Understanding the meaning of the Lucky Ladybug

The ladybug is arguably one of the most popular lucky charms in the world, and there are good reasons for that.

It is common to say that a ladybug landing on you is a sign of a good day ahead. This little insect is a divine messenger or one of the most powerful symbols of luck.

This is all true.

Thanks to this article, you will understand why the lucky ladybug is so important, what its meaning is (or rather what its meanings are, in the plural), what message to give it depending on the number of points it covers... and a whole bunch of other things!

In short, if you are ready to let this little “good Lord beast” into your life, you might be surprised by everything it can bring you.

Now let's discover together all the secrets that the lucky ladybug hides!

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In fact, why do we say that the ladybug brings good luck?

Understanding the meaning of the ladybug

The impact of the number of points of the ladybug

Little lucky ladybug sitting on a yellow flower.

In fact, why do we say that the ladybug brings good luck?

In the folklore of almost all European countries, the ladybug is presented as a messenger bringing with her ideas of luck, joy and great happiness to come.

In some areas it will be about better finances, in others it will be about finding love, and so on.

Whatever the case, the presence of a ladybug will always be synonymous with a breath of fresh air, a little burst of joy in a sometimes too dull everyday life.

For many of us, this strange creature helps us get out of gloom and melancholy. This simple point alone could explain why the ladybug brings good luck.

You just need to look at this kind of very colorful little pendant putting the ladybug in the spotlight to understand why so many associate it with joy and cheerfulness.

In short, you will have understood: the meaning of the lucky ladybug is everywhere recognized as positive.

But why do so many very different people attribute the same qualities to this little flying insect?

The most sensitive among us sometimes manage, with enough work (and a good part of innateness it must be admitted), to feel the subtle energies that surround us.

For them, it is clear: the ladybug has the same abilities, at least unconsciously.

Specialists capable of perceiving energy flows say in fact that these particular animals never appear far from the “energy nodes” that are constantly forming and deforming around us.

So, the sudden appearance of ladybugs near you is above all synonymous with significant energetic activity.

Most often (not always but in short, that is another question), these energies are positive. Seeing a ladybug will then truly be a good luck charm, a sign of luck.

The Jerusalem cross, a statue of Christ and a Templar amulet

Live a righteous life

thanks to the messages of these Christian symbols


Understanding the meaning of the ladybug

We now know why the ladybug brings good luck.

However, we still have to understand the meaning it can take and the messages it sends us.

In fact, when ladybugs appear in your life (think carefully, they rarely appear alone), positive changes often occur soon after.

Understanding the meaning of this messenger is therefore necessary if we want to make the best decisions for us.

In short, together we will try to see how to interpret all of this.

Statue of a cherub with her trumpet, a known symbol of divine messages.

The bearer of magnificent messages

Sent from God for believers, expressions of the forces of nature for others, ladybugs in any case carry meaning. That's clear.

In reality, it is quite complicated to determine precisely the messages they will bring you because it all depends on the situation.

If, for example, you are going through an intense period in your life, seeing a lucky ladybug could mean that your most intimate dreams and wishes are about to come true...

On the other hand, if your daily life is dull and gloomy and you would like to change your situation, the message could be that of brighter tomorrows and new hope.

Yes, the ladybug has not stolen its title of “God’s beast”. If you want to know where this funny nickname comes from, here is an explanation of the legend which is at the origin.

In the end, the important thing with the ladybug symbol is to stay open and seek to understand with the keys you currently have in hand.

Indeed, nothing will ever be sent to you that you cannot understand.

Tip of a red pencil with very intense color.

The color of ladybugs

It's no secret that lucky ladybugs are a bright red, arguably one of the most intense we can find in nature.

However, before appearing to us in such a beautiful light, each of these insects begins its life in the form of a soft, greenish larva...

A possible meaning for the ladybug is therefore that of beauty and metamorphosis.

Let us also point out that red is a very particular color in itself.

Scientists designate it as the one with the most important wavelength in the entire visible spectrum.

This makes red a color on the verge of the invisible, the elusive...

It is therefore not surprising that humans have associated it with love, friendship and feelings in general!

Image painted on a wall of a person who is meditating and whose chakras are activated.

Ladybugs and the root chakra

Also known as “Muladhara”, the root chakra is the one that governs grounding, sexual energy and passions of all kinds.

It is also the chakra most linked to matter and the physical world. It is therefore often on the root chakra that you should seek to work when you want to resolve problems of health, money, security, etc.

In short, if we are talking to you about it today, it is quite simply because the lucky ladybug is linked to it.

If your root chakra is balanced, it will vibrate at a certain frequency which will attract ladybugs. (Hey, here we find the idea of ​​“energy node” which we spoke to you about at the beginning of the article.)

Seeing a ladybug land on you is therefore a sign of a certain inner harmony!

Small ladybug placed on the fingers of one hand.

So, what do you understand when a ladybug lands on you?

In short, ladybug meaning is related to luck, good energy, and happy changes coming in your life.

Truly, there are few such positive lucky symbols.

If you don't have the opportunity to be in contact with these insects (for example because you live in the city), you can always wear such lucky bracelets. Some of those who have worn it have demonstrated powers that are astonishing to say the least.

In short, in the future, when a ladybug lands on you, you will know how to interpret this.

However, there are a number of local traditions and customs, each more interesting than the last, describing the reasons that can push a ladybug to land on us!

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the main ones:

  • A lucky ladybug can grant you the right to make a wish. When it lands on you, make a wish, blow on it so it flies away and, if you're lucky, it will come true.
  • It is sometimes said that a ladybug that lands on your hand and leaves immediately afterwards is the promise of a beautiful sunny day to come.
  • A ladybug landing on your clothes is probably a sign that it's time to buy new ones...
  • Seeing two ladybugs flying together is a clear message that you will soon find love too!
  • Seeing our little lucky insect alongside another (a fly or a mosquito for example) tells you, however, that you need to pay attention to those around you : someone is trying to drain your energy.
  • If you wake up and a ladybug is near you, the dream you just had might be about to come true.

Two ladybugs with different numbers of points placed on the same sheet.

The impact of the number of points of the ladybug

If you were told the same stories as me growing up, you must have heard many things about the number of points on the ladybug.

Everyone could make their own little comment and, in the end, it could be quite complicated to distinguish the true from the false.

To help you, we have gathered many sources during our research and, by cross-checking them, we have come to some conclusions on this subject.

But in fact, before we look at their number, do we really know where the ladybugs' points come from? To answer this question, here is a very interesting article from the futura site which will teach you.

In short, as a general rule, here is what we can say about the number of points of the ladybug :

  • A point represents unity and balance
  • Colon means duets and couples
  • Three points are associated with creative energy and matter
  • Four points show us the four cardinal directions, and therefore the travels
  • Five points are an invitation to refocus ourselves
  • Six points symbolize the importance of work to succeed in our projects
  • Seven points indicate that our projects are on the verge of success

When you see ladybugs with more points than that, the interpretation will not depend so much on a "code" but rather on your personal situation.

More than ever, we must not leave this sign aside!

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