What does the Swallow symbolize? (its true message)

The swallow is one of the most common bird species in the world. We've all seen one and know what it looks like.

But have we ever wondered what the swallow symbolizes?

After all, we are here facing a most astonishing species...

Capable of impressive acrobatics when flying, swallows are just as graceful when moving on land. Through a sort of sixth sense, the swallow also knows how to detect the slightest change in humidity in the air. (It is this faculty that tells it when to migrate to the South.)

The particular structure of their eye allows them to see both in front of them and to the side. When we couple this with a developed instinct, we understand that it is not good to be an insect when a swallow is around. Despite its small size, this animal hunts skillfully, catching its prey with great grace.

All these elements have led people around the world to agree on one point: what the swallow symbolizes goes beyond the simple message of one bird among others.

No, the swallow is much more than that… and that is precisely what we are going to discover together today!

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What meaning could the swallow have in history?

And so ? What does the swallow symbolize today?

The symbolism of the swallow in dreams

Swallow in full flight among gray clouds

What meaning could the swallow have in history?

From the earliest times of humanity, the swallow has been associated with some of the most powerful gods and goddesses.

In particular, certain myths make a direct link between the symbol of the swallow and the passage of souls to the afterlife.

Greek and Roman traditions, for example, tell us of nature spirits who communicate with humans in the form of swallows.

Some more Eastern religions saw the flight of such a bird during a funeral as a sign that the soul of the deceased was leaving us.

So, killing a swallow was very (but really very) frowned upon. Yes, perhaps she carried the spirit of one of those who was once among us.

In short, the interpretation of what the swallow symbolizes can vary greatly from one place in the world to another.

There are still some points that come up more often than others. Depending on your culture, some may be more emphasized while others will be absent.

Regardless, it is generally not wrong to say that the swallow represents:

  • Love (in a couple or family, but also simple love between two human beings)
  • Inner and outer peace
  • Loyalty
  • The grace and beauty of nature
  • Luck and new opportunities
  • Renewal

It goes without saying that given these messages full of positivity, this type of swallow brooch will be worn by people who love life above all!

Small swallow resting on a branch, symbol of love, peace and fidelity

And so ? What does the swallow symbolize today?

Like most animals, the swallow can have several different spiritual interpretations.

Often, the meaning we give to this or that symbol arises from a personal choice, from our cultural background and from our deep personality.

However, swallows remain cute, adorable animals that exude joy.

With such characteristics, it will be complicated to associate it with unhappiness or sadness, that's clear!

Most people will rather see this bird as a good luck charm, a faithful ally who reminds us of messages that we sometimes tend to forget.

Once again, the symbolism of the swallow will be specific to each person.

There are, however, two ways of looking at it that we particularly like because of the beauty of the message they carry.

Shadow of a very loving couple kissing under a sunset


Throughout its life, the swallow will only have one companion.

Among everything she has to teach us, the right way to manage our romantic relationships is at the forefront!

For many, the meaning of the swallow is that of a request... The request that we remember everything we need to make sure we do for our partner.

Have you paid compliments or given special attention to your partner recently?

If not, the swallow invites you to do so.

Are you in an attitude of gratuity towards the one you love?

If not, would you do well to take an example from the swallow?

As a rule, in everyday life, what is your attitude towards the chosen one of your heart?

If you don't have a sufficient posture of openness and listening, you are probably heading straight into the wall.

Simple but yet terribly effective and relevant lessons on love with a capital A... This is what the swallow symbolizes for us.

This is exactly why this necklace decorated with a little swallow is one of our most popular lucky charms given to loved ones.

Black and white image of a couple holding hands


More than just love, the swallow symbolizes relationships within which loyalty and fidelity reign.

We know that swallows always return home year after year. However, these are migratory birds…

This therefore means that they travel thousands of kilometers to, in the end, still try to reach their nest where their partner will be waiting.

This is a beautiful proof of love!

There is really no need to specify this, but the swallow is also a monogamous species. Concretely, each bird will choose a pair that it will never leave throughout its life.

We can therefore expect that the swallow symbolizes the unfailing attachment and fidelity which must reign in all sincere relationships.

In many primitive cultures, the swallow was therefore seen as the ideal totem animal for blessing couples, the one whose spirit was invoked in union rituals and during weddings.

Couple of swallows who send messages by appearing in dreams

The symbolism of the swallow in dreams

Seeing a swallow in a dream is not something common. It's even rather rare!

This is actually a strong sign that a positive event will soon take place in your life.

Among the most common interpretations, we can say that a swallow in your dream symbolizes:

  • Healing (physical or spiritual, of us or of someone close to us)
  • That a happy event will soon appear in those around you
  • The near resolution of a long-standing problem (most often, it will be a question of relationship problems)
  • Changes that will soon turn your life upside down, and which you should not go against
  • That your current relationship is the right one, and that you need to work on its stability

It’s clear, what the swallow symbolizes is more than interesting.

The messages that we can take from its multiple meanings are all more than interesting and deserve an entire article to be dedicated to each one.

If you are more interested in today's topic, you can go further with this description of the meaning of swallows in different cultures.

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