Understand the meaning of the Rainbow

The meaning of the rainbow is a complex question.

From the Bible to the most ancient prophecies, these astonishing colored rays of light may have been synonymous with luck, divine presence or even promises made to men.

The colors of rainbows have thus taken on different meanings in the cultures that make up our world but, one thing is certain, no human group has ever remained indifferent to their beauty.

By the range of colors they cover, by the very particular occasions on which they appear or by their religious meaning, rainbows certainly touch us all in one way or another.

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The meaning of the rainbow as a biblical symbol

An esoteric and… more pagan meaning

Some ideas for understanding the meaning of the rainbow


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The meaning of the rainbow as a biblical symbol

The first appearance of the rainbow symbol in the Bible comes quite early with the story of Noah.

After the flood, God indeed sent a magnificent lucky rainbow into the skies of the entire world, thus showing his promise never to destroy the earth again after this apocalypse.

One of the meanings of the rainbow could therefore be that of a reminder of a promise that God made to us, and therefore of the intense bond that we have with Him.

When we read the book of Genesis, we are surprised by a rather astonishing fact. According to this account, rains did not exist before the flood, the Earth was a place where the Sun shone constantly.

When God caused the flood, he created the first rain at the same time (and what rain!).

Further in the text, it is explained to us that, to “balance” whatever negative rain could have, God associated rainbows with it.

This vision of things is actually surprisingly close to what modern science teaches us. When we know that the Bible was written several millennia ago, we can only remain thoughtful...

In short, religious texts really contain astonishing things. The symbols they offered us are often animated by a particular soul. You just need to look at these different Christian objects, accessories and lucky charms to be convinced.

By telling us that the rainbow does not arrive before the rain has started to fall on Earth but long after, by telling us that the clouds in the sky did not appear before the terrible flood but just afterwards, we are very clearly told that, to exist, the rainbow requires rain, bad weather.

Read it again: this message is undoubtedly deeper than it seems at first glance.

Several lucky charms linked to paganism and ancient religions

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An esoteric and… more pagan meaning

Today, the pagan tradition to which we have access is based on the various mythologies of the past which have come down to us thanks to a preserved oral tradition.

Certain currents are thus closer to Nordic beliefs in Thor and Odin, others claim to be primitive shamanism, even older.

In our country (I don't know where you are reading this from, but the bulk of our community is in France), it is the Druidism of the ancient Celts which is the most widespread.

You should know that this ancient religion gave the rainbow a very (but really very) particular meaning.

For the Celts, the rainbow was a sort of “bridge between the material world, the one where you and I live at the moment, and that of the spirits.

Please note, this is not really a question of a physical bridge on which we could walk, but rather of a spiritual bridge, of proof of a possible connection.

In short, if this kind of spiritual consideration speaks to you, you will undoubtedly appreciate this collection dedicated to the pagan traditions of yesteryear.

Further East, Eastern spiritual traditions, Buddhism and Hinduism in particular, have considered the rainbow to be the most beautiful representation of the chakras.

There are in fact seven chakras, each associated with a color... and, oh surprise, these seven colors are precisely those that make up the rainbow!

Closer to our time, the Wicca tradition (a form of modern witchcraft) sees through the meaning of the rainbow a great message of hope and unity between all things that make up matter.

Rainbow in front of a Japanese cherry tree.

Some ideas for understanding the meaning of the rainbow

Rainbow symbolism can be associated with things like peace, renewal, hope for a better tomorrow, etc. The feelings that rainbows awaken in us are numerous, very numerous indeed…

In fact, there are so many possible meanings that it is sometimes difficult to find the one that suits you best, the one that will bring you the most.

We therefore wanted to highlight the main ones, so that you understand them well and choose the one that will speak to you the most!

1st meaning of the rainbow: new beginnings

For many of us, seeing a rainbow is a powerful sign of hope and a new beginning ahead.

This may take the form of a sudden and unexpected event, a boost of energy or motivation, or detachment from toxic people.

The messages that rainbows can send us are quite varied but they can always serve as a driving force (or even a primer) for those who need change in their current life.

More than a prophetic sign, we must therefore see the appearance of a rainbow as an encouragement, an invitation to move forward.

As such, the most religious often see this as a message sent by God or their guardian angel...

Either way, the fact is that the most beautiful and sunny days often follow the most terrible storms. We must never forget that.

2nd meaning of the rainbow: more positivity in your life

Another interpretation to give to the rainbow is that of positivity.

When we think about it, this may seem quite close to the first meaning we gave to this symbol... but it is still different!

Seeing rainbows is actually a pretty rare thing. For this, many conditions must be met (rain, sunshine, you are outside, you are looking in the right place, etc.).

We can therefore translate this sign into a clear message: you are in the right place and at the right time.

Despite the trials and difficulties, seeing a rainbow will remind you that you are undoubtedly on the right path and will thus invite you to continue in your efforts and your resolutions.

While waiting for this promise of a better tomorrow to come true, we must, however, make sure we live as well as possible. As such, this kind of advice to be more positive can only benefit you.

3rd meaning of the rainbow: accession to new spheres

We spoke to you about it with the mystical vision of the rainbow as a “bridge” or a “passage”: this great symbol of nature can be seen as the sign of accession to new spheres.

The more spiritual among us will see this as a development of their consciousness and their spirituality in general.

The more down-to-earth can always see it as a sign of a raise, a new position or a growing family.

Between these two interpretations, it is very clearly towards the first that our heart leans, let it be said!

4th meaning of the rainbow: the end of your worries

The presence of a rainbow means that a storm was unleashed recently... but that it has passed!

We can therefore see it as a symbol that our worries are (or will) end and, above all, that what ultimately comes out of them will be positive.

So, even if you are experiencing a complicated situation, you will have to remember that all this, like the rain, is only temporary.

In particular, be calm if you have money problems: many legends tell us of leprechauns (a kind of Irish leprechaun) who hide pots of gold at the foot of rainbows...

So, it could well be that seeing a rainbow can even solve your financial problems!

5th meaning of the rainbow: its place in our dreams

Seeing a rainbow in one of your dreams is always an important message that you should take into account.

When you try to find meaning in all of this, you can of course rely on the meanings that we have just found together.

In fact, dreaming of a rainbow is really not something trivial. It refers to the idea that your dreams, wishes, and hopes are about to come true.

When we see the symbol of the rainbow as a bridge connecting different spheres, we can further see this as a sign that some of the magic of our dreams is about to enter our waking life.

However, this interpretation is not the only one that exists. Look for example at this one which talks to you about notions of openness to the world.

In short, it's up to everyone to form their own opinion on the matter.

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Rainbows only appear when fine water droplets remain suspended in the air. You can see them after rain or in the mist, but also next to fountains or automatic sprinklers.

When the Sun's rays and energy strike these droplets, a subtle play of waves and light is set in motion to form the magnificent colors that we then see.

The spectacle thus created is magnificent and truly amazes our eyes.

It is therefore not surprising that such beautiful meanings as those we have cited are associated with rainbows.

With the beauty of the rainbow, God (or nature, if you are not a believer) has definitely given us a beautiful gift!

If you too are captivated every time, leave us a comment to tell us what you think of rainbows. Why not also share with us a personal story where this luminous symbol would have amazed your day.

In any case, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading this and that you learned new things!

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