Understanding the Meaning of the Sun (esoteric symbol)

The Sun provides us with the vital energy we need to live and thrive.

It provides warmth and vitamin D to humans, photosynthesis to plants and warmth to everyone.

Because it is omnipresent in every life on Earth, this symbol has developed a unique meaning.

But after all, what if its importance stemmed from a power even greater than the one we see?

Contents :

General meaning of the Sun

The symbol of the Sun among primitive people

The symbol of the Sun in the Bible

The symbol of the Sun in psychoanalysis

The symbol of the Sun in Freemasonry

The symbol of the Sun as a tattoo

Trees in nature, with the rays of the Sun passing between the branches.

General meaning of the Sun

Sun symbolism expresses life, clarity, confidence, energy, positivity and more.

This star has become a truly central symbol in the lives of men.

It represents the superior natural force par excellence, that which escapes our control and whose effect applies to all.

The Sun illuminates the world and helps us see it. It is the condition for our relationship with nature, the planet and others. It helps us navigate here on earth and ensures we don't bump into everything.

The Sun brings us light, yes, but also warmth. It therefore carries life and a certain optimism.

As long as the Sun shines, the Earth will exist in one state or another, and life will inevitably be found there.

The other great meaning of the Sun is that of hope. This radiant star is the light at the end of the tunnel. We need better tomorrows and ensure our optimism for the future.

It is a symbol of life, the cycles of nature and purification through action.

The rising Sun is synonymous with creativity, even creation. The setting Sun brings night, and therefore increased spirituality

By its radiant color, this symbol is also associated with gold, the material of kings par excellence.

If gold brings wealth, success and joy, so does the Sun.

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The symbol of the Sun among primitive people

For millennia, wise men around the world have tried to show their people the importance of the Sun as a symbol of life.

Cavemen already depicted Suns in their caves. And how many statuettes and other sculptures have been carried away by the ravages of time?

Some peoples have found mystical or spiritual meanings in it. Others saw a celestial god there. They all worshiped him.

It is this second category that will interest us here through this short list:

  • Several Egyptian gods were linked to the symbol of the Sun, such as Ra and Horus. None, however, is a better personification than Aten, the Egyptian god once promoted by the pharaoh Akhenaten. The Egyptians even went so far as to found the city of Heliopolis, the city of the Sun.
  • For the Ancient Greeks, the Sun was driven by the god Helios (himself a disciple of Apollo) using his celestial chariot.
  • The Romans knew of Sol Indiges, a Sun God close to Mercury the messenger, but also worshiped Helium.
  • The Aztecs revered Huitzilopochtli as the sun god, and made him one of the most important in their pantheon.
  • The peoples of the Amazon have different deities, but almost all wear solar adornments in order to harness the power of this star. This is also the reason for this Amazonian tribal necklace that we are offering.
  • If Babylon worshiped a quasi-physical Sun God, the religions, notably Satanic and Luciferian, which resulted from it may have done so too.
  • Unlike most other cultures, the Celts saw the symbol of the Sun as very feminine. There was also a Celtic solar goddess who was very venerated in the temples of Gaul.
  • Some Nordic beliefs show the Sun in struggle with the underworld. For warriors, fighting ardently was a way of honoring the gods, but also the Sun who also fought.
  • In China, the Sun is linked to the element Yang, one of the two principles creating things. Associated with a Yin element, duality will be united and the reaction synonymous with fertility.

To explore this subject, here is the entry from the universalis.fr encyclopedia which deals with solar deities.

A Catholic cross with the Sun behind it.

The symbol of the Sun in the Bible

God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule over the day, and the lesser light to rule over the night; he also made the stars. » — Genesis 1:16

According to the Bible, God created the Sun after the Earth, as a servant with the aim of serving it.

Thus, its rays which give warmth, love and life are above all those of the Creator.

However, they do not confuse divine action through intercession and direct divine action.

Many pagan peoples (and enemies of the Hebrews) committed the serious error of idolatry.

Thus in the Old Testament, the people of Sepharvaim, who occupied Samaria, worshiped a solar god named Adrammelech. This people and this idol were ardently fought by the Hebrews.

The Sun is not the Snake, but it can be an adversary. The mythology of the past, marked by esotericism and witchcraft, really has nothing Christian about it.

Unlike the pagans who therefore idolized it, Christians should not see the Sun as a divinity. At most, certain legends could extol its merits.

