Understanding Karmic Astrology: The Keys to Destiny

Karmic astrology is a very ancient esoteric science which seeks to understand the destiny and lives of individuals.

To put it simply, it is based on the spiritual principles of cause and effect, according to which our past actions influence our present and our future.

By discovering the principles of karmic astrology, we can gain levers for improvement in our lives and achieve higher levels of spiritual awareness.

In this article, I will share with you some of the essential keys to understanding karmic astrology so that you can take full advantage of the potential of this very particular esoteric discipline.

Contents :

1. What is astrology?

2. What is karma?

3. A new definition for karmic astrology

4. Astrology, past lives and karmic debt

5. A path to karmic liberation?

6. So, an effective form of clairvoyance?


What is astrology?

Astrology is a form of divination that combines the study of the stars and certain complex mathematical calculations. It is used to determine how the past affects our present, to better understand our choices and what we must do in the future.

Astrology is based on the belief that every action can be predicted by studying the influence of things in the world. Now, the stars being the “biggest”, most “important” things, the idea is that their influence is more important than that of other bodies.

Thus, classical astrology can help identify patterns that will influence our lives. This makes it capable of providing advice on actions to take to avoid certain pitfalls.

Astrological signs are used to analyze an individual based on their date of birth to identify their personal destiny.

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What is karma?

Karmic astrology is a field of esotericism that focuses on the connections between karma and the destiny of individuals.

But actually, what is karma?

The word “karma” comes from Sanskrit and means “action”. This concept describes the universal laws of action and reaction, cause and effect. Concretely, his idea is that each action has a direct consequence which will influence our future.

According to the principles of karma, we must analyze how these causes act on our present, in order to understand what was actually good and bad. Secondly, this understanding will be used to make the right decisions, so that our future is brighter.

The doctrine of karma is therefore above all a path to continuous personal improvement.


A new definition for karmic astrology

In karmic astrology, we examine how causes and effects influence our lives based on planetary cycles. This practice is therefore innovative.

On the one hand, planetary movements can be used to understand how your past affects your present and shapes your future.

On the other hand, karmic astrology is therefore a form of divination which focuses on the past and past lives. It helps us understand how our karma has influenced our choices in this life, revealing forgotten memories and repetitive patterns.

This practice can therefore provide us with insight into our destiny, allowing us to become aware of how our past actions have impacted our present.

With karmic astrology, we can find solutions to change destructive patterns so that we can move forward toward a more fulfilling life.

Also, as the positive aspects of their karma are highlighted by the study of their natal chart, it is easier for practitioners to increase their creative and spiritual potential.


Astrology, past lives and karmic debt

Karmic astrology is a form of astrological study that focuses on past lives, and therefore the principle of karmic debt.

The concept of karmic debt focuses on the lessons we learned in our past lives and what we should learn from our past experiences in order to evolve spiritually.

It examines how karma from our past lives can influence our current life.

Of course, this may seem unfair. Actions for which we are apparently not responsible influence our current happiness?

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A path to karmic liberation?

Karmic astrology is a form of divination that focuses on understanding the cycles and connections between karma, past lives, and the soul.

Because it allows individuals to explore their repetitive patterns, it can unlock their intuitive potential and help them find a path to spiritual freedom.

By exploring what this incarnation has brought us as well as our past relationships, karmic astrology offers a path to healing.

With the help of a specialized psychic, it is possible to understand how your soul has evolved throughout the time of your different lives, and thus obtain clues on the right healing paths to take.


So, an effective form of clairvoyance?

The answer here is simple: yes, it works.

Karmic astrology is a very effective form of clairvoyance. Through the dual use of the stars and karmic principles, this method allows us to understand the deep nature of a human being, his strengths and his weaknesses.

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