What is Luck? (definition, synonyms, provoke it)

“Being lucky” is not just a simple expression. This is a reality for millions of human beings.

Unfortunately, this reality is unknown to many others.

If luck eludes you and you would like to learn how to provoke it, you have come to the right place.

Knowledge is a key to power and, with the knowledge that we are going to give you today, you will finally know what luck is.

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Being lucky: a simple expression?

Little philosophical definition of luck

Luck through lucky charms?

Examples of luck… and bad luck

Synonyms of this expression

A (non-exhaustive) list of lucky rituals

A briefcase of tickets, obtained by chance.

Being lucky: a simple expression?

We all want to be lucky. But do we really know what is hidden behind these few words?

For many, this is a simple expression: a sentence empty of meaning... and therefore luck!

Luck is a more complicated concept to understand than we might think.

Linked to chance, destiny and the supernatural, it is said that luck favors the bold. And that's absolutely true.

In life, to be lucky, you have to know how to seize opportunities, create situations where fate will want to favor you.

Everyone likes the brave, but no one (not even chance) likes the reckless.

To this question “What is luck?” ”, we could therefore say that it is something done with will and knowledge.

So be sure to raise your level of awareness, on this subject at least, and understand that “being lucky” is a reality for which you must be proactive, much more than just an expression.

You can rely on luck, yes, but not without conscious will.

Any psychology professor worth their salt will tell you to get out of your comfort zone, and they'll be right.

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Little philosophical definition of luck

We are lucky when happy events happen in our lives through the twist of fate.

From a moral point of view, this reflection is incomplete.

Here is a philosophical definition of luck: “Luck is the consequence of actions and facts of which we have no idea, but which do exist”.

We are here far from simple probabilities which would cause failures or successes...

Indeed, nothing exists in the world by chance, not even luck.

If we refer to the scientific laws of the world (and its principle of causality), every action has an origin.

Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

The same goes for luck.

Karma, balance of the universe, law of universal attraction: call it what you want, but the reality behind this philosophical definition of luck is simple.

You must be positive for the world, and the world will smile at you.

To the question “What is luck?” ", we can here bring notions of exchange, balance and causality.

Being lucky is a state of mind.

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Luck through lucky charms?

Nothing will replace kindness, shared love and good deeds.

However, there are some accelerated methods to get lucky. Using lucky charms is one of them.

Our entire project is also centered on this subject: the knowledge of lucky charms.

We therefore present several types of jewelry (to suit everyone), lucky charms from all over the world and depicting all spiritualities.

Perhaps this collection of pendants will allow you to find the object that will bring you luck.

No doubt this set of objects from ancient civilizations will speak to you.

What if it was these lucky charms from Chinese Feng Shui that were made for you?

In short, we see it here: provoking luck is a proactive approach in which we can put “spiritual” but also very “concrete” actions, for example through the use of lucky charms.

Having better luck is therefore not necessarily complicated.

If you're already a lucky person, good for you. (And besides, we would like to know your techniques!)

If, on the other hand, this is not the case, if bad luck strikes your life, you now know where to start.

A little ladybug, a powerful sign of luck.

Examples of luck… and bad luck

What is luck?

Luck is definitely something that we all experience at certain times in our lives, and leaves us at others.

To find out if you're in luck or not, here are some examples of situations where luck smiles on us, and others where it taunts us.

Be careful, however: the wheel turns faster than we can believe, and sometimes it takes a little thing to change a destiny.

Examples of luck

Lucky people are recognized by their optimism and their positive attitude... but also by certain very concrete phenomena.

Here is a list of some examples of lucky phenomena. Far from rituals of white magic, witchcraft or esotericism, these are small everyday events that define the lucky little ones.


  • Find a ticket on the ground
  • Receiving an unexpected promotion
  • Discovering a talent for painting
  • Win the lottery (preferably the jackpot!)
  • Find a funny shaped fruit
  • Get a free drink from the vending machine
  • Finding gold at the bottom of your garden
  • Have the chance to meet a great person
  • Collect positive thoughts from your loved ones

If you have other ideas to complete this list, share them in the comments below the article!

Examples of bad luck

Being unlucky is a real pain. Don't worry, however: after the rain comes the good weather. It is your duty to remain optimistic even if you have bad luck.

Like the previous list, this one is incomplete and personal to the author of the article. So don't hesitate to complete it either.


  • Walking in dog poop
  • Coming across a difficult question on an exam
  • Getting splashed by a car
  • Seeing a soccer ball shatter its window
  • Lose a wheel while driving
  • Losing your bus or metro ticket
  • Getting pigeon droppings on your hair
  • Losing at several games of chance in a row
  • Go broke on sports betting

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Synonyms of this expression

There are many synonyms for the phrase “being lucky.”

Casually, knowing them can help you better fix this concept in your mind and, thus, better understand what luck is.

What if fighting bad luck seems like a greater knowledge? And could the action of synonyms on our subconscious be a source of abundance?

In short, here are some proverbs and expressions:

  • Be in luck
  • Got up on the right foot
  • Having your ass lined with noodles
  • Have luck
  • To be varnished
  • Have baraka
  • Being born under the lucky star
  • Have some pussy
  • Have some pot
  • Have a chance to cuckold
  • To have fortune smiling on us
  • Count on randomness

Once again, we invite you to complete these few synonyms for “being lucky” with a message below this article.

Man crossing his fingers for luck

A (non-exhaustive) list of lucky rituals

There are tons of ways to bring good luck to yourself.

We have said it: above all, you must be positive and active in your search for luck.

If you give good to the universe, the universe will give good back to you. It's as simple as that.

You can also try to “force” destiny by using lucky charms.

Some people also have rituals, sort of superstitions supposed to make them luckier (or, at least, ward off the evil eye).

Tiercé, lotto or scratch tickets: believe us, La Française des jeux wouldn't like you to know about them!

Here are a few :

  • Knock on wood
  • Say prayers by lighting a candle
  • Keep a four-leaf clover with you...
  • …or a horseshoe above his door
  • Cross fingers
  • Throw a pinch of salt in front of your door...
  • . ..or put some in your shoes
  • Dress in the color green
  • Stepping on a manhole cover
  • Coming across a cricket (or a ladybug)
  • Burn incense
  • Keep a coin for a whole year
  • Wear the right lithotherapy stone
  • Successfully complete a crossword the first time
  • And the most important of all: follow your intuition

Once is not customary, so suggest your ideas (the most original, preferably) in the comments!

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