What is the best lucky charm for the astro sign of Libra?

People born under the sign of Libra tend to be attracted to things that exude beauty, such as art, music, literature, and nature.

This is why many lucky charms for a Libra include symbols like birds or flowers.

Elements like air, water, and fire can also be present in these symbols, as Libras value balance in their lives.

In any case, this is what we are going to explain through this blog article.

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Libra Sign Overview

Lucky charm #1: a swallow, for peace and happiness

Lucky charm #2: a flower of life, for harmony

Lucky charm #3: a compass rose, for the sacred and spiritual

Lithotherapy: which lucky stone for a Libra?

Feng Shui: Libra’s lucky plants

Drawing of a scale in the sky cosmos.

Libra Sign Overview

Those who bear the sign of Libra are simply extraordinary: gentle, empathetic and charming.

Besides, here are some personality traits that characterize the astro sign of Libra (and which will decide the right lucky charm to use):

  • Libras are incredibly social people and usually have lots of friends.
  • They are diplomatic, charming and appreciate harmony in their lives.
  • They can be indecisive at times, but overall they make good decisions for themselves and the people around them.
  • Libra has a strong sense of fairness and strives to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
  • The Libra sign is naturally generous and kind, with a strong understanding of human dynamics allowing them to intuitively understand the feelings of others.
  • A Libra consists of a perfect blend of rational and emotional mind, while showing a dedication to doing good.
  • Libras tend to be fair and honest, practicing forgiveness of mistakes and accepting flaws not only in themselves, but also in others.
  • They want to maintain harmony in a group or environment and use great diplomacy to ensure that everyone feels their point of view is taken into consideration.

A little swallow, symbol of peace and sacred harmony.

Lucky charm #1: a swallow, for peace and happiness

If you are of the sign of Libra, then the swallow is your lucky charm of choice: a blessed messenger of the gods to signify a rich and joyful new life.

Libra signs are good at finding balance between the mind, body and spirit and these iconic little birds can help inspire and develop them further.

The swallow also signifies joy, happiness and following dreams… three qualities that resonate in the hearts of those placed under the constellation Libra.

Embracing the swallow as a personal symbol is an exciting way to unlock all the wisdom, creativity and compassion that characterize this astrological sign.

If the powers and messages of the swallow speak to you, this precise lucky necklace will be made for you.

Mandala of a flower of life

Lucky charm #2: a flower of life, for harmony

Those with the sign of Libra are looking for a feeling of harmony. This is also linked to their desire to be kind to others.

In short, if you are a Libra, an excellent lucky charm can be found through the symbolism of the flower of life.

This symbol is widely used across the world because it represents the interconnection between different aspects of our lives as well as a kind of natural balance.

The flower of life is more than a good luck charm: it is a divine as well as spiritual sign, which can remind those born under the protection of Libra that it is important to take care of others and the world around them. of them, while accomplishing their own goals and dreams.

Here are some great ideas... and ideas that you can express thanks to this little lucky bracelet for example!

Compass rose on a golden compass

Lucky charm #3: a compass rose, for the sacred and spiritual

The compass rose has been considered a symbol of power and courage for thousands of years.

Whether for astrologers, clairvoyants or anyone interested in esotericism, it is the sign of great inner and spiritual balance.

Members of the astrological sign of Libra in particular will find in the compass rose a lucky charm capable of bringing love and joy into their daily lives.

The compass rose is also a great symbol of esoteric wisdom, which will attract positive and favorable energies every day. This strong and powerful symbol provides Libra with spiritual protection that will accompany them throughout their lives.

When one's spiritual connection is activated through the use of such a lucky charm, it becomes possible for the Libra sign to benefit from many positive energetic effects.

In short, bearers of the sign of Libra have long considered the compass rose as the emblem of a protective and positive force.

If you too are of this opinion, take a look at this signet ring full of mysteries and entirely dedicated to Libras.

Lithotherapy collection

heal yourself with stones

thanks to the powers of lithotherapy


Lithotherapy: which lucky stone for a Libra?

Astrological signs are all associated with stones that correspond to them.

Now let's talk about the lucky stones recommended for the sign of Libra.

The opal

Earth signs in particular are associated with minerals and their beneficial and healing properties.

In this context, a good lucky stone for the sign of Libra is opal.

This exceptional stone brings balance and peace to this sign. Opal contributes to joy and happiness, soothes sexual or family tensions and offers inner and outer harmony.

Thanks to its positive properties, opal is considered to be the best stone for earth signs, of which the sign of Libra is one.

Tiger's Eye

Libra signs are among the happiest astrological signs. And to further amplify this innate disposition to seek happiness, there is a natural lucky stone specifically designed for Libras: tiger's eye.

This lucky stone takes the shape of an open eye which stimulates self-confidence and keeps the minds of Libras serene and calm.

It brings protection and balance to the signs of Libra and helps to easily overcome the difficulties inherent to this sign, allowing them to fully enjoy the joys of the present moment.

Other lucky stones for Libras

Carnelian, Imperial Topaz and Jasper are the three most common lucky stones for this sign.

Carnelian promotes a positive and uplifting state of mind, given its bright orange color. Imperial Topaz is known for its protective and healing properties. Jasper soothes Libra signs and strengthens feelings of friendship.

Additionally, pearls offer Libra sign wearers divine and political protection and are charged with calming energy that promotes harmony and love in your life.

It can also be good to add green and pink jades, as these stones allow Libras to experience balance and achieve a feeling of inner harmony.

Close-up of a red flower.

Feng Shui: Libra’s lucky plants

If you are the zodiac sign of Libra, then Feng Shui is a great way to improve the quality of your life.

With its very ancient principles, there are several ways to receive and increase positive energy around you. One way Libra signs can amplify this positive energy is by choosing plants that serve as good luck amplifiers.

For example, lemon trees or orchid plants will mean luck and harmony for a Libra.

The Imperial Crown and Peony are also exceptional lucky choices for a Libra person who seeks to balance their environment through the positive and caring energy that Feng Shui offers.

Ficus, eugenia and certain varieties of orchids complete the list of lucky plants suitable for the astro sign of Libra.

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