The Erzulie sisters: haitian goddesses, protectors of women

There was originally only one Haitian goddess named Erzulie. However, his response to the trauma of slavery was to “fracture” his personality.

This spirit now has several personalities. Another way to see Erzulie is to consider her as a set of sisters with different destinies.

There are also an incredible number of voodoo lucky charms, of which you will find one here, which are dedicated to them.

Among the most famous, we can cite Erzulie Freda, a courtesan always dressed in white, or Erzulie Dantor, a dark-skinned revolutionary.

We will now tell you their fabulous story.

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A rivalry between Erzulie which does not date from yesterday

Erzulie Freda

Erzulie Dantor


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A rivalry between Erzulie which does not date from yesterday

The Erzulie are a family of water spirits originating from the Dahomey region in Africa (their name comes from Lake Azili).

Female deities, they are among the most powerful and important in Haitian Vodou. The Erzulie resemble magnificent snake-women more or less similar to the mermaids of European legends. Their most common attributes are the knife and jewelry. They are spirits linked to wealth, abundance, beauty and fertility.

Let's also clarify: there is a long-standing rivalry between Erzulie Dantor and Erzulie Freda. They're sisters who just can't stand each other.

Like many family members in real life, there is a powerful jealousy between them...

According to legend, the two sisters once courted the same voodoo spirit. They inevitably argued about him, and have never reconciled since.

During their quarrel, Erzulie Dantor even went so far as to stab her sister in the heart (since then, a golden dagger has symbolically come out of her chest).

Erzulie Freda in turn, withdrew the dagger and cut her rival's face, leaving her with a scar.

According to some, the presence of such scars on his face shows us his African roots. In certain tribes, in fact, making this type of mark during rituals was common.

The goddess Erzulie Freda seen from behind in front of the sea

Erzulie Freda

Erzulie Freda is the Haitian deity who rules over love (in the romantic sense of the term), luxury, gambling luck, abundance, refinement and a whole bunch of other things.

It is associated with freshness, healthy air and cleanliness. She also requires this type of pleasant environment when we want to pay homage to her.

Erzulie Freda: voodoo spirit of love

This goddess is also known as "Meters" (or mistress) because she acts more like a mistress than a woman.

In fact, she is known for having not just one husband… but three!

All are powerful voodoo loas (meaning spirits, divinities). We can therefore cite Ogoun Feray, Papa Damballah and Met Agwe Tawoyo.

For this reason, Erzulie Freda wears three gold rings, one for each of her husbands.

As you will have understood, its main area of ​​influence is the heart. His lucky veve (a symbolic drawing used during rituals) also represents a heart.

You can see it for example on this amulet with the veve of Erzulie Freda.

This goddess can bring us great love, or help us maintain the one we already have.

For all these reasons, she is represented as a beautiful young woman with white skin and long, flowing hair as light as a river.

Erzulie Freda the magician preparing a spell

Erzulie Freda: a great magician

In addition to its powers over our emotional life, this voodoo spirit is also a powerful magician who can offer a whole host of favors to her servants.

It also reigns over material success and abundance. ..

If you see someone suddenly succeeding in business or receiving a bunch of gifts for no apparent reason, you might be dealing with a devotee of Erzulie Freda.

Despite her apparent gentleness, we are therefore talking here about a very powerful Haitian goddess.

She also has the ability to lift evil spells by her simple presence, as well as to counter the effects of most poisons.

Erzulie Freda: misogynist?

One thing is certain: she doesn't like women.

She does everything possible not to touch them when she takes possession of a body. However, if she has to greet someone, she will offer her a little finger in a modest but always refined manner.

In reality, this voodoo goddess is often jealous of women. She will therefore have no problem, if one of her servants asks her, to break up the relationship of one of her competitors.

She will then charm this unfortunate woman's man with her beauty, great charm and, if necessary, a few spells.

There is also a phenomenon called “ mystical voodoo marriage ” during which humans can somehow marry a deity.

Men who marry Erzulie Freda in this way generally receive a whole host of blessings with which she is associated.

Erzulie Freda: a lazy goddess

Practitioners of voodoo often complain about the laziness of this voodoo goddess.

It sometimes happens that someone serves her for years and sees no particular result: she may receive gifts, beautiful jewelry, makeup... but nothing will help.

This Haitian goddess actually much prefers taking care of herself and strutting around rather than making an effort!

That's why it's so hard to get her to work.

As said above, but it is always important to clarify, she can also be very jealous. As long as you have a partner or husband that she finds attractive, she may never respond to your requests.

Most of the time, however, this type of situation often stems from a bad mindset.

If your intentions are not bad, you should have no problem working with Erzulie Freda.

When served in the right way, it can even work fast and well.

Erzulie Freda very strict with a stern look

Erzulie Freda: a strict goddess

If the slightest element, even the most insignificant, is not respected when you call her, she will not respond to your request.

Very meticulous, she observes every little detail: if you haven't taken a bath just before, if the offerings are not perfectly arranged, if there is the slightest smell in the room... all this can push her not to come.

Although her name is synonymous with peace, love and gentleness, Erzulie Freda sometimes punishes severely if she feels offended.

She can keep women away from a man who has harmed her, or men from a woman who has upset her.

