What Is Dammar? (Effects, History and Use)

Dammar resin has a wonderful freshness and knows how to bring us the lightness necessary for connection with the sacred.

It has the ability to open our mind and accompany our spirit on certain paths that we do not usually take.

In short, dammar is considered a sacred substance with high spiritual value. By its illuminating effect, some even define it as a source of light for the soul, a remedy for melancholy and darkness.

We will discover all this together in this article.

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Preparation of dammar reduced to powder, on a painted canvas.

What is dammar?

You can see what this resin looks like (and learn more through the sheet associated with it), so take a look at the dammar that we make available to you here.

Dammar, also called cat's eye resin, is the resin of various deciduous trees native to Indonesia. More than 200 species can be used for its manufacture, but the most widespread is “Dammar Batavia”, which grows mainly on the island of Jakarta.

Trees that can create dammar are generally 30 to 40 meters tall and grow in mountainous regions, where humans have the most difficulty affecting forest life.

This substance is obtained by cutting the bark of trees, which will secrete it as if by “healing”. The dammar is then allowed to flow along these cuts to collect it in buckets, a bit like rubber.

Dammar itself is a hard and transparent substance whose color varies from white to light yellow. However, there are certain species which give browner resins, notably those which grow in Sumatra.

It is undoubtedly because of its color that the dammar got its name: in Malaysia, this term could be translated as “light” or “torch”. It is true that this resin knows how to refract light, but perhaps other more spiritual avenues deserve to be explored...

Tradition has it that dammar enlightens the minds of men, chases away sadness and gloomy moods. Some even talk about working on subtle energies and vibrations, those which would govern our mental state.

Whether this is true or not, dammar is in any case used by many people as incense during their meditations and other spiritual practices.

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Different species of dammar

In fact, tons of plants and herbs are said to have effects like this. This is precisely why we created this collection dedicated to herbalism and naturopathy (and why it is so loved by our community).

As for the species capable of providing dammar, even if they grow at altitude (around 1400 m), they are today threatened in their natural habitat.

Their wood is indeed very popular for making furniture, and its resin is just as popular. Dammar harvesting techniques can also injure trees when they are poorly practiced (which is unfortunately often the case in the region).

To ensure a supply, dammar tree plantations were established... Undoubtedly these trees have something less authentic than those growing in nature, but they in any case make it possible to preserve the species.

Anyway, here is a list of some types of dammar provided by different trees :

  • The Dammar Batavia: It offers the “standard” dammar, the most common.
  • Agathis dammara: Growing in New Zealand, the Philippines and Indonesia, this tree provides a harder dammar.
  • Canarium Strictum: Also called black dammar, its resin is significantly darker than the others.
  • Shorea Robusta: With its almost white color, the dammar of this tree is used in many religious ceremonies.
  • The Shorea Wiesneri: Growing in India and Malaysia, this tree provides a dammar which is also very popular commercially.
  • Agathis Dammara: Even if it is indeed a dammar, its resin is often sold under the name “Kauri copal”.

Dammar incense burned in stick form, in a dark environment.

How and why use dammar?

You now know what dammar is, and have learned more about the trees that can offer it to us... but that doesn't tell us the most important thing: what are the properties of dammar?

We clearly understand (especially from its name) that this resin is linked to light.

It also happens that many peoples use it as incense, some even seeing it as a sacred substance reserved for the gods.

Some will be more spiritual than others, and you are free to give them whatever credit you want, but here is in any case a list of some benefits of dammar resin :

  • He knows how to open our minds to new things. This property can thus support us in periods of change or, why not, lead to emotional unblocking.
  • It chases away sadness and all that is dark in our soul. If your morale is at its lowest, dammar could therefore help you from a spiritual point of view.
  • At the same time, it attracts positivity and happiness. This is why many Asian homes always see a little dammar burning inside.
  • This resin suppresses too strong emotions. This ties in with the two previous points but, yes, it helps with balance and serenity.
  • Due to its physical properties, dammar is also used to make paints, lacquers and varnishes.
  • It could lead to visions. In any case, certain traditions make it one of the ingredients of preparations used during mystical trances.
  • In addition to all this, dammar has an interesting smell that makes it included in many perfumes and incense. In particular, it goes quite well with lavender, myrrh or even patchouli.

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