What Are the Properties of Lucky Amber?

Amber is a powerful healing stone. It is also one of the most popular in the world.

Some actually think that it has within it a bit of the light of the universe, its beautiful golden and orange colors being a reflection of this. Others will tell you that lucky amber helps us get rid of negative energies, reach higher levels of wisdom and eliminate our deepest anxieties.

All of this would then help us balance our emotions and free ourselves from the negativity hidden deep in our minds and hearts... Quite a program!

One thing is certain: if wearing a small piece of lucky amber can help someone feel better and move forward in their life, their mission has been accomplished.

Between a thousand-year-old origin and proven powers, the use of amber is a fascinating subject that today we will dissect together.

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In fact, what exactly is amber?

A material used throughout time

Healing and Healing Properties of Lucky Amber

Amber also helps us succeed in life!

Close up of Baltic amber gems and stones

In fact, what exactly is amber?

Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic amber has always been a particularly fascinating gemstone.

The wise men of ancient times already saw it as a true treasure, a good of extreme value, sometimes even more important than that of gold.

Thus, jewelry made from Baltic amber was worn by princes, chiefs and kings.

From a characteristics point of view, this lucky stone… is actually not really a stone.

Concretely, amber is a kind of fossilized resin.

These are the thorns of the Northern hemisphere which, undergoing the passage of millions of years, see themselves transformed and this golden material.

It is therefore not uncommon to find leaves, insects or any other trace of life in certain pieces of amber.

If you are interested in the subject, here is an article that talks about the history of amber in the Baltic.

In short, all this allows us to understand two of the reasons which pushed our ancients to consider this material as extremely precious...

On the one hand, the time it takes nature to create amber necessarily makes it something rare.

On the other, it is a small piece of nature fossilized in mineral form. Some see this as the quintessence of the powers of the earth, the most beautiful expression we can find of the benefits it has to bring us.

Natural amber that forms from the sap of a tree.

A material used throughout time

If you feel attracted to the particular energies emanating from amber, this probably means that you are looking for a purifier, an element that can help you balance your life and purge it of certain ills.

It is precisely to meet these particular needs that we added this bracelet made of amber stones to our site.

Having lasted from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day, amber has acquired great properties that many people have been able to detect over time.

It was in particular the Roman and Egyptian civilizations that gave this astonishing gem the greatest value. Today we can find magnificent examples in our museums.

In Rome, lucky amber was considered the “succinum” (meaning the juice) of coniferous fir trees. Pliny the Elder, for example, considered this substance to be one of the most sacred, and one of the most powerful that healers could use.

The Chinese knew amber under the name “hu po”, which can be translated as “tiger spirit”. Asian folklore is indeed full of legends where the souls of these animals, once dead, would return to the earth to become amber stones.

The symbol of amber is also important in other cultures closer to us, the most telling being undoubtedly Poland.

There, in the regions of Kurpie, Pomerania and Kujavia, amber is considered a powerful good luck charm linked to ancient pagan gods and the Sun.

The great religions have also been interested in this resinous substance, which they often associate with magic and witchcraft. Wicca practitioners use it as a “sorcerer’s stone”.

Various stones, crystals and minerals of lithotherapy

heal yourself with stones

thanks to the powers of lithotherapy


Healing and Healing Properties of Lucky Amber

Amber is a powerful cleanser and a great healer of the soul. It has even sometimes been said that it could help strengthen and revitalize our bodies.

Through its link with the powers of the earth, amber is in fact connected to the great forces of the universe. This stone therefore seeks to create the best possible world, to repel negativity and to attract positivity as much as possible.

Apparently, this would stimulate the body's self-healing abilities. If you yourself are a healer working on the energy level, you have undoubtedly already heard of this property of amber.

From a psychological point of view, this very special material will stimulate imagination and creativity. Some have also noted a more positive general emotional state and increased motivation after prolonged contact with it.

It is therefore often recommended that those who are going through a period of temporary depression carry a little lucky amber with them every day.

Let us also clarify here another point about this resin…

You should be aware of this: wearing jewelry made of amber is a (very) bad idea if you tend to cause harm to those around you.

All parasites, overly negative people and pessimists risk obtaining the opposite effects from those they seek.

If you ever find yourself in this description, we invite you above all to work on yourself to learn to smile, to open up to the world and quite simply to bring your good humor wherever you go.

We have written training here that could help you free your mind using certain techniques.

Because we believe that knowledge should be shared, you will have free access to it by using the code LIBEREZ100 at checkout.

To go further, you will also find a description of some other properties of amber here.

Young girl who is happy to celebrate her success

Amber also helps us succeed in life!

Many traditions consider lucky amber to be a powerful element affecting our wealth and overall success.

In particular, it is the ways in which amber works with our mind that will allow us to have “all the cards in hand” to succeed in our projects and achieve our goals (whatever they may be).

Here are the main virtues cited by specialists:

  • By helping us maintain a certain clarity of mind, amber allows us to move forward better on the path to success.
  • It also allows the best ideas to appear clearly in our heads. Indeed, too many parasitic thoughts can sometimes hide real flashes of genius.
  • Wearing lucky amber promotes good memory. This is an essential quality for anyone who has a professional activity requiring them to use their brains.
  • By repelling negativity from our lives, amber protects us from feelings of insecurity and fear, two of the main obstacles to our success.
  • In the same vein, less fear is also synonymous with making it easier to break the codes, to get off the already established paths. In short, it promotes creativity.

Here is also a list of some crystals and precious stones with which the benefits of amber can be combined:

  • With pearls, stress will be annihilated and moods will be strengthened.
  • With an amethyst, amber will help fight against fears.
  • With quartz, consciousness will be more open to the world.
  • With lapis lazuli, our amber stone will offer greater inner peace.
  • With a topaz, the fiery good humor of amber will be there.
  • With a citrine stone, the subtle bodies and aura will be purified.
  • With a tourmaline crystal we will be protected from malicious energies.

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Bracelet Made of Amber Gems

Bracelet Made of Amber Gems

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