Because they know that this spirit could well prevent them from finding the love of their life, many are therefore afraid of it.

Most of the time, voodoo spirits will always send a warning before punishing you, and offer you the chance to make amends... but not this one !

She will smile at you, tell you everything is okay too and then, when you least expect it, she will act.

This Haitian goddess can bestow great wealth on her servants, but also take it back just as quickly.

The person being punished will often be left worse off than the first time they served them! So, when working with her, be very careful.

Erzulie Freda: synonymous with luxury and wealth

If it is so difficult to work with her, it is in particular because of the elements with which she is associated: luxury and wealth.

These are two things that are very difficult to achieve in life (unless you were born into a wealthy family).

If you want to obtain offerings that will satisfy this spirit, you will have to work hard and for a long time.

So here is one more obstacle…

One thing to do if you're really struggling financially is to make sure that absolutely everything in your home is clean.

Every room, every corner, every under the sofa will need to be dusted.

Your hair should be well combed, your clothes washed and your skin perfumed.

If she sees that you have made enough effort for her, she might still agree to meet you despite meager offerings.

Erzulie Freda: an easily spoiled goddess

If there's one piece of advice to follow once you've successfully connected with her, it's to not spoil her.

Even if she tries to convince you, don't give in!

Remember that most voodoo spirits behave like children. However, if there is one thing for sure, it is that a spoiled child will refuse to work.

On the contrary, try to motivate Erzulie Freda to work for her gifts.

For example, tell him that you will give him a ring once you receive something.

If it doesn't give you results, don't reward it.

If she works for you on the other hand, make sure to pay her immediately.

Trust me, you don't want this Haitian goddess to be mad at you.

In short, we are talking about a mind that will always want more. Often, his altars start small, then require increasingly complex (and expensive) organization.

Try to maintain an altar that is reserved for her and do not let it overflow into this space, otherwise she may want to go to the other altars or to the rest of your house.

There, the situation could get out of control...

Erzulie Dantor who looks at the reader with a strong and powerful look

Erzulie Dantor

Erzulie Dantor is by far one of the most popular Haitian deities. Many voodoo lucky charms represent it.

She can be a tough woman, a little wild, but above all she is a mother. She watches over and takes care of a rather impressive number of children.

Like all mothers, she can be harsh and will not tolerate children misbehaving.

However, she will defend those close to her at all costs.

Furthermore, unlike her sister, she will generally only ask for few offerings in exchange for her help.

Erzulie Dantor: the divinity with maternal instincts

This Haitian goddess is therefore the protector of children.

As naturally as a mother would protect her young, she will do anything to ensure the safety of her own.

She will not hesitate to fight, even going so far as to injure (or even kill) individuals who harm those she loves.

If you have the impression that she disappears during a ceremony, it is undoubtedly because she has gone to the rescue of one of her faithful in difficulty.

For all these reasons, children in Haiti must often wear this type of amulet engraved with the symbol of Erzulie Dantor.

Independent woman with a big Haitian hat

Erzulie Dantor: strong and independent

This Haitian goddess can be wild, aggressive and difficult to control. She is a peasant woman, independent and vigorous.

She is so strong that she is able to withstand several stab wounds without flinching.

Even if she started vomiting blood, she would continue what she was doing.

Speaking of which, a common curse she can inflict on us is to hand us a basin full of blood.

This may sound morbid, and it is, but Vodou customs are often fraught with this kind of violence.

In short, receiving this type of “present” means one thing: Erzulie Dantor is mad at you and will punish you whatever the cost.

Erzulie Dantor: emblem of Haiti

This deity is known to have played a huge role in the history of Haiti. Some even go so far as to consider her the mother of the country.

Just before the revolution, a woman named Marinette was possessed by Ezili Danto during a ceremony.

A black pig would have been sacrificed in his name, and its blood would have been used to conclude a pact which would lead to the revolt of the slaves.

The place of the ritual is famous today and is known as Bwa Kaiman wood.

In short, thirteen years after the ceremony, the rebellious slaves declared victory and the Republic of Haiti was formed.

During this war, the voodoo goddess actually decided to join her people in the battles.

As they feared that she would reveal their secrets if she were captured, the Haitians themselves decided to make her mute by cutting out her tongue.

Now she can only say “ke-ke-ke”, the sound of her tongue clicking on her puck.

Since then, Erzulie Dantor has truly been considered a voodoo good luck charm, symbol of the island of Haiti.

Two glasses of wine, a common offering to Erzulie Dantor

Erzulie Dantor: luxury tastes despite everything

Even if it is not necessary to give her excessively valuable gifts, Erzulie Dantor will appreciate some special offerings.

Dolls hold a special place in her heart. It is also not uncommon to see the altars dedicated to her covered with several dozen dolls.

She enjoys perfumes, especially eau de cologne or musky flavors in general.

Necklaces, rings, pendants, she will appreciate the jewelry, and will be particularly happy if you wink at her by wearing her lucky voodoo charm.

In terms of food, this divinity will be particularly happy to receive red wine garnished with some herbs.

Certain beers as well as cocoa-based preparations may also suit it.

Another important point to make: she likes daggers (preferably double-edged).

You will have understood: Erzulie Dantor is very far from being the most difficult Haitian goddess to please.

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