What is an Esoteric Bookstore? What's the point of finding one?

Many people today are passionate about the paranormal, the occult, divination, alchemy and a whole bunch of other subjects more or less linked to esotericism.

Most of these areas are abstract and not yet well known (to the general public at least), nor documented. Finding the right esoteric bookstore can therefore really be complicated.

There are many people who are really interested in the subject, but do not know the difference between true and false. Many questions arise in the face of the mysteries of our life…

For example, can certain forms of spirituality or a kind of psychological well-being cure physical illnesses? Can divination cards, pendulums or tarology help in divining our future or the right path to take in life? So what is esotericism concretely?

You could well answer all these questions by visiting the right esoteric bookstore! (Of course, we can only advise you to take a look at this part of our site, our online esoteric library. )

In short, it is precisely for this reason that we decided to write this article for you.

Contents :

Esotericism in reality

The link between esotericism and hidden energies

What you can find in an esoteric bookstore

The basics of esotericism through books

An esoteric… or exoteric bookstore?

Divinatory tarot, with these cards with mysterious designs.

Esotericism in reality

Esotericism is a word that has its origins in the Greek language. Coming from the Greek word “esoterikos”, it means “inside”. Which means that the word designates everything that is inside or within, and therefore, what is hidden from everyone, secret things.

All this leads us to a simple definition: esotericism is the fact of being interested in everything that is inside, in what is hidden at first glance.

A teaching method that provides information in different spiritual and mystical fields, esotericism allows Man and the initiate to better understand the hidden side of the world and the energetic forces that surround it.

In fact, we have all already been confronted with esotericism in our lives because it is present everywhere we go; whether during a tarot card reading or during oracles, during paranormal events, during hypnosis, or with an alternative therapist. Even a visit to a church, a cathedral or a Buddhist temple has its share of esotericism. This is also true for that of a clairvoyance office or an esoteric bookstore, and even more clearly.

For the more scientific among you, here is a clear definition from the site universalis.fr as to what esotericism is. However, if you want to offer yourself a more "practical" definition of esotericism, we can tell you that it is the fact of being interested in the different hidden energies of this world and the fact of trying to understand what provokes them.

Woman in meditation position, with a blue aura around her.

The link between esotericism and hidden energies

For you to understand better, you need to start from the starting point. That is to say, you must not deny that the world as well as the life path of every being revolves around several hidden energies.

We have no control over it nor do we have direct access to these energetic forces. However, we know that they exist and participate in our world and our lives, particularly in the areas of healing, relaxation, happiness, etc.

Furthermore, to have a roughly the same starting point, there are a few points on which everyone must agree beforehand, to have the same reasoning:

  • First of all, as for everything that revolves around the Universe, inside a Man as well as around him, we can see that there are resemblances as well as different analogies and even a universal energy.
  • The Universe and the path of life as well as the nature where we live are governed by spiritual forces and we cannot really imagine, in fact, things still kept secret.
  • On the path of life, we can all live different experiences that can go beyond reality and our reasoning... such as magic, mediumship, etc.
  • Rituals with tools and symbols such as amulets, medals, crystal balls, floral elixirs, crystals or different lucky stones exist to transmit and translate the knowledge of this hidden side of the Universe.
  • Mystical traditions and rituals concerning esotericism have the same basis and a common source. And the transmission of esoteric knowledge takes place between an initiated master and a disciple.
  • With the same vision of things, whatever definitions you can find will be logical and consistent with each other.

Here are some points that you will have to accept if you decide to go to an esoteric bookstore. Without this, you might not get much of anything interesting out of it...

Several books from our esoteric library, including personal development

Secret teachings

with the books of this esoteric library


What you can find in an esoteric bookstore

To tell you the truth, in an esoteric bookstore, you can find different esoteric books concerning areas as varied as the hidden side of the Universe, that of Man and everything in between.

These books are often impossible to find anywhere other than in an esoteric bookstore. Take for example this self-hypnosis guide aimed at freeing yourself or this book explaining how to develop greater inner strength : both can only be found on our site.

You may be wondering, why?

The reason is simple: esotericism reveals what is still unknown and secret things of which you did not even have an idea before. And as esotericism does not believe in chance, you can then find in these esoteric books all the answers to your existential or spiritual questions.

But it's not just books about esotericism that you can find in an esoteric bookstore. You can discover books and books dealing with subjects such as:

  • witchcraft
  • white magic
  • occultism
  • the divinatory arts
  • alchemy
  • astrology
  • shamanism
  • horoscopes
  • meditation
  • magnetism
  • hermeticism
  • cartomancy
  • the rituals and prayers of the great religions
  • energy care
  • the chakras
  • voodoo
  • Kabbalah
  • the art of the medium
  • secret societies (Rose Cross, Freemasonry, etc.
  • soft and alternative medicines
  • etc

But also many magical objects and tools:

  • crystal balls
  • things related to Feng Shui
  • candles for rituals
  • protective bracelets
  • religious articles
  • magical talismans
  • incense
  • Bach flowers, white sage and other plant species
  • stones, rocks, minerals and crystals
  • meditation tools like singing bowls or prayer flags
  • etc

An esoteric book placed on a stair step.

The basics of esotericism through books

To better understand what esotericism is, know that it is not simply limited to a study of what is hidden. In the logic of things, how do you want to learn and know things whose existence is not even directly revealed to you?

Logically, hidden things are unknown and you cannot discover them... and since they are still hidden, we are not even aware that they exist.

However, a few of us were able to access some of this knowledge. Among these, only a handful of initiates have decided to transmit their knowledge through books and books. These works, if you want to read them, you will understand: it happens in esoteric bookstores.

In short, this leads us to redefine esotericism as being a secret study focused on things hidden, but visible in certain forms.

Therefore, in esoteric books, we talk about finding the entry points of certain hidden truths using visible points (for those who want to see them in any case).

Furthermore, even if esotericism encompasses the mystical, the spiritual, the magic: know that it is above all an original way of thinking and analyzing what revolves around the themes of existence, the universe and of life.

From the divine to spiritual purification, including reiki, occult sciences or gnosis... There are thousands of themes that will be treated in a bookstore faithful to esotericism... in an esoteric bookstore!

Dusty grimoires containing esoteric incantations and formulas.

An esoteric… or exoteric bookstore?

No matter what form(s) knowledge may take in the Universe or the world, knowledge remains knowledge. Some are hidden and seem inaccessible, while others are directly visible.

This distinction has another name: that of esotericism vs. exotericism, of the hidden vs. the visible. This distinction is also one of the main characteristics of esoteric bookstores, the knowledge they offer being more or less hidden.

You should know that esoteric knowledge is only transmitted between a master and his disciple while exoteric knowledge can be transmitted more freely, and even in public.

If esoteric bookstores seem so secret, if certain works are hidden there and if the communities can seem difficult to integrate, it is for a simple reason. Some people with weak minds may be afraid and make mistakes on their initiatory paths.

However, there is knowledge in our world that offers powers that should not fall into the hands of just anyone.

Messages about angels are complicated for non-believers to understand. Carrying out an oracle or work of spiritualism is not given to just anyone. Even with the best accessories from an esoteric store (crystal ball, stones and crystals, or other), numerology is above all knowledge, knowledge. In short, you get the idea.

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