What is a Black Moon? (meaning, astrology, powers)

Immerse yourself in the mystery of the Black Moon, a fascinating celestial phenomenon!

Find out what a Black Moon really means in astrology. Explore its influence on energies and how it can affect your spiritual life. Learn more about this intriguing astral event that remains largely unknown to the general public.

Contents :

1. Introduction to the Black Moon

2. Astronomical Origin

3. General Meaning in Astrology

4. Black Moon and astrological houses

5. Myths and symbolism of the Black Moon

6. Difference between Average Black Moon and True Black Moon

7. Black Moon and feminine energy

8. Influence on interpersonal relationships

9. Frequently Asked Questions

10. Conclusion

Introduction to the Black Moon

Introduction to the Black Moon

The enigmatic Black Moon, a source of wonder for astrologers and lovers of spirituality since time immemorial, holds a unique charm. Despite its resemblance to the New Moon, it has a distinct meaning.

The astronomical origins of the Black Moon are fascinating. She is not only a simple celestial entity but also represents a complex phenomenon that encourages introspection. It reminds us that even in the darkness there can be a bright light.

In astrology, this mysterious entity has particular importance. Its presence strongly influences the destiny and daily lives of people on earth. Understanding its impact is essential to effectively navigating our existence.

The way it shapes our lives is amazing in itself. Its power cannot be ignored and deserves to be explored more deeply to understand how our existence is shaped by these powerful cosmic forces.

Astronomical Origin

Astronomical Origin

The Black Moon, from an astronomical point of view, symbolizes a moment when our natural satellite seems to disappear into the veil of night. This is the direct consequence of the total blocking of solar rays by the Earth which usually illuminate our lunar companion.

This fascinating phenomenon is much more than just a celestial apparition. It also represents a phase of intense and deep introspection for many. As if this visible absence invites us to explore the dark and unexplored areas of our minds.

Thus, each occurrence of the Black Moon becomes a cosmic invitation to turn inward and immerse ourselves in the intriguing abyss of our own psyche. A unique opportunity to face the inner shadows that we often prefer to ignore or avoid.

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General Meaning in Astrology

Astrology opens a window into the hidden dimensions of the soul. The Black Moon, an essential element of the natal chart, is the mirror of the dark facets of our personality. It reveals what we bury deep within ourselves: our latent fears and our unresolved karmic dilemmas.

Although it is seen as a fictitious point rather than an observable celestial body, the Black Moon is of vital importance.

Indeed, it symbolizes our dark side - these secret desires that whisper in the depths of our being and these impulses that we repress.

In short, exploring the position of the Black Moon in your birth chart can help you understand your unconscious fears and shed light on your unresolved karmic patterns. It is therefore a valuable tool for those seeking to know themselves more deeply.

Black Moon and astrological houses

Black Moon and astrological houses

The position of the Black Moon in the various astrological houses of your birth chart reveals valuable information. This data specifically relates to those aspects of your existence that are strongly influenced by your fears and emotional obstacles.

For example, a Black Moon in the 7th house could mean complications in matters of the heart or an imbalance in the partnership sector. Romantic relationships can then be marked by uncertainty and doubt, thus creating a climate that is not conducive to fulfillment.

So, understanding the position of the Black Moon can help overcome these challenges. This would not only improve one's love life but also allow one to move forward with more confidence and fewer inhibiting fears.

It is therefore crucial for everyone to analyze their natal chart in order to derive the necessary information to better navigate their personal life. Ultimately, this brings clarity to some lingering issues while providing a fresh perspective for their resolution.

Myths and symbolism of the Black Moon

Myths and symbolism of the Black Moon

Mystery has shrouded the Black Moon since ancient times. Through different civilizations, this celestial entity has linked itself to dark deities such as Lilith or Hecate, strong emblems of feminine independence. It also symbolizes our instinctive and primitive aspect.

The Black Moon pushes us to accept our various aspects without criticism or restriction. An invitation to fully embrace who we are in our most raw and true essence. It is a call towards total authenticity, a return to the origins of oneself.

Often associated with wild feminine power in myths and legends, it inspires strength and freedom. The Black Moon is therefore much more than a simple star: it is the reflection of a dark but liberating part in each of us.

Lilith or Hecate associated with this star perfectly illustrate this mixture between ancient mysticism and untamed feminine power.

In all its nocturnal ambiguity, the Black Moon illuminates the path to a deep understanding of the inner self.

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Difference between the Average Black Moon and the True Black Moon

Two methods are commonly used to determine the precise position of the Black Moon. The first, known as "Lilith", is based on a mathematical formula that tracks the average movement of the Sun around the zodiac.

The second method, called "True Black", takes into account orbital variations specific to the exact moment of your birth. These two approaches offer distinct perspectives on this force, which is both discreet and powerful.

Interestingly, these calculations are not only popular but also very accurate. They allow you to obtain a clear and detailed image of the subtle influences exerted by the Black Moon.

Thus, everyone can better understand their personal impact in the complex and fascinating world of astrology.

Black Moon and feminine energy

Black Moon and feminine energy

The Black Moon, mysterious and deep, represents a powerful feminine force. It symbolizes the intensity of the feminine archetype, highlighting often ignored or repressed facets of our inner being.

This energy can serve as a therapeutic instrument to heal past wounds linked to the divine feminine. By working with it, we promote the restoration of a harmonious balance between the masculine and feminine forces which reside in each individual.

On the La Porte Du Bonheur blog, we explore these concepts in more detail. We delve into the fascinating world of the Black Moon and its close connection to sacred feminine energy. This exploration allows not only a better understanding of the self but also a deepening of our interpersonal relationships.

So connecting to this deep source can be a valuable tool for those seeking to restore their inner balance while discovering hidden aspects of themselves.

Influence on interpersonal relationships

Influence on interpersonal relationships

The Black Moon, a fascinating celestial phenomenon, often exerts a notable influence on relationship dynamics. It highlights complex karmic connections between individuals and draws attention to patterns of toxic or repetitive behavior.

By exploring the La Porte Du Bonheur blog, you will discover how this astral body can subtly but profoundly affect our daily interactions. By becoming aware of these discreet but powerful influences, it is possible to actively improve the quality of our relationships.

In some ways, the Black Moon offers us a unique opportunity to examine and transform our interpersonal connections. Its mysterious impact helps us identify destructive patterns to create healthier and more enriching connections.

So don’t hesitate to explore this exciting theme further on La Porte Du Bonheur! You will definitely find valuable information there that will help you successfully navigate your personal relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Black Moon and the New Moon?

While the latter signals the start of a fresh lunar cycle, the Black Moon is a phase where our natural satellite seems to disappear into the starry sky.

Wondering how to determine your Black Moon position?

Several methods exist. Whether by average (Lilith) or true (True Black), specialized astrological software can help you obtain this precise data. You can also hire an astrology expert for a more in-depth analysis.

And what about the position of your Black Moon changing over time?

In reality, your birth location remains constant throughout your life. However, planetary transits can activate this specific energy and bring to light hidden or repressed aspects during certain crucial periods.



Exploring the spiritual universe reveals fascinating concepts, including the Black Moon. This embodies an invitation to probe the depths of our soul, to illuminate our dark areas in order to discover our true essence.

This subtle power is a wonderful tool for untying the knots of the past. It acts like a balm on our internal wounds and helps us heal gently.

Furthermore, fully embracing this energy allows for total self-acceptance.

Indeed, it offers the opportunity to welcome all facets of our personality, even those that we tend to hide or deny.

So, the Black Moon represents more than just an astrological concept; it symbolizes the inner journey towards authentic knowledge and self-love.

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