it is white), the message from the angels is all the clearer: great blessings await you.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The time “19:19” is in our case (that of tarot reading) associated with the ability to transform your desires into reality.

It is not clearly stated here that a higher energy helps you get there, but it is easy to guess...

You therefore have a great power within you, the power to generate situations which will create happiness (or unhappiness) for those around you as well as for yourself.

So you will need wisdom and calmness to handle this correctly.

Year 2020 circled in red in a calendar.

20:20: messages from elsewhere

Meaning of this mirror hour

From a spiritual perspective, the number 20 carries a very heavy meaning. Because it concludes the second ten of our hours, some speak of it as a full hour, or a completed hour.

To summarize, the 20th tells you that it is time for you to undertake new journeys (especially spiritual ones) if you one day want to develop your hidden talents.

This all sounds quite mysterious…and it is!

Once again, this mirror hour will undoubtedly be better understood in light of your current situation.

Message from your guardian angel

Your guardian angel uses this mirror hour to invite you, as we have just said, to begin new journeys... but not only that.

Indeed, “20:20” also carries a notion of love and comfort.

If your days have been heavy lately and haven't gone as you would like. Maybe now is the time to let go of old times and start new projects.

In any case, don't worry: benevolent higher beings (saints and angels to be exact) will watch over you.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

At many points in our lives, we find ourselves faced with upsetting situations that we can choose to ignore or not.

If we simply move on, our life moves on.

If, on the other hand, we try to learn lessons from it, we emerge from it grown.

The mirror hour “20:20” basically invites you to pay attention to this type of event and, above all, not to ignore them.

Coins with numbers 1 and 2.


Meaning of this mirror hour

If “21:21.” regularly appears before your eyes, this is not a simple coincidence, but a sign of destiny that you must take into account.

In particular, this will be about the arrival of a major event which will shake up your daily life.

If the energy inherent in the number 21 is marked by optimism and joy, it will be the same for this famous upheaval.

Message from your guardian angel

In the same way, the time “21:21” can be interpreted through the science of angelic messages as a sign of important changes that will be favorable to you.

Concretely, the angels will tell you here to remain confident in the face of the unknown because they already know that what is in store for you should fill you with happiness.

Faced with this, a few prayers, ardent faith and positive thoughts cannot do any harm!

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The first thing to note about this mirror hour is its connection to the world map.

In short, this card symbolizes the successful end of an effort whose result will be positive.

This can also involve a birth if you are looking to start a family, a marriage if you are thinking about it, obtaining a diploma or a promotion, or even an exceptional creation if you feel like it. artistic.

22 marked in a heart, all traced in the sand.


Meaning of this mirror hour

Yes, as with “11:11”, we find ourselves facing a triple hour, an inverted hour and even a quadruple hour!

It goes without saying that “22:22” will be a time of the utmost importance.

For some, it's the time of wishing, the time when everything becomes possible, even our wildest wishes.

Ultimately, the message conveyed here will be very positive due to the opening of the field of possibilities that it implies.

Message from your guardian angel

With this succession of the number 2, your guardian angel is basically telling you to leave enough room for new opportunities to become available to you.

If you succeed in doing this, the energies of the world will conspire to create new perspectives from which you can benefit.

Through its link with the concept of duality, this mirror hour invites you to strengthen your relationships (with your family, your friends and even with God).

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

We can imagine this: the number 2 being essential in numerology, the time “22:22” is full of meaning for most esoteric doctrines.

This doesn't just miss the tarot which associates it in particular with the ideas of primary energy, creation and success.

All this is quite vague but one way (among others) to interpret this information could be to compare it to your personal projects, and to you if you can find analogies there.

Number 23 painted white on a plaster wall.


Meaning of this mirror hour

Last point on our list of mirror hours, there is ultimately not much to say about “23:23”.

Even if it is always possible to find a meaning in terms of numerology, the number 23 seems to have interested fewer people than anything we have mentioned previously.

If, however, we should find a message in it, we could affirm that the time “23:23” expresses the need for freedom of travel.

Message from your guardian angel

On an angelic level, “23:23” is the time that our protectors use to invite us to take the actions necessary for our freedom.

This can take the form of moving away from toxic individuals, new professional choices or even a move.

If our actions are motivated by this noble ideal, nothing bad can happen to us.

Interpretation of the Marseille tarot

The tarot brings a very surprising meaning to this mirror hour by associating it with the Hanged Man card.

Behind it lie ideas of discomfort that push for change, of inevitability and contemplation.

The figure also suggests the suspension between two worlds, two universes.

Typically, this may suit you if you are about to change your place of life and you are in a sort of temporary in-between state.


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