However, its qualities are not ignored, as this other biblical passage shows:

For the LORD God is a sun and a shield, the LORD gives grace and glory, and from those who walk uprightly he withholds no good thing. » —Psalm 84:11

Thus, the Sun radiates and warms... without however being able to consume us, as this second extract from the book of Psalms indicates:

The sun shall not smite you by day, nor the moon by night. » —Psalm 121:6

With its thousands of teachings, the Bible necessarily tells us even more about the Sun than in these few extracts. To learn more, here are a hundred different verses containing allusions to the Sun.

A heart made with hands, with the Sun in the middle.

The symbol of the Sun in psychoanalysis

In astrology, the sun symbolizes the external expression of the Self. The Self, in this case, can be God, Source, the Universe, or any other word you prefer to describe the divine being as a whole.

For once, Jungian psychoanalysis joins this somewhat esoteric analysis of this cosmic being.

For Jung, the Sun is a symbol of the image of God. According to him, the Sun is " the only truly 'rational' image of God... the Sun is the father-god from whom all living beings draw their life: he is the fructifier and the creator, the source of energy of our world ” — Jung, CW 5: p.176

Psychologists were also interested in the case of a well-known historical figure: Louis XIV.

Nicknamed the Sun King, he is a sovereign with flamboyant and protective action that power sought to show.

According to modern psychoanalysis, the Sun is also inseparable from its long-standing companion: the Moon.

The Sun and the Moon are the ultimate couple. From their union comes fertility. Together they chase away darkness and bring enlightenment.

If the Sun shines the same every day, the Moon is changeable and fickle.

The Sun warms, and the Moon comforts.

One is the emblem of the Levant, and the other of the West.

The Moon is subject to the power of the Sun (after all, these two stars are part of the solar system), but the Sun is only there half the time.

Each is venerable, but one makes the sunflower open while the other helps it to rest.

If this mysterious relationship between this star and this satellite intrigues you, the messages of this necklace decorated with the lunisolar couple are addressed to you.

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The symbol of the Sun in Freemasonry

Freemasons and other modern societies have questioned the meaning of the Sun.

The wisdom of a particular Greek myth or the meaning of a particular Egyptian goddess may have influenced them, but the attributes they grant to the Sun remain truly particular.

Modern mystics view solar energy as the substance of our life.

From the perspective of an initiatory rite, it is a powerful vector of ancestral knowledge.

Each energetic process originates in light, and the Sun is often the trigger.

Alchemy considers the symbol of the Sun, then called Sol, as a central fire in the world, as the source of all heat and the original impulse of all life.

Freemasonry was also interested in the Sun from a physical and reactionary point of view. Eclipse, zenith, solstice and other celestial phenomena have no secrets for Masonic wisdom.

It is thus the golden alchemical principle par excellence. According to alchemists, gold is a half-solar, half-terrestrial substance spun in the bowels of the earth by the endless revolutions of Sol around the Earth.

As an esoteric (even magical) symbol, the sun is generally represented as a circle. The tracks of the solar wheel of the Black Sun (two Nazi symbols) could also be explored here.

The Sun is also one of the major arcana of the Marseille tarot. In this context, it symbolizes joy, rebirth, even immortality. He hunts chaos and is the embodiment of ancestral myths.

Astrology, Wicca, Freemasonry: all see through him the meaning of fullness and an expression of the divine.

Man with a Sun-shaped tattoo on his upper back.

The symbol of the Sun as a tattoo

After all that has been said, you now understand the meaning of the Sun symbol.

Pendants, earrings or rings: jewelry offers many ways to wear it.

As you can see from these few examples of sun tattoos, however, some people like to have it even closer to their skin.

As a tattoo, all of these messages are valid. However, there are others that we will now present to you.

If you're looking for greater personal exposure, you can harness the symbolic power of the sun.

From a professional point of view, such a tattoo will therefore be synonymous with leadership and a caring attitude towards others.

If the zodiac sign closest to the Sun is Leo, it is no coincidence. If the signs of the Rooster and the Aries are also solar, the picture becomes clear.

Sometimes too, sun tattoos will be reminders of the direction to take in your life.

If the symbol of the Sun is a guide which offers us light (and therefore allows us to find our way), this reflection makes sense.

The Sun will therefore help you stay on track, and this should particularly please travelers. This is probably why so many modern nomads get a Sun tattoo.

“The sun always rises” is a simple but very true saying. It shows how the Sun can bring hope and comfort in the face of difficulties.

Yesterday as today, for infinity, the light of the Sun will shine. This is yet another message that this astral symbol offers us.